5 comments on “Update on Miss Supranational 2019 Anntonia Porsild

  1. What a praiseworhty way to use her title in these challenging times. Noticeable however is the absence of Miss Supranational Organization in her advocacy. This is true of most beauty queens– they get themselves involved in community projects on their own– no active support from their pageant organisations. Just when the global fans expect the pageant organizations to be visible and “walk the talk” on empowerment, nothing much is heard from them. Just when it is a period like this when pageantry can actively project and fortify its brand, pageant organizations are on a silent wait-and-see mode.

  2. Thais are dominating world pageantry
    They keep sending gorgeous and articulate candidates
    If MUT 2019 did more interviews with the international audience , people would have known how humble and personable she was . She would have garnered more support and possibly won MU.

  3. That’s nice. The people she helps direct her to others whom they felt need help more. 🙂

    “…Muslim community outside of the city to provide them with basic necessities” sounds like a racial divide… in predominantly Buddhist Thailand. Are Christians similarly segregated? Or, does this have something to do with migrant labor issues… or separatist activities at the Thailand-Malaysia border?

    “…people with compromised immune systems in a well-known area of Bangkok” is obviously Patpong. I recall my first time… A sign outside one of the strip bars went, “p(beep!) open beer bottle, 800 Baht”. Gentlemen, would you shell out more than 1k Php to see just how strong…? lolz

  4. Wow! I am sure Anntonia does not want to be tagged as “the lame duck reigning titleholder”, that’s why she makes herself busy doing rounds, to be of reach in her causes as Miss Supranational ambassadress.

    I remember, the moment I learned that Thailand had her as their representative in the Miss Supranational 2019, I thought she would have the crown to lose. She was perfectly stunning and at par with our very own, Mutya Datul.

    However, I wondered why she did not consider joining Miss Universe Thailand pageant. Is joining a Tier-2 pageant her training ground of sort for the bigger pageant? I think she can be Thailand’s best representative in Miss Universe if she joins and eventually wins her national pageant. She is a super beauty, an eloquent speaker, and embodies the true essence of a Thai beauty queen. I’ll watch out for her. Good luck, girl.

    Anyway, please find time to watch this video. That’s all.

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