17 comments on “The Miss Supranational franchise is now with Miss World Philippines Organization

  1. “…. modern and fresh approach”??? Miss World Philippines is the most predictable pageant. How can it be modern and fresh.

    • @ md11974 You must read that paragraph to the end, po. The statement is from Gerhard.


      In essence, he is unsatisfied with BPCI. They did nothing more after Mutya’s win.

      This proves that more than anything else, he is a businessman first.

      Now, as to whether or not ALV talents will still rule,… doesn’t seem the business model is watertight, considering that “Duday” bailed out… And the fuss with Maureen is sour publicity…

  2. Ewan ko ba sa mga yan. Kaya lang naman nagagalit yan mga yan sa pag-move ng Supra dahil mga fantard ng BBP yan :P. An dami na rin kayang palpak ng BBP kaya di narin ako magtataka kung karma na to sa kanila haha. Anyways, halata naman desisyon ng Miss Supranational Org. tong paglipat ng franchise dahil after manalo ni Datul para lagi lang tayong first cut or second cut dyan sa supra. Lastly, natutuwa ako dahil no more kayef gorls na sa majority ng major pageants haha

  3. Sinabi ko na kanila ang supra . May nagpupumilit pa na si angkol ang lilipat..Nakita na nga ni angkol yun tinakda nya sa bbp

  4. So tama yung dalawang hula ko (from the previous post about this)

    1. Inannounce yung new title (Supra)
    2. No MWP this year and immove ng early 2021 (sa January 2021 na daw)

    Kung ako ay isang kandidata na sasali sa MWP pageant, parang mas tatargetin ko na makuha yung Supra kesa sa MWP. Apart from cooking show/game show hybrid na napakaboring ang MWP, sa Supra alam kong kaya ko talagang magperform with all my pageant skills, at mas glossy talaga ang Supra aminin. So with this move baka maoutshine pa ng Supra ang main title ng MWP.

    I guess MW and MWP officially skips one year. I hope that this January schedule becomes permanent to MWP, para naman hindi gahol gahol sa oras magprepare and train yung mga makokoronahan bago isabak sa international pageant. This way almost one year yung prep time nila (instead na weeks lang jukso) from the int’l pageants na usually 4th quarter of each year. Maganda rin to para MWP (Jan finals), BBP (March/April finals), MUP (April/May finals), MEP (May/June finals) tapos the rest of the year puro media appearances at trainings/prep na. Problem lang is baka mauna ang deadline of application ng BBP kesa sa finals ng MWP so baka hindi agad makacrossover yung mga di makokoronahan sa MWP.

  5. Dahil 4 na lang na titulo ang natira sa BPP, ito ang aking mga nais manalo:

    Bb. Pilipinas-International – Hannah Arnold or Vickie Rushton (if they still allow Vickie with her age)
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Samantha Bernardo or Maureen Montagne (for 2021)
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Maureen Montagne/Samantha Panlilio/Patrizia Garcia
    Bb. Globe – Vickie Rushton or Samantha Bernardo (age limit)

    Runners Up: Karen Laurie Mendoza & Carina Carino

    Yung iba sali na kayo sa Miss World Philippines next year. Ang Problema baka sabay sila ng BPP sa January next year. Yung iba sa MPE at Mutya Pilipinas na kayo sasali.

    • @paul the Miss International org still permits Vickie’s age for the Oct 2021 edition. She just needs to breeze through the remaining BBP activities and give a decent performance esp on the q&a.

  6. okay. not surprised really since nasa kanila ang Mr. Supranational. Pero expected ko talaga is MGI. now that MUP and supra graduated in bbp. MGI is now second to Miss International in terms of bbp title rankings. but the question is gawin kaya ni sma yon? and i doubt that sma will kick out nawatt pageant on bbp no matter how … nawatt is. But nawatt can kick his pageant out in bbp anytime he wants. and now that supra is out. Who will battle for MGI? Si maureen pa ba nasa list nyo? si sam? si gab? si hannah? If i were jonas. i will offer Miss Charm to bbp and focus in MUP alone and i hope that jdv will do the same. give the MUC to bbp.

  7. I dunno, mas bet ko pa rin sa Binibini kasi ang title BB equal footing, pag sinabing Miss World Philippines – you know its Miss World the rest pampa dami lang ng title. Personally, I feel its a wrong move, oh well….i guess they naka relate siguro sa “Fresh Filipina to the World” Churva. Good luck!

    • Let’s not kid ourselves with the concept of ‘titles being of equal footing’. It’s never gonna happen. One will always emerge on top of the others, no matter what. BBP-Universe (which is the main reason why Bb.Pilipinas was created) had always been the top plum, and on its departure from BPCI, BBP-International immediately took its place. There were even times in the past when Madam was clearly favoring the BBP-World title over the others (even over BBP-U) since it was the only pageant her org was never able to win at that time. Fans and even the candidates will always have that one particular title that they will be targeting more than the rest of the title, and so you see, the titles will never ever truly be ‘of equal footing’.

      Regarding the move of Supra to MWP being a wrong move, I actually think that it was a smart business move on ALV’s part. MWP has so many titles to entice more ladies to join. The Supra franchise alone is enough to entice more and higher quality ladies to join. Even if ALV drops the other pageants and retain just MWP and Supra, the MWP pageant will still be more enticing to participate in now more than it had ever been before. Supra increases the marketability of the MWP pageant, at least on the first year of transfer. As to Supra’s prospective benefits (or downfall) from the transfer, it all depends on ALV’s ability to sustain the marketability that they achieved from this move. And history tells us that ALV has a really hard time doing so every single year since 2017.

  8. Mr. Tinio, since hindi pa naman ‘ata keen sina Dr. Amaal Rezk na i-launch ang Mister Eco-International, I will assume Robin Hanrath will go…. Has Suzie been informed, po?

    Unless si Ameen Sardouk… Or, Wilfred Placencia… (with whom I think I have mutual FB fren…).

    BUT, I WILL STAND BY WHAT I WATCHED/SAW ON YouTube – Mdme. SMA CLEARLY said, “five (5) titles” (for BBP 2020-21). So, that could mean BPCI got a replacement…

    … or, as discussed between @ jed and @ bonsaihater earlier, the new SupraFilipinas franchise will apply for the 2021-22 pageant season.


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