11 comments on “Miss Summit International Philippines 2021

  1. Mukhang maya man ang dating
    Very pretty pa. I like her clean beauty . Panlaban sa mga Thai stunners
    I hope she can talk

  2. at the rate things are going
    pandemic will not be over by 2021
    china is in control

  3. This is what we need… another pageant
    That’s why beauty contests are dying quickly
    I wish we only had 4- MU ME MI and MW the other pageants should be banned

    • @ Fabian Reyes Market forces would have done so by now. But quite the contrary, even more beaucons have popped up!


      I think what you wanted to say was that beaucons are no longer as prestigious as they were in the West for the most part, where you currently stay? But what can we non-Westerners do about it?

      • Flor , those new pageants are just rattles that predate the industry’s death

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