10 comments on “Century Tuna Superbods 2020: The 34 Finalists

    • @ sean Please refer to Mr. Tinio’s reply to @ te’s (same) question in the 25 July post on this same pageant. Joanna did not return at the February callback. 🙂

  1. Nice to see Sam Purvor again
    Beauty, body, brains..total package
    She’s one of my favorite BbP ❤️
    who’s just an inch close to the crown
    Wonder why she never made a come back.

  2. Ladies first. 2nd Runner-up is Sherlyn, 1st Runner-up is Kathleen, & Grace will win.

    Boys, pay attention! 2nd Runner-up is Jason, 1st Runner-up is Nelson, & Enzo will win.

    Sina Zai at Katrina, bigyan ng tig-isa’ng…. consolation prize from B___ of Pageantry. 🙂

    Mr. Tinio, may Healthy Cooking challenge like before, po? And will you sit in the Panel of Judges? How do you like your salad?

    Mygawsh… wala na nga si Aaron Beau Davies… Pa’no na? Sabi ko pa naman, magiging usher siya sa BBP 2020-21, together with Pao Paparo & King George (de Lumen)…. (sigh). Sad, me. 😦

    • Hard to judge when they are not next to each other . U can’t assess height and body proportion .
      Plus the Q&A performance is crucial … if previous editions are to be used as reference

      • @ Fabian Reyes No fret, Sir. GUT FEEL COUNTS. Also know as “x-factor”. 🙂

        Bear in mind that CTSO(rganization) has already both scrutinized and grilled all applicants prior. What we have before us is THE SHORTLIST – ANY ONE OF THE THEM HAS BEEN DEEMED CAPABLE OF DELIVERING ON CORPORATE/MARKETING EXPECTATIONS FOR THE CANNED TUNA PRODUCT.

        I know majority of commentators are in favor of the taller Eurasian-biracial type (Magalona, Purvor, Paton, Bondad, etc.). This is not surprising because this campaign is aimed at the A-B-upper C income demographic, and everything that connotes. And besides, we are familiar with them, this being a pageantry blog.

        I expressed early on my preference for Pinay/Pinoy beauty for such contests. I also admitted to being “entry-level” type. And this calm-chilly-grey morning, I caught sight of my BEAUTIFUL neighbor – a very Pinoy Adonis taking his routine jog, his clingy compression garb betraying both ample musculature and DELICIOUS sun-toasted skin. The guy is a Manager, so A-B definitely.

        More and more nowadays, we see these kinds of Pinays and Pinoys as influencers and innovators. I believe we should welcome, if not encourage, them. Besides, it would appear as if Century Pacific Group had abruptly segmented their customer base if they insist on “tisays” and “tisoys” against the “jologs” Nadine and Alden. It’s NOT to find reps for an international pageant!

      • Flor , so why not Albert or Julian ?
        I think u have preference for Pacific Islander type

      • @ Fabian Reyes Albert, I don’t mind. But, he registers a tad shredded. Bear in mind, this is STILL a fitness advocacy revolving the canned tuna product. I doubt many Filipino consumers would identify with him… Quite gym rat, imo. This also isn’t a bodybuilding contest, per se.

        Jules Roxas? He’s a legit Roxas! But,… he’s included in the “Fantastic Four”. @ ClaiRe IbbeTson even concurred with a comment in the past CTS 2020 post. Hihihhih…

        Enzo, with his blunt Pinoy nose, full head of thick hair, and ink-free skin, does register boyish, I admit. But the pleasant demeanor he resonates will appeal to many. The tuna fish should sell well in his hands/care! 🙂

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