4 comments on “Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2020

  1. The challenge for the pageant organizers is how to stage a festive and colorful presentation unique to this contest given the digital platform. But with Filipino ingenuity, I believe they can pull this off.

  2. Mr. Tinio, pakitanong po sa mga tag-MBC…

    ‘Yun ba’ng “carrier station”, similar gist to (the) “carrier single” of a new album, po? Yeah, I guess there’s franchising involved, but… taena, I got confused, tuloy… 😦

    Pa’no po ang “culinary” for Talent Showcase”. Parang “Iron Chef”? Make the best possible “prito’ng itlog” within one (1) hour using ingredients available at the town’s “mercado” on THAT day only?

    I recall having “sizzling ostrich” in CDO City. Is ostrich still raised in MisOr, po?

    So,… if there’s four (4) judges,… yeah, I guess one ostrich egg will fill up four tummies nicely. 🙂

      • @ Norman I REALLY hope/wish the local pageant pageant community takes this seriously.

        MBC is NO SMALL FRY. If they unearth a diamond-in-the-rough, all it will require is camp polishing and voila!

        Yet another international crown for the Philippines, and a proud product of MBC’s marketing team!

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