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  1. Bilib din ako sa fighting spirit ng mga merlie!!! Considering may nanalo na !!!

  2. Mario and The 3 girls were all made up , why not u , Tito Norman?

  3. I like the way Pauline say things . Where did she grow up ? She reminds of my classmate in college who spoke really well even though he grew up in Bicol.

    • Billie saved herself towards the end . And her hair doesn’t really look that bad than I originally thought .
      So Billie and Pauline performed as expected . They stay in the top 7
      Paula is a revelation . She is now in my top 7-8


      Scorg saang planeta ba galing itong best friend mo? Madaling araw na sa New York at hindi pa natutulog kaya kung anu-ano na ang pinagsasabi. He, he, he…

      • I’m studying for an exam
        That one I was talking about was extremely articulate .it’s a good thing he didn’t major in science and math .those were his weaknesses

      • @ Norman & @ Fabian Reyes Tubigon is a quiet town with relatively easy access to both coast and (Chocolate) Hills. You can take the midnight slow ferry from Cebu City and arrive before sunrise. 🙂

      • Thanks Tito Norman.
        I would like to go see Bohol . It looks amazing on videos

  4. U have to see the writing on the wall Pabyan. You’re the least-liked commenter in this blog. Your efforts to cleanse your smegma-smelling pussy has gone to naught. You’re a bitch!!!! Why not establish a foul-smelling smegma-cheese factory instead!!!!! tsupiiii. Ambaho mu!!!!

  5. Alaiza has the best form
    Judging from her interview At Queentuhan , I think I can sleep well at night if she wins MUP … though Bella is still my top bet.

    • ALAIZA- BAD BEHAVIOR, SO-SO I.Q & KNOWLEDGE LEVEL and is JUST GOOD in BAKLAAN TALK (with Lavinia). She cannot carry out smart conversations. Remember, MU is looking for an EXCELLENT SPOKESPERSON and EFFECTIVE BRAND AMBASSADOR and not a baklaan host. Mabuti pa sumali siya sa Aliwan Fiesta Queen.

      • I watched ANTM . I didn’t see attitude
        When I saw Gazini behave ( or misbehave) to fans, I knew she was not going to do well . Same thing with Rachel when she said ‘It’s my journey ‘. Game over.
        Alaiza is game and very accommodating to fans . I don’t see her acting like Gazini or Rachel ,

      • Impressed maybe too much
        I would Say pleased and delighted to hear from Alaiza that way . I think she will do well on interviews at MU

  6. My bets:
    Alaiza vs Bella
    Sandra vs Michelle vs Pauline vs Paula vs Sorsogon vs Apriel

  7. All three girls acquited themselves nicely in the episode. Their common denominators; tall, beautiful and conversant in English. I watched the entire episode mainly because of my kababayan Pauline. She has got to be one of the most grounded and level- headed Miss Bohol winners despite her relative popularity in our province. Truly a Quintessential Boholana.

    One thing going for her is Bohol’s support for her especially on the weeks and days leading to the final reckoning. Good luck Pau and to Paula, Billie and the rest of the phenomenal women.

    Good job Tito Norman! Keep it up

  8. After watching the online interviews/conversations, the following are my thoughts on the three featured girls. I am so SORRY that I am not that interested in the BRANDING, ADVOCACY & the so called CORE VALUES. I JUST FIND THEM a BIT PRETENTIOUS (and MANY TIMES FAKE). They have been studied VERY WELL by graduates/practitioners of business management, marketing studies and business economics. MAGKATABI lang ang mga college (at building) nila sa Diliman, right FLOR? Anyway, going back to the three girls.

    PAULA ORTEGA is really BEST SUITED for Reina Hispano-Americana. So she should join MWP this year. I am just concerned of (the size) her forehead. Her stylist should find ways how to cover some parts or make it look smaller. PAULINE AMELINCKX proved the she is FAR, FAR BETTER than Gazini Ganados when it comes to communication skills (& probably knowledge level). My concern with her has also something to do with her forehead and hairstyle. I think the stylist should put more volume (& height) to her hair and make the forehead looks narrower. She is really GOOD for Miss Eco Phil. & Eco International. For BILLIE HAKENSON, I think she has greater chances of winning in BPP (Grand International, Supranational or Intercontinental) and Mutya Pilipinas or concentrate more in modeling.

  9. This is not on YouTube yet . But the Scorg-inspired videos have had 84 to 93 views so far

    • @ Fabian Reyes YouTube is great! I use it constantly. And it is a level playing field for the most part… (Hihihhh…). But after all, there were other venues which contributed viewership. YouTube is just one. Also, the video is shared in private watch parties… 🙂

      It would certainly be nice to get absolute numbers. But unless you are Justin Bieber, whose music video for his “Despacito” has reached a billionth view, it is not realistic. Also, keep in mind it was a Sunday; not everybody can spare time. Weekends, you will agree, is BUSY AS _UCK for many.

      Quality over quantity. As Pia told BBP Batch 2016 at a pasarela training, “TINGIN SA CAMERA AT SA JUDGES! HINDI SA AUDIENCE. HURADO ANG MAGPAPANALO SA INYO”.

      If even just 100 watch LIVE, BUT THAT 100 IS EXACTLY THE VERY PEOPLE YOU NEED TO CONVINCE, why not?

      (That being said, I do not think everybody who clocked in at the TPP site was an influencer. But that did not detract from the LIVELINESS-JOY of the experience.)

  10. My choice is Paula O. Smart and very personable.
    I am disappointed at Billie. Something wrong with her hair. She lacks conviction when she talks. I miss her great delivery on her Beyond The … Video.I
    Pauline speaks more clearly than Billie . She’s just a little too wordy.

    • U have to see the writing on the wall Pabyan. You’re the least-liked commenter in this blog. Your efforts to cleanse your smegma-smelling pussy has gone to naught. You’re a bitch!!!! Why not establish a foul-smelling smegma-cheese factory instead!!!!! tsupiiii. Ambaho mu!!!!

  11. The show was both entertaining and informative.
    Mario Garcia vividly discussed the branding of MUP. He is a brilliant marketing strategist. With his good looks, He can pass as Mr MUP.
    As usual, Norman is slick talker . He has a natural sense of humor too.
    The 3 girls are crown worthy. But if I were to choose among the 50 candidates to be the MUP at this stage of competetion, it would be Pauline amelinx. She is a complete package. She is gorgeous, has the height, with well-proportioned body, has nice Pasarela, has good advocacy, and talks intelligently and with depth. She only has to shed those extra pounds because she would be upended by candidates from other countries with svelte figures.

  12. I sincerely hope other pageantry organizations will learn lessons from the show. Isn’t it obvious— those with advocacies wrapped around by a brand are the only ones that remained active during this pandemic? I’m talking not only about local pageant organizations, but international as well. The rest either postponed or canceled their annual search, or gone inaccessible in their wait-and- see stance. What if, God forbid, the pandemic persists in 2021? As I mentioned before, innovation and agility is the key to business survival in today’s volatile economic environment.

    A must watch (variant of “a must read”) for those interested in the development of the pageantry industry.

  13. What an entertaining and educational talk show! MG and the three candidate-guests, gave their intelligent views and experiences on pageantry branding. Frst major takeaway from MG is that the process of coming up with solid branding keywords to explain MUP all starts with the audience: their need to be inspired and hopeful, to have someone to listen to and lead them to action. This not only sets MUP apart from competition but readily sparks a connection with the audience. On the issue of sponsorship, a major takeaway is: MUP partners with businesses who shares the same values with them. That approach puts MUP in a symbiotic relationship with corporate sponsors– both synergistically promote their congruent brand messages to the same consumer base. The other major takeaway is: their brand-building activities will be sustained 365 days a year!

    • Big congratulations. Looking forward to more intelligent informative discussion on pageantry in future editions.

      • @ scorg Imo, hindi pa talaga crystal-clear kung paano mai-i-involve ang iba’ng AP’s sa year-long brand-building ng MUPO. I recall that you SPECIFIED this point – the involvement/contribution of the AP’s “who lost/did not win” – after the crowning. ‘Yun naman ang point mo, ‘di ba? That after the titlist is safely tucked in, the vanquished return home and “bahala na si Angkol kay Valentina”.

        I saw the hesitation in MG’s face! He looked like he was pinned against the wall by a steamroller. He could only say that THE WINNER will have her activities for the year mapped out so that she can go around… or something to that effect.

        Siguro, nga, at dahil na rin sa human nature, ‘yung mga talunan will no longer be interested to have anything more to do with organization ESPECIALLY AT PINAGBAYAD PA SILA PARA LANG MAKASALI. Unless na lang siguro kung said AP is in it for the long-term, in which case you nurture your relationship with MUPO by “hosting them warmly when they are in your town”.

      • @Flor, I think the hesitation is due more to the probability that MUP may not have yet concretized their plans on that. Branding is a continuous process. The MUP brand has to be sustained by engaging not only the winner but also the other Phenomenal Women in the different provinces. It augurs well for their brand to be felt nationwide. It is also good business because corporate sponsors are also considering geographical coverage when making marketing partnership decisions. I am positive MUP will eventually go in that direction.

  14. It was one GOOD video chat. We enjoyed it so much. The girls are great and Norman, too. We could have here the REAL top three! I see Paula for the win. Congratulations to all.

  15. Mr. Tinio, Pauline and Paula from the start of MUP were with A&Q. Does participation in MUP hereon AUTOMATICALLY translates to membership of the “walk-in” AP candidates, like Billie?

    Yourself and Atty. NB MUST work together to coach the ladies to diamond polish! The three can talk eloquent sense and can profit from drilling towards a flawless-fluid delivery. ABC – Albay, Bohol, & Cavite – will be my ALTERNATE FINAL 3 to “GMY” – Gumabao, Malinao, Ysmael”.

    Congratulations for the highest real-time viewership thus far! We look forward to more. 🙂

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