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  1. … OR…

    Reorganization. May fresh blood in. Therefore, old blood out.

    Alam ko na! I will guess… Werner Wessels will now be part of MWPO in a technical capacity?

    The Ashtie Nights episodes featuring WW and Stephanie del Valle…

    Mr. Tinio, will Celeste Cortesi join? I hope Sirene Sutton does. And will The Camp field a bet, po?

  2. So, if MWP peddles Fresh Filipina for the World, does it mean no recycled and crossover candidates– only fresh luscious raw beauties?

    • @ scorg … and with your question, I now want to say….

      Paula Ortega is MUP material! Materiales fuertes!

      SHE CAN WIN NOW SO SHE WILL NOT HAVE TO CROSS-OVER to MWP to be RHFilipinas as most everyone is suggesting.

      I’ve just come back from The Pageantry Norms with ABC – Albay, Bohol, y Cavite – and MG. I lost my FB connection… It was a LIVELY-INSPIRING-HAPPY chat. 🙂

      Albay is SO HUMBLE. She IMMEDIATELY disarmed everybody! Best PageantryNorms episode yet!

      YES, @ scorg. Mr. Tinio delivered your question to Boss Mario WORD-FOR-WORD, as you gave it here.

      Ang SAYA-SAYA! Moks Gonzales of Ashtie Nights was there.

      Guys, PLEASE make time to watch The Pageantry Norms every Sunday, po. They can use the numbers (viewership).

      • I tried to watch it live but signal in my adoptive country was weak and off and on. It’s Sunday morning here and the airwaves is loaded with users who attend church services online. Africans are a very religious people. Anyway, I was able to watch the show in full in the replay. I wrote my short review in the blog after this.

  3. LOL… oo nga ang ganda ng tagline…

    Parang naglalako lang ng fresh Tilapia at the international level..

  4. Nakakakilabot talaga ang tagline “Fresh Filipina to the World” hahahahaha bwisit parang iba connotation. Tito Alvin wala na po bang ibang maisip ang marketing nyo? nakakadiri po

    • @ Garga OMGawsh…. A-Hahhaahhh…

      The new title/pageant is….

      Miss Fresh World. 🙂

    • Hinde magandang pageant theme noh? Ang Funny haha. Parang Fresh lang ang welcome sa kanila lol. Sana #DalagangFilipinaOftheWorld nalang or #FilipinasWithAPurpose.

      • I kennat talaga ang tagline na Fresh Filipina, si Katarina sumali na sa Miss Interncontinental bago ang Miss World, hindi talaga sya fresh, if that’s what tito Alvin means….

  5. These breaking news are about to burn out a lot of people
    Too much fuss for nothing

    • i think nasa bbp pa din ang supra. kasi if wala na. why they posted antonia in their FB? i think pageant ni angkol ang kay alv.

      • @jed 2021 nga tingin ko not 2020
        Last yr bbp promotes mup Tama po ba kahit ramdam nila na lilipat

      • @ bonsaihater ‘Yung last year, libre na, kasi nga we won the previous year (2018, Catriona).

        In hindsight, mabuti nga nabigyan ng placement si Gazini. But to be fair to her, she worked hard.

        Now, if Gerhardt gave the 2021 franchise to ALV na, then it means the 2020 edition (I got unverified info that it will be held January 2021, and bear in mind Europe has largely unlocked already) will be the last under BPCI; this will be the last “BBP-Supranational”. Following what happened to Gazini at MU 2019, we could expect to NOT get a very high placement this (last) time. So, if we send Maureen there, what fate awaits her? Tokenism, kasi anyway last na siya for this organization for that pageant? Kaya kung ako lang, bigay na natin siya kay Angkol. Kung ayaw pa rin sa atin, ‘eh bahala na siya. At least, hindi na niya masasabi’ng pinagkaitan natin siya. 🙂

      • @flor
        If supra 2020 stays w bbp they should send Gabby or Karen. I’m telling you my Thai friends confirmed how angkol adores mm . They even said this might be the time we will finally get the golden crown . So dun na sya sa sure. Latinang Latina daw Sabi Ng angkol t dual passport p

  6. I have two guesses

    1. Irereveal na nila yung supposed bagong title nila
    2. Highly likely they will announce na walang MWP this year and irereschedule nila ng early 2021 yung MWP. Not from Miss World Org, pero yung Miss Venezuela org nagpost na sa IG na sa 2nd half pa ng 2021 magaganap ang next edition ng Miss World.

  7. I again saw the return of the cringeworthy hashtag #FreshFilipinaForTheWorld in their announcement. I thought MWP has dropped it. It evokes images of hawking our women as fresh-from-the-factory commodity that any passers-by can inspect.

    If there would be any announcement, I hope it is the replacement of this mysogynistic tagline.

      • Hahaha! @Flor, you reminded me again of that exchange of spontaneous quips in a previous post when commenting on the quarter turns of decades-ago pageants you said “it reminds me of cattle auction!”. To which I retorted: “and the judges, meat inspectors!”. The MWP hastag gives me imagery of the street barker calling everyone to come to this kind of “auction”. OMG!

  8. Fresh is a nice word. Pero parang hinde magandang theme sa pageant. parang bet ko pa ang #DalagangFilipinaoftheWorld or #FilipinasWithAPurpose. Annoucement na kaya ng pageant ni angkol sa mwp? 🤔

  9. ok lang Sir Norman. But can we play a guessing game? about everything you know. give us a hard clue or easy clue each bullets and let us think hehe. i think ok lang kay alv yan. you will not be banned for sure or what 😃.

  10. Na walang Miss World competition this year at sa 2021 na ito gaganapin.

  11. So we have to wait until next week to find out ??
    I didn’t know you had a sadistic temperament , Tito Norman. Lol

    • @ Fabian Reyes Bakit naman sadism? It’s meant to be a head-up. Buti nga, tinembrehan tayo.


      Talaga’ng pinangatawanan ‘yung hashtag nila’ng ‘APAKA-TSALAP. lolz.

      Huwag ka mag-alala. The minute I pick something up, even the faintest scent, reply-an kita dito somewehere sa blog…. Antabay ka lang.

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