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  1. Pauline is beautiful but I don’t see it on her for being a Miss Universe contender. Ang common kasi ng beauty, yung tipong magagandang girls na nakikita mo sa mall. I don’t see the ‘it’ factor IMO

  2. Guys, watch the Dior 2020 Fall-Winter Haute Couture on the “Christian Dior” YouTube channel and you will get a sense of how a shoot such as this one Amelinckx undertook FEELS like.

    That one was shot in an also man-made patch of greenery – the “giardini” of Ninfa, Lazio, Italy.

    This one in Bohol is a PLEASANT experience. Ordered by then Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, it has since matured into a delightful road trip through the interior of the island. The drop in temperature is perceptible, upon entering from the sweltering (lowland) coast! 🙂

    But planted almost exclusively to foreign “mahogany” – Swietenia macrophylla – it is eerily-sadly silent, as (local) wildlife shun it in favor of more authentic-typical Central Visayas vegetation.

    I am reminded of a passage in the song “Fiori di Chernobyl” (Flowers of Chernobyl) by Italian rapper Mr. Rain (who apes Eminem but I’m not sure if it’s intentional) – “a tree falls, a forest grows”.

  3. The aforesaid activity and the photos are necessary and a good preparation for the upcoming Miss World Philippines. Bagay si Pauline sa Miss Eco International. Huwag na MASYADONG UMASA sa Miss Universe Phil. dahil naka-reserve na kay ________________________ (please fill in the blank).

    MUP candidates who HAVE BETTER CHANCES in MWP (because of it multiple titles) are –
    1. Ysabelle Ysmael – Miss World Philippines
    2. Pauline Amelinckx – Miss Eco Philippines
    3. Paula Ortega – Reina Hispano Filipinas
    4. Rabiya Mateo – Miss Multinational Philippines
    5. Chiara Markwalder – the new title to be offered
    6. _______________ (fill in the blank) – Miss Tourism Philippines
    7. _______________ (fill in the blank) – Miss Eco Teen Phil.

  4. I like her but not the photos .
    When it comes to form and stage presence, my bets would be Alaiza And Apriel ——-> Sorsogon and Bella

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