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  1. The blog stated 50 candidates. Weren’t there over 50 initially? Some dropled out or???

  2. The pioneering virtual pageant starts to unfold before our very eyes witn this Ring Light Series. The pay-per-view proceeds is to benefit, among others, the personally chosen beneficiaries by each #HarbingerOfHope contender. Carrying the viewers along the candidates’ journey towards beautiful transformations an finally to the crown, and raising funds and building the MUP brand in the process— all within the constraints imposed by the pandemic— is indeed hitting several birds with one stone. That known brand names have enlisted their support to MUP events and advocacies says something about the business viability of this spectator-event-turned-online. Who would have thought that a pageant this magnitude can still be held amidst formidable logistical, financial, and personal safety challenges? Innovation is indeed the key to survival in these trying times. I’m sure other pageantry organizations, local and international, are watching with keen interest!

    • Excuse me, di sila ang pioneer sa Virtual Pageant, It is Miss Philippines Earth, At ginaya ang Miss Universe na nagpapabayad, and then mapapanood mo din pala sa Youtube after a while…kalokah!!! Im not stupid to avail and subscribe na puro fillers naman ang mapapanood. Tag hirap ngayon. Every peso counts…Very insensitive naman na kailangan pang mag subscribe…Mga balking toh !!!

      • I also lauded MEP for their trailblazing effort. But MUP’s pioneering initiative is in the carrying the viewers along the candidates’ journey towards beautiful transformations (i.e. training) and eventually to the crown, and in the process synergistically raising funds for charity, chronicling candidates’ advocacies, and building the MUP brand— all within the constraints imposed by the pandemic. It’s like hitting several birds with one stone. That known international brands have enlisted their support to MUP events says something about the business viability of this innovative endeavour.

      • @ scorg Synergy – the combined effect otherwise not attainable of components by themselves.

        A good example is Co-amoxiclav, a useful antibiotic. I think you are familiar…? 🙂

        The “co-” stands for “collaboration”, ba?

      • @Flor, the concept of synergy is best explained by 1 + 1 = 3. This means that when we combine two things, the output is more than the expected output of each one of the two working independent of each other.

      • @Paquita and @scorg I think the ‘virtual’ aspect of this pageant is only in terms of the whole proceedings being shown and available online. But in terms of the actual activities, including the prelims and finals, all will be done in a live venue, where the judges can see the candidates face to face. Reading at the fine prints of the business plan documentation that the MUPh Org released last May, it was clear that they are pushing through with a live pageant but without live audience members. Closed door ang coronation and only the candidates, the judges, and the production crew members will be present inside the venue.

        Personally I’d rather that pageants do closed door competitions with minimal human interaction of course. I applaud MEP for trying and accomplishing something out of the box like their virtual pageant, but I must be honest and say that the entirety of the execution is not really impressive and most of all the girls’ reactions seem faked and rehearsed. I’m not saying they were actually faking it, but the fact that everything was pre-recorded, even their rampas on swimsuit and eg, made everything seem fake (to me). Even Roxie’s reaction to her crowning seemed unauthentic even if (and I know in real life) she’s really genuinely happy.

      • @Unorthodox, that’s how I also read MUO pronouncements. The finals may be staged in a venue with social-distancing-compliant live audience (therefore minimal), and will be aired live on TV as well as live pay-per-view streaming channels (Empire). Just like how spectator sporting events are held in Europe and USA– zero live audience but complete with courtside commentating and audio mimicking a live game beamed real-time or for on-demand viewing. What is important is that the pageant finals can still be an interactive, operatic spectacle fans know and love. And I think that is one major point of differentiation between MUP and MPE.

      • yes @scorg. Admittedly the excitement and adrenaline rush brought about by live audience members to the whole finals atmosphere will be significantly not as high as it used to be in past live coronation nights, but at least the candidates still get to perform to the best of their abilities, without significant changes due to camera angles and editing. This is still the most fair method of judging.

  3. The girls joined MUP to hopefully rep the Philippines at MU. They have invested so much of their money and time .. only to be told they are better off somewhere else ? Give them a chance . While there are front runners , MUP is still anyone’s game . I believe in the ‘fairness ‘ of our pageant Orgs and judges . Whoever shines that night will win . .and while it is likely to be one of the frontrunners .. who knows what destiny awaits these girls ?

  4. Dahil sa Ring Light Series na ito ng Miss Universe Philippines, MALAKI ang PAKINABANG at MATITIPID ng Miss World Philippines, Mutya ng Pilipinas at iba pang pakontest. The candidates are already well trained and prepared for other pageants such as mentioned above. So HINDI na kailangan nang mahabang pre-pageant activities for MWP and Mutya, SAPAT na ang 10-14 days prior to the coronation night.

    Ang gagawin lang ni ALV, set the application deadline for MWP TWO WEEKS after the finals of MUP para naman makapagpahinga ang mga candidate na natalo sa MUP. For Cory Quirino, sa December 2020 or Januray 2021 na siya magdaos ng pageant. Yun na. He, he, he…

  5. I breezed through the beneficiary profiles. Dios mio! Akala ko, si Mercedes Pair lang ang gipit…

    Kung marami’ng datung sana ang MUPO, sarap siguro tulungan sila’ng lahat.

    (Just) for me, I liked Rabiya’s (the young apparently-gay assistant/apprentice “beader” who longs to set up his own clothing atelier eventually) and those two volunteer educators (sorry, I cannot recall who their respective “sponsors” are) – the middle-aged (?) chubby guy for the children of a tribal community and that newly-minted college graduate (in barong and graduation sash) who wants to help kids like him.

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