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  1. It’s 3.99 on average to watch a movie on Amazon. And I hardly do that … only if I really really like a movie and if I have exhausted all possible free avenues .

    The series costs $6 which is ~~ nothing . But is it safe to use my credit card or other forms of payment??

  2. If Nicole can ask those questions , why not Tito Norman??
    Even Layla is trying to be classy ???

  3. My TOTGA is Patricia Tumulak of Bb batch 2011. The Ly Jonaitis de3ad ringer was a fave of mine. She was drop dead gorgeous and had a smoldering presence. What did her in was a tentative presentation and a lukewarm personality

  4. Nice insights, I suggest that all panelists should use Krisp to eliminate or cancel background noise.

  5. Tito Norman is so sassy
    I hope he does the same on tv and on his own vlog
    I didn’t realize Layla also had Dindi on her list of possible crown-worthies . She was on mine .
    Who is E5 again , Flor Tula?
    My TOTGA would be both Sam B and Vickie R . They should have crowned them in 2019
    I wish Mcgarry and Wynwyn had won MUP … possibly in 2014 and 2016 respectively .

  6. On the subject of TOTGA, here are my (once again UNPOPULAR) views on the aforesaid beauty contenders:

    1. AYA ABESAMIS is very ORDINARY looking. She has SO MANY LOOKALIKES not ONLY in the HINTERLANDS of the Philippines but in many RURAL COMMUNITIES in the whole of Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, VIetnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and yes, even in Singapore). She has also (high limitations) in terms of knowledge level and comm skills.

    2. DINDI PAJARES is just like Diana Arevalo. They are tall and beautiful but they do NOT HAVE the NECESSARY SKILLS to shine and outshine other girls while competing on the pageant stage. There are girls like Janine Tugonon & Venus Rah who may not be that beautiful but have the abilities to stand out from the pack.

    3. SIRENE SUTTON belongs to a biracial lineage (very beautiful) but with WEAK COMMUNICATION SKILLS (in English) just like Ganados. So she really needs to hone her comm skills probably by working abroad & at the same time attending a university.

    Warning: HUWAG kayong masyadong MAGPAPANIWALA dyan sa mga sinasabi ni Lavinia. He, he, he…

    • @ paul Not necessary to stress (yourself) out on unpopularity, fren. Your points are valid.

      Ang major point ‘yata ni TL kay Pajares, WAN-KATA. I agree. You know me. Body-obsessed. 🙂

      Speaking of your #3, you know who has attended college/university and worked abroad? Yep. The one from Sulop, Davao del Sur. She complies also with your #2 – necessary skills to outshine others on-stage. Yeah, she’s plain-Jane to us, as are Galeria, Dumaguing, & Abesamis. Pero, sige, GO SEND HANNAH OVER TO BIDAY PILAR. And if we STILL don’t get our second Globe crown, I will pinch you until you… REVEAL TO US YOUR U.P. STUDENT NUMBER. Hihihhih….

      • Flor huwag lang student number, mga kaedad ko na lang sa showbiz. They are the following: Mikee Cojuangco, Isko Moreno, Ruffa Gutierrez, Paolo Bediones, Hans Montenegro, Charlene Gonzales, Abbygale Arenas, etc. He, he, he…

      • @ paul ‘O! ‘Yan na, Mr. Tinio. Hans Montenegro, daw.

        DAMI po’ng paramdam ngayon ng Charm. We want update on Ashley, PLEASE.

        …and while we are there, si de Sequera, na rin. ‘Yung panganay (?) ni Marina Benipayo. 🙂

  7. I enjoyed the conversation. Everybody gave valid opinions, Just one thing that I disagree with Voltaire Tayag is the topic on TOTGA. For me Sirene Sutton is not TOTGA. Yes she is really pretty and sexy but she fumbled during the Q and A and that cost her the crown. I hope she will join again. Janet Sales and Corazon Tierro in 1982 and 1984 respectively are TOTGA for me.

      • Hazel Huelvez in 1992 and Kathleen Guerrero in 2008 are likewise TOTGA for me.

      • As you observe, My TOTGAs are candidates who are supposed to win major titles but for reasons that I do not know, they only clinch runner-up honors or go home empty-handed.

    • My TOTGAs clinched runner up honors or went home empty-handed and simply vanished from pageantry. But if I were to include some girls who lost in Bb Pilipinas and eventually won in other pageants, there are actually plenty. Too plenty to enumerate.

  8. P-R-E-C-I-O-U–S. The look on Voltaire & Mr. Tinio’ faces when TL was sharing on the BIG media outlet…. chos.

    What can we do? S-O-C-I-A-L media has overtaken traditional. Wanna bet we will survive TV’s demise by simply diverting to FB, IG, Twitter, YT (as here), etc.? N-E-W-N-O-R-M-A-L means old-school ways need to adapt. Look at what the eldest form – radio – did? They now have visual streams of all the action in the DJ Booth. We now not only hear; we now also see. 🙂

    (Some radio news anchors are not too bad, actually. Y-U-M-M-Y.)

    Guys, recall naunsiyami ‘yung dapat ay hosting ng Vietnam ng (The)MissGlobe? Now, if we can safely assume they are successful in maintaining their relatively-SARS-Cov2-free status ’til year-end and travel/border restrictions are significantly eased off by Fall (‘ber months), APPOINT Aya, na lang… BBP 2020 can be held towards year’s end. Recall, Deliart Association’s age ceiling is 30.

    I think I know kung sino ‘yung nagtampo kay VT sa hindi niya pagpili kay merlie for MUP. 🙂

    Regarding Pajares, I recall someone commented here noon na ayaw niya magpaunlak sa mga pageant bloggers kasi ayaw niya magkaroon ng utang na loob sa mga ‘to in any way…. that if she wins, she does so on the strength of her OWN merits. Parang may ipinapahiwatig, Mr. Tinio, po?

    Don’t you, guys! Kahit sa male pageants, may tampuhan blues din. Alam mo ‘yan, Blogger Boy.

    I would have to say E5 could be considered T-O-T-G-A. And Buot to a lesser extent…

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