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  1. To penetrate the international modelling scene is quite hard. To be able to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and appear in the pages of SI Swimsuit issue are even harder. Hats off to this amazing lady.
    Olivia is so sexy. I love those abs. But compared today, she was prettier during the time she won Miss USA and Miss Universe.

  2. Congrats to Kelsey for making it into the pages of SI.
    Olivia was cute when she won Ms. Universe, and has evolved into a gorgeous looking woman throughout the years.

  3. Kelsey could have been another Filipina to have raised our flag on the international beauty pageant stage, had she not decided to enter the modelling circuit. Now that she is doing her name internationally, we can no longer argue how successful she is in modelling and right she was when she decided not to try pageantry.

    To all the aspiring beauty queens, this is what I am telling–you don’t need to be tall to stand tall. Kelsey does not have a towering height compared to other well-known models, but she looks tall because of her exquisite body proportion. She is well-toned, making her skinny-healthy and vibrant. She’s got the best body figure, I reckon.

    I’d like to see Michele Gumabao in that Kelsey’s body. I have seen her latest photos and, while I am convinced that she lost a considerable amount of weight, she still looks beefy. I know that she’s developed muscle mass due to her sports activities; however, I think changing meal program and exercise or gym routine would help her get slimmer. I am not confident with her 28-inch waistline, and I am afraid another round of bashing would ensue once she competes in Miss Universe.

    At this stage of the competition, I still am rooting for Michele. However, if Isabela Galeria or Bella Ysmael steals the momentum and walks away with the crown, then I’d declare “I don’t have problem with that at all.”

    That’s all.


    • @ Paquita X But, she still has no representation/agent locally?

      Will 35k Euro, all perks in, be enough for someone like Gob. LCS (of similar wealth) to book Kelsey for a 36-hour job here? Sagot ni Gob, ang round-trip airfare, halimbawa?

      When international flight restrictions are finally lifted, of course.

      • She dont need to be represented here in the Philippines 🇵🇭, masisira lang ang branding niya

  5. Kelsey is not on the cover .. but it’s a great achievement nonetheless

    • @ Fabian Reyes Indeed.

      To the best of my knowledge, neither was (the GREAT) TA when she was featured in Deutsch P.

      Nevertheless, she was THE SINGULAR fantasy of Pinoy men of her youth, both straight and gay. The former wanted (to be with) her, and the latter wanted to BE her (when they grew up). 🙂

      • @ Fabian Reyes Believe it or not, I found out that it was in the German edition from a strip 1980’s cartoonist Nonoy Marcelo did in his “Ikabod Bubwit” pocketbook series.

        I wonder if you are familiar with his work…. 🙂

        In that strip, a lady mouse stripped, with only a copy of German P to mask (not her virus but) her nakedness, paraded through Dagalandia like Lady Godiva sans horse. It was meant to satirize how Filipinos look up to any of their countrymen who made a good fortune, if not name, for themselves in foreign shores, regardless of HOW.

  6. Mr. Tinio, aamin po ako!

    ‘Eto’ng larawan’g ‘to ang kasalukuyan’g nakapaskil sa kuwarto ko, po. At habang tinitingnan, inuulit-ulit sa sarili, “I want to be just like her when I grow up”.

    Speaking of Olivia Culpo,…

    Guys, you’ve seen Olivia Obdan? The Candian-Thai halfie eyed to join MUT 2020? Mukha’ng maganda ang Thailand-Canada bloodline combo. Just look at Fahsai. And speaking of Fahsai, have you heard about what she and (Patrapon) Wang are up to? Clue : Nicole and Catriona.

    GENERAL APOLOGY TO ALL. I said in a comment somewhere before that the PRRD 2020 SONA was (last) Monday, 20th. It is the 27th, NEXT Monday (the final for the month). Tanders na.

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