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  1. Scorg- inspired , Scorg Ave
    They are not meant to compliment Tito Norman
    But he may take them as a constructive criticism
    I believe staying on that road will be a nail in the coffin of his vlogging business .. in its infancy

    • Fabian, at this point, it’s all about finding the right ingredients to make for a good online talk show. I want to alternately tackle light and serious topics and see where it can take the endeavor. If I mimic the approach of my colleagues in pageant media who are also into vlogging, then it will just be more of the same thing. I want to be different. Or at least try to be one. There will always be hits and misses. But if I don’t use the opportunity given to me by The Philippine Pageantry the way my mind works, then I will forever ask myself a dozen of what-ifs once I retire.

      Besides, this is just Season 1. After ten episodes, I will take a short break and think of ways to do better.

    • Hoy chimp!!!!! Mag vlog ka rin para malaman ng madla kung ano ka kapangit!!!!!! Bruhang to INGGITERA!!!!!! sapakin kita jan eh. Hoy bumalik ka sa kulungan mo masyohong orangutan!!!!!! Ang kuto mo nakaka eeewwwws!!!

  2. On the comment below about “veer away from @scorg avenue” and another comment in a previous post about “@scorg-inspired vlogs”: I don’t know if will feel flattered or displeased because it is also a broadside against Sir Norman’s capacity for independent business decision making. Everything about Pageantry Norms– the topics, the guests, the questions, the props—are Sir Norman’s own. I can only surmise this vlog is a result of a conscious business positioning. By all indications, his overriding desire to contribute to the development of pageantry made him take the market niche where few, if not none, occupies yet.

    • I’d like to view it more as an astute business move: why duplicate your business model in another media and be confined to the same market when there is a lot more opportunity in reaching out to another market segment who may be more interested and receptive to substantive issues on online media? Pageantry nowadays is not just an entertainent event; it is also a platform for development and action. Responsible press should help bring the two facets of pageantry to as wide audience as possible.

      • If ever this move by Sir Norman is inspired by Apple’s “Think different”, Toyota’s “Start your impossible”, Adidas’ “Impossible is nothing”, Nike’s “Just do it”, and L’Oreal’s “Because you’re worth it”

      • Scorg, the catchphrases of Miss South Africa – “Face your Power” and “Embrace the Future” – also inspired me.

      • Sir Norman, the MSA branding tagline reflects the competencies of strategic thinking, forward thinking and interpreneural orientation. Now we know why you are a cut above the rest and revered by your peers in the industry.

      • Sir Norman, you know why it’s catchy? It is expressed in imperative tense, not declarative, There is a sense of urgency, in the same league as Nike’s “Just do it”, Apple’s “Think different” and Toyota’s “Start your impossible”.

      • Too flowery too wordy
        30 words to describe one idea
        I don’t think it’s practical in the real world
        Pls be conversational if you want people to read you

  3. I think Tito Norman made the list because of his reputation as the top pageant blogger .
    He is yet to prove his worth as a vlogger
    Maybe he will be the first one to convince Cat to talk on YouTube

    • @ Fabian Reyes Does he need to win citations like Erwan Heusaff, Kyle Jennerman, or Wil Dasovich?

      That would entail a HUGE investment – time, effort, & money! Good equipment/gadgetry ain’t cheap.

      Pero yaman rin lang at narito na, Mr. Tinio could try filming an episode of one of his out-of-town pageant gigs for starters. But he should get somebody to film him – an “alalay”. You agree, po?

      • Flor, no need for fancy gadgets
        Just good topics and good questions
        Going the Scorg way will a nail in his coffin as a vlogger

  4. Tito Norman , u do not have to be tabloid-y or host the show like a screaming f- – Look at Missology Queentuhan and Ashties , they are so good at asking questions the guests do not feel like they were being put on the hot seat .Just ask interesting questions . Veer away from Scorg Ave …pls. We already know you are smart . You do not have to smear it on our faces !!!

    Btw , Sash Factor and Tita Lavinia are not on the list , why?

    • @ Fabian Reyes One of us commented in an earlier Ashtie Nights post – specifically that one with MJ Lastimosa as guest – that there were moments she was left hanging while the five were talking among themselves (and with their community, I suppose). So, I guess that means they have a tendency to get carried-away or be self-engrossed.

      Also, now twice at least I’ve read that they make clear their dislike for ME.

      My point is that this is now their second season so I hope they have corrected what might be perceived as points for improvement.

      And you did say Nigel comes across as stand-off-ish.

      Why SF and ToP did not get Rappler’s OK,… might have something to do with TL’s critique of JG. And we know she is close with AG. But AG seems to be the “bridge”, mas acceptable sa MUPO. Maybe Rappler’s Voltaire Tayag can enlighten us, Mr. Tinio? May “internal issues”, po, kaya?

      • Did they say specifically that they hated you ? Do you know each other personally ?
        I like Bessie and Moks . They are so alive and happy and grounded .
        Miguel is too serious .
        As o have said , Nigel has a chip on his shoulder
        And the doctor ? She seems to be in a world of her own . Too much alcohol????

  5. Tito Norman, what do you think of your position at #4 only above Mars Frantz?

    • Ing bilat!!!!! Inggiterang chimp!!!!!!! Gumawa ka ng sarili mong blog at magtayo ng sariling network for your ilks!!!!!! Bruhang to akala mo kung sino!!!!!! Ing puyas may uod man lang!!!!!

      • I’d like to think that Chezka is the naughty alter ego of Titio Norman hahaha

    • Hoy katlan na pabyan. Tingnan mong mabuti ang thumbs up sa comment ko!!!!! Bruhang to sarap sabuyan ng agua oxinada ang mukhang puro acne!

  6. Glad to know Pageantry Norms is being noticed. With the educational and entertaining topics being featured in each episode, I nave no doubt that sooner its audience will include international pageant enthusiasts. In the next episode for instance, local and international pageant organizers, students, marketing professionalsl, and aspiring beauty queens, will definitely be interested to learn about pageant branding how-to’s from a branding specialist himself. If Sir Norman is able to line up interesting human interest topics that can make our celebration of beauty more meaningful and productive, then he has placed Pageantry Norms in a distinct position in the pageantry vlog market.

  7. Mr. Tinio, does this mean the collaboration with Mars Franz Bayer is no longer possible, kasi sa Qrown siya ta’s sa TPP ka, po??! WAAA-AAHHH!!! 😦

    May mutual fren pa naman kami. Pa’no na, po?

    Ta’s, ANO NA PO ‘YUNG OLAY NINA PIA AT MIMIYUUHH? Tuloy pa ba, po? Kaloka….

    Nadale pala kayo ng Misso. Sila pala nag-interview kay Jack Heslewood. Dapat talaga pala, nag-triple-team kayo with Wolff, Saliba, and Nodale.

    Pero OK na rin. Nakita ko na ulit si King George (de Lumen). And Ocat’s BRIGHT-CHEERY face literally lit up the chat last Sunday! Visser,… now I get some sense of why some don’t like him…

    • Not necessarily. Franz and I are friends so we can still work something out. About the collab of Pia and Mimiyuuhh, it is still being scheduled because Olay wants them to be together – not together apart – as I know.

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