17 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Ring Light Series

  1. The pioneering online pageant starts to unfold before our very eyes witn this Ring Light Series. The pay-per-view proceeds is to benefit, among others, the personally chosen beneficiaries by each #HarbingerOfHope contender. Benefit show, brand buiding, online chronicle of the journey towards beautiful transformations— all within the constraints imposed by the pandemic. Knowing that MUP is able to enlist known brand names as major sponsors is indeed hitting several birds with one stone. Very ingenious! Who would have thought that a pageant this magnitude can still be held amidst formidable logistical, financial, and personal safety challenges? I’m sure other pageantry organizations, local and international, are watching with keen interest!

  2. Guys!!! 🙂

    Birthday next month ni Boss Blogger.

    Ano ba’ng surprise ang gagawin natin? Comment below, OK?

      • @ Fabian Reyes I’m sorry. I’m not sure.

        But, given that wordpress places everything in The Blog Library/Archives…

        Take Aga’s birth date, then dig up the posts from 2017-2018 on that August date. 🙂

    • @Flor. How about a conversation via zoom between you and Norman during his birthday. Ask him anything, it is about time to focus the spotlight on our dear blogger. He he,

    • haha. ang ingay mo naman flor! ayan mag eexpect si sir norman. ano kaya nasa isip nya haha

  3. Pay per view ? In this pandemic ???
    Who is paying ???
    Where is the heart ??

    • Fabian. kapag traditional pageant ba libre? Hinde diba. bibili ka din ng ticket depende sa package. may vip pa nga. eh ito 299 lang at sa beneficiary ng MUP candidates mapupunta ang sales.

    • @ Fabian Reyes No less than the family, close friends, & loyal followers of the candidates. Captured market! With 50 candidates x 300 Php each (a parent, for example), that’s 15000 Php from the ladies pa lang. Obviously, ‘yung mga bosing – JG, SLL, LARM, MG, & Atty. Nad – 5 x 300 = 1500 Php. Ta’s, ‘yung 50 AP’S, pa. Another 15000 Php… That’s 31500 Php from just within. 🙂

      Of course, they need to make hundreds of thousands to break even…

      Pero, dito papasok ‘yung network at contacts…I suspect the amount of business each AP brings in will be recorded… so, parang eleksiyon!

    • @Paquita X. Your comment greeted me this morning. Graduation talaga? Oo nga. Ring light sounds like ringhop. LOL. Nakakaloka. Ha ha ha.

      • Ang daming pasavogue, pero anim lang ang tunay na kandidata na papasa sa taste ko, yung iba pang baranggay level lang ang peg !!! Nakakalokah ang daming ideas ng mga bakla, pero nakakaumay at nakakalito na !!! Dinaig pa ang Miss Philippines Earth sa dami ng activities

  4. They already posted their chosen beneficiaries. MUP is really taking the brand into more than a beauty pageant. May series ang activities nila. question is moa pa din ba ang final venue? For the Prelim i think ok na sa hotel and i choose okada.

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