10 comments on “The Androgynous Pia Wurtzbach

  1. ‘Pag androgynous, ‘di ba dapat wala’ng make-up? Kasi nga, dapat sexually-ambiguous ang dating. ‘Di mawari kung babae o lalaki…

    Anyways, NOICE jacket! Reminds me of Nigel Barker’s book on fashion photography. The cover had top models of the ’90’s in similar.

    Speaking of fashion photography, I wonder what BJ Pascual (whom I will assume is the photographer) thinks of Richard Avedon’s “Dovima with Elephants”?

    “Alaiza with Goats” suddenly came to (my) mind… Mr. Tinio, tell The Camp, AT ONCE, po.

    @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Ang kanding ba, kumakain ng coffee beans still on the tree? “Kanding” is Bisaya, no? “Kambing” and “kalding” to Tagalogs and Ilocanos, respectively.

    • I don’t think kanding (kambing) eats coffee beans still on the tree, or even those beans which fell on the ground. I am NOT that super familiar though we used to have a small Robusta coffee plantation way back in my childhood years. But kanding eats almost all types of grasses. We also had kandings when I was a kid but we did not feed them with coffee beans. Madam MAHAL KAAYO ang coffee beans.

      CIVET CATS DO eat a LOT of coffee beans. In Sulu, inuutusan (at sinasahuran) nila ang mga bata na hanapin at pulutin ang mga buto ng kape (in wide areas) na inilabas sa pwet ng mga civet cat. Dried, roasted, grounded and made into expensive coffee. In Kapatagan, Davao del Sur, civet cats are domesticated (in cage), fed with coffee beans para hindi na sila mahirapan sa pag-iipon ng coffee beans. Sabi nila, civet cats are far better domesticated than killed by farmers. Yun na Flor.

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Thanks! That’s what I thought, too. 🙂

        The reason I asked is because my (Ilocano) father imparted a love for goat meat to me. He would ask me to accompany him to buy a goat whenever there was a special occasion or guest. Off we went on our Toyoda Corolla DX sedan to his favorite vendor along Quezon Avenue (Quezon City). He would pick the animal and I would witness EVERYTHING that followed – (I originally wanted to chronologically describe, but I realized this Third Millennium generation is intolerant of animal abuse). HE WAS A GREAT COOK! His “kaldereta” had black olives and whole leeks.

        Goats can be adorable and playful. I am quite sure Alaiza willl enjoy the (photo) shoot.

        But, of course, when it comes to goats, androgyny is a non-issue. Girls have udders. Boys have (beep!).

        Boys are also more horny…. Meaning, boy goats have bigger horns…. Right, Mr. Clintoy B.?

  2. U guys watch Mommy Cheryl with a Heart . U will see why Pia is still very grounded despite all her achievements

  3. Among the present crop of Filipina beauty queens, Pia is one of the most versatile in front the camera.

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