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  1. Sir Norman, another question you may ask to the MUP aspirant-guests in Sunday’s vlog:

    A brand is what makes you– you. Does your advocacy help you establish your personal brand? How?

    • @ scorg Isn’t that essentially the same as question # 3, above, in the article? For the ladies…

      • @Flor, in a way, yes. Authentic advocacy helps one establish one’s personal brand. And authentic advocacy springs from one’s core values. If there is a dichotomy between the two, the advocacy loses authenticity. Less-than-authentic advocacy creates dissonant messages in one’s personal brand, making it weak and less appealing.

  2. On the comment below about “@scorg-inspred vlogs”, I don’t know if I feel flattered or displeased because I believe everything about Pageantry Norms– the topics, the guests, the questions, the props—are Sir Norman’s own. I can only surmise embarking on this vlog is a conscious business positioning. By all indications, his overriding desire to contribute to the development of the pageantry industry made him take the market niche where few, if not none, occupies yet. I don’t think the target audience is AB. To my mind, it is more of those with inclination for learning, regardless of whether he/she is a student, academic, pageant organizer, artist, career professional, employee, entrepreneur, homekeeper.

    • I think it is intended more for those who can make a difference in the development of the industry. I’d like to view it more as an astute business move: why duplicate your business model in another media and be confined to the same market when there is a lot more opportunity in reaching out to another market segment who may be more interested and receptive to substantive issues on online media?

  3. Sir Norman, kindly ask the following questions to MG:

    Most beauty pageants are into full or semi-hibernation affter the coronation of a winner, only to resurface the following year for another crowning event. Would sustained brand-building activities keep MUP connected to its audience 365 days a year? If so, what activiries are in the pipeline? Would these activities involve the other Phenomenal Women in the APs scattered throughout the country?

  4. Whats wrong with tabloid like questions ? If this will be an effective way to reach more people , why not ? Once u have a big following , you can slowly evolve into the kind of pageant guru you aspire yourself to be .
    Btw, how many people watched the two Scorg-inspired vlogs ? Even the so called AB class won’t be interested .
    Look at Duterte . His crass talk fascinated the Filipino people . Now he has the voice, not the more decent sounding opponents . He can actualize his personal vision for the Philippines .
    What I am trying to say is:
    What’s the vlog’s worth if no one is watching ???

    • @ Fabian Reyes By “decent-sounding opponents”, you are referring to elitist intellectuals, no?

      These folks can pick up a lesson or two from PRRD on how to emotionally connect with the mass.

      But “personal vision for the Philippines”? From a man who recently said that he regretted running for the presidency, making his age very apparent by frankly blurting that it all exhausted him?

      Never mind that he is already of age, after all. Pero kung napipilitan lang siya, ‘eh ‘di mag-step-down na lang siya. Ayaw nila dahil si VP LR ang papalit? Again, siya nanalo bila’ng Vice. Ano magagawa natin? Ganu’n talaga. 🙂

      If you watched Janelle Tee’s MPE 2020 post-pageant analysis chat with “young-ones” – AG & TL – you will see that Mr. Tinio can keep up with them. If not for his Pageantry Norms exclusive with the new Elemental Court, he would not have trailed off towards the end out of drowsiness; he did say so, to be fair to him.

      Never mind that Mr. Tinio does not have the absolute numbers. What he commands is FAR MORE IMPORTANT – THE RESPECT OF HIS INDUSTRY PEERS. ALL OF THEM. I recall that both Chanel and Dior spoke highly of (Cristobal) Balenciaga. Gabrielle said “he is the real designer; others are just stylists’. Christian said “he is the father of us all”. Combined, Chanel and Dior are the two most recognized high-fashion brands worldwide, with stores in practically all major urban capitals. Only a relative handful know of the man who was a trailblazer in terms of avante-garde design, who himself mentored Oscar de la Renta, and the devout Catholic whom our very own @ Closer2Fame flippantly dismissed at the heat of Gazini’s allegedly-controversial Sto. Nino NatCos.

  5. Based on the topics presented by Sir Norman on his Pageantry Norms, I believe he is indeed targeting a different audience for the vlog sequel to his blog, hoping thay he can carry along the hordes of his blog followers to next-level issues that matter to the development of pageantry. Apparently, there is a dearth of educated discussion on pageantry across all media. Most of them border on tabloid gossips– popular with fans but no value-added to the development of a business that is threatened to exitinction by economic upheavals and environmental pandemics. I think Pageantry Norms is targeting that market niche. For instance, this forthcoming topic would be interesting to all pageantry organizations in all corners of the planet. If this vlog would be able to reach out to this worldwide market segment, it can then claim just what Norman’s Blog declared during its early days: “I got hit!”.

  6. Tito Norman,
    U need to establish your audience first . And you will not if you keep taking Scorg Ave. There’s Nothing wrong with that but there are no people walking on that ave. Have some fun . U do not have to put your guests on the hot seat but delve into something more fun and interesting . Once I establish a sizable audience , u may slowly introduce them to your topics of interest .

    I’m watching anyway . Just to let you know

  7. Ampogi TALAGA ni MG.

    Ilan na kaya panganay niya?… ‘Ay! Baka magalit asawa niya…. ‘Ay, baka matuwa pa nga. Sige, bahala na. ‘Pag may sumalubong sa ‘kin’g libel suit, alam na.


    Kaunti na lang, po, Mr. Tinio, at tuluyan ko na po’ng malilimutan sina Nigel Cornel at RJ Ignacio (may hawig sila, no?).

    But Francis Chee is CUTENESS PERSONIFIED. And with legs for days, to boot.

  8. Tito Norman,
    I hope u include questions that are personal so we may know the candidates better . Only very few people will be interested in the subjects you enumerated , forgive my French. How many people read the New York Times compared the New York Daily News or New York Post ?
    You’ve got the delivery already . U just need topics that cater to the majority . There are very few Scorgs in this world and right now , you are only serving them.

  9. I think, and I can be corrected on this, only Miss Universe Philippines and Miss South Africa are into serious branding of a beauty pageant both as a spectator event and a platform for development and action. MUP realized the importance of building a strong brand right from the start by defining: what is MUP– exactly? If the MUP organizers do not know, then neither will their audience. So they built its distinct identity by establishing brand-defining keywords and using these words to shape the organization’s voice, tone and aesthetic. Phenomenal woman—at a quick glance MUP shows who they are and what they stand for: a role model, a rallying point, a harbinger of hope. That it was launched during the pandemic-induced lockdowns all the more added meaning to the brand identity.

    This episode is going to be educational to all pageant enthusiasts who are interested in the development path of the pageantry industry.

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