12 comments on “Sharifa Akeel and her latest photos

    • @ Roxie How’s Baguio City, dear? 🙂

      But, what can we do if a powerful-influential BARMM personality decides to apply as AP?

      I doubt MUPO would refuse. At the very least, a “BARMM” sash will be the ULTIMATE in Filipinas pageantry inclusiveness. Who knows, in the future said Moro personality might launch a regional tilt similar to Puteri Islamiyah. And Mr. Tinio will serve as both mentor and judge; it will finally be his chance to see the SPECTACULAR Sulu Sea, in the Tawi-Tawi archipelago!

  1. Trousers could have been better. Otherwise, GREAT ensemble!

    So, this means it’s STILL A GO? Whichever Nationals, we can be sure of BARMM’s FULL support.

    (I did abbreviate correctly, didn’t I, @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados?)

    • BARMM – Correct Flor. Pero naguguluhan ako dito kay sa Sharifa at sa costume niya. He, he, he…

      • @baul at number 1 fan ni ganados. Puskol rupam kasla taki. …ukinam

  2. Isa pa to. May shooting na ba ng newest edition ng Pirates of the Caribbean? O ng Pirates of the Mindanao Sea? Ang tanong: Kung sasali pa siya sa mga national pageant, MAY tatanggap pa ba sa kanya na pageant director? SMA? ALV? Lorraine & Peachy? Sino kaya sa kanila? Magandang hapon.

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