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  1. Vuteh nlang Wala na sa BbPilipinas Ang MU Kasi vawal Ang fokfok pose divah hihihi😆
    Parang magwawala na Naman Ang alaga ni Lolo hihihi cherette 😊

    • I agree .
      Swimsuit is supposed to measure someone’s physical fitness
      So a sexual post is not necessary
      The candidates should learn from Pia Cat and all the other MUP winners from 2010 up who managed to stay classy in swimsuit
      MUP 2009’s swimsuit is too skimpy

  2. Is there a good reason why Patricia Santos and others behaved like porn stars during the squmsuit competition of MEP finals ?
    I hope Tito. Norman can ask Patrixia Santos about this . For a smart woman like her , it’s hard to imagine why she would behave like that .

    • That could be one of the pitfalls of a virtual edition. Given that they have a single frame to work from, the tendency is to maximize the impact in under a minute or so. If it was a live spectator-filled preliminary, I’m pretty sure their moves will be more calculated.

      • Tito Norman,
        I just can’t get over Patrixia’s lip pouting with eyes half closed . It was so pornographic I can’t get over it .
        A beautiful smile would have been sufficient … like the way Emma Sam B or Karen does it

      • Gallman of course
        I don’t know Laurie fully we’ll to make a decision abt her

    • Yan yung isa sa dis advantage ng virtual Fabian. may tendency na mag over ang likot at over landi in that concept. unlike traditionally on stage hinde ganyang ganyan since traditionally maglalakad ka aawra ka. ung walking at awra jinujudge. but sa virtual yung kung paano ka makipaglaro near cam in that mini space. the concept is yes parang pang ano nga…. you know….or pang commercial. sana hinde na ganon sa ME. lakad talaga at awra talaga kahit 5 to 6 meter lang ok na. since the performances is pre. recorded. dapat lahat ng participants parepareho din ang focus ng camera while the girls are performing ss and eg. the background should be white nalang din with sky blue and pink lights. Bet ko na yung semifinalist nalang gagawa ng recorded Final performances. para hinde naka standby lahat ng girls sa finals since iba iba ang time zone. so suggest ko. 3 days before the finals i announce ng ME host (Paolo) live on FB ang list ng semifinalist with their prelim performances. wag na mag sama ng recorded reaction ng girls. pero sa Finals ipapakita lahat ang recorded introduction ng bawat bansa. and then show the recorded performances of semifinalist. then annoucement of top 8. then # question raffled on screen and top 4 then Final Q&A and then announcing of winners.

      • He’s, watch Patrixia’s swimsuit performance
        I don’t think it’s acceptable

  3. Bella is my MUP 2020
    She’s the only one who can place in the top 3 of MU 2020
    I do not like the hair though
    I still prefer a clean conservative look

    • Di hamak na mas maganda at angat si Christine Nicole Silvernale kay Bella

    • True. Hindi ka matetense pag mag-opening statement na. All the way to final question.
      Kung height naman, comparable to Demi and Olivia. Bella is class personified. Tapos na ang time ng mga modelesque sa MU. Powerful weapon ang communication skills! Bella has that.

  4. Which reminds me….

    Unlike the “Sakura Warrior” commission involving Co and Saldana for BBP, MUP apparently was unable to shoot their Swim album before the 15 March SARS-Cov2 lock down happened. 😦

    Lesson learned – TAPUSIN LAHAT NG SHOOT – SWIM, FORMAL/ELEGANCE, CASUAL, etc. – BAGO MAG-SPONSOR ACTIVITIES. ‘Yan tuloy, kanya-kanya’ng pagsisikap ang nangyari.

    No problem for The Camp’s wards. Even Christelle’s video in Boracay would be OK. Sweet… 🙂

    Since ballerina si Bella, no question she’s HAWT. In addition to Malinao and herself, I will include in the “MUP2020 Body Five” Pangindian (NIPIS! Pang-CTS 2021-2, po!), Smith, & one of the following as soon as I see their Swim apparitions – Akiyama, Maynigo, or Moreno. NOT Sorsogon! I do not like Galeria’s “piki” legs (her knobby knees rubbing against each other at the Runway Challenge).

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