8 comments on “The Whimsical Garden of Vickie Rushton

  1. Mr. Tinio, Gideon Hermosa’s “obra” transports the viewer to the flower markets of Australia (eucalyptus and ferns are telling).

    …or if you want (to go) local, drop by Dangwa at around 0300H for the “bagsakan”.

    It is as if the “viajera”, after consecutive nights of accompanying her farm’s produce to Manila, just collapsed unto the merchandise out of sheer exhaustion. 🙂

  2. Her age is really catching up on her face (in photos). I cant exactly pinpoint it, pero may something talaga na nag iba sa face nya. She’s not as photogenic as she used to be. She really already peaked last year. Sayang, sana talaga inilaban na sya last year.

  3. Lagi naman to nakakapasok sa top 15. at alam ko namang kaya nya sumagot. if make face was really her problem last year. Then her team should set a Q&A Practice session with people who will do make face ung d nya kilala. ung tipong mahirap ma convince sa Q&A judging para mabago o ma improve ang dapat baguhin. but of course ung pag make face secretly dapat yon. unexpected. hinde din ipapaalam sa kanya na kasama ang make face sa Q&A session and sino sino mga andon. d maganda tong suggestion na to pero it may help somehow i think. kasi mukhang audience talaga ang weakness nya.

    • @ jed That’s a training method used by China in mentally-strengthening their athletes in sports requiring intense concentration, such as diving, gymnastics, and ice-skating (where timing can make all the difference between silver and gold medals). Needless to say, they consistently finish well in these disciplines. But, if social distancing will drastically cut back audience participation, if not do away with it altogether, then Ms. Vickie might just get her chance! 🙂

      • @Flor Yes. oo nga pala possible na no audiences sa bbp if ma push this year. so i assume magkakatitle na talaga to.

  4. Sure to sa Top 15. Galingan na lang talaga sa Q&A. Presence of mind, be more articulate and be confident sa pg sagot. No need for flowery words, less is more as long as nasagot ang tanong.

    Kung beauty of face lang talaga ang labanan, winner na to. Kaso beauty and brains and personality. Galingan mo Vickie, use your charm but be intelligient. Have a strong personality, but dont lose sweetness.

    Nka move on na akosa hindi mo pgkakakiha ng title last year, sana si ako ma-broken hearted ulit this year. #charot

    Magkasing ganda sila ni Kris Tiffany Janson. Parehas enchanting beauty

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