7 comments on “Pageantry Norms: The Kings of Philippine Pageantry

  1. Agree with @serge, malanji si norman… but of course, all in the spirit of good fun.. if there’s something that can be said about this interview with the pageant kings.. they’ve a good, intelligent head… all very articulate, too..

  2. Madaming problema sa mundo Moms Norman, vaccine ang kailangan hehehe

    • @ SHE Games … and these five baby boys will be the first to get it. 🙂

      • Momshie Norman will get injection from these five baby boys if you will sabi nga nya debah some sorts of bakuna

  3. Honestly, I enjoyed watching it. I enjoyed hearing their experiences in joining male pageants and their perspectives of male pageantry.

  4. Bakit kaya Hindi makapasok ang post Kong ito. I tried several times last night but it failed. Anyway, ang haba ng hair ni Norman. Ang landi. He he he. Seriously, it is about time that the status of male pageants should be elevated to level similar to female pageants. These pageant kings should be given the same chance as their female counterparts to be heard, seen, and known. They are as equally as opinionated as their female counterparts and they should be given the optimum opportunity to use their platforms to promote and carry out their advocacies.

    • Serge, I couldn’t help the landi factor. I don’t get to talk to these guys lengthily kasi. 😊

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