3 comments on “Pageantry Norms: Episode #4

  1. I would have probably replaced the one from UP with his Fil-Austrian competitor. I want to know more about the guy – SLAYED the zipline at the Extreme Challenge Fast Track, has visited relatives in Laguna several times (provincial pageant honcho Suzie knows him!), and advocates for diversity-inclusiveness. Clue : He got the Europe Continental sash to UP grad’s Asia-Pacific.

    ‘Yang si Andrew Penaflorida Wolff, kulit! Nu’ng nag-host siya ng Mister Philippines 2017 (?, that one with Joshua Banatin, Denver Hernandez, Ibahn Ryle Francico, James Alfred Ventura, & Woody-something), may nag-comment sa live stream na sigaw daw siya ng sigaw. Bigla siya’ng nag-reply in STRAIGHT Tagalog, “Ganu’n ba? Hindi kasi namin marinig sarili namin”. 🙂

    Mr. Tinio, kindly inform Ocat that if my vibes don’t fail, Man of the World crown will stay in Asia-Pacific this next edition. Strong reps from Europe will, again, be relegated to Runner-up (that being said, the current titlist is Bulgarian). And only once travel international restrictions are scaled back significantly will Latin America again prove to everybody why they have the best pageant men.

    • Flor, I would love to guest Alberto Nodale. But the time zone differences can be a real bummer for them.

      • @ Norman Thanks again for your Pageantry Norms, Mr. Tinio. It’s a GREAT way to cap Sunday afternoons! 🙂

        I only managed to clock in in excess of the first 30 minutes or so. My WIFI buckled not long after; lost bandwidth as madami na nag-log-in sa FB. Ayaw na mag-play ng video sa’kin. 😦

        At least I got to see JP Ocat, Andrew Wolff, and George de Lumen. The latter two are (also) good examples of “when-it’s-meant-for-you-it-will-fall-into-place”, particularly Wolff. It was amusing that then-MrWP-franchise-holder Mdme. Cory Quirino practically “held him up” with a plane ticket to the UK, so that he could not refuse! But, of course, his being a dual British-Filipino passport holder certainly made transit/travel easier… But he is mistaken, imho, if he says “Adonis” is necessarily ripped. George, to me, IS THE Pinoy Adonis! Tall, with chiselled facial profile, long-but-not-bulky limbs, lean-but-not-intimidating-torso, and luminous skin, it is not hard to understand why he won his international competition. And he came on the heels of progressively-better finishes of Philippines in that tilt – Top 10 in 2015, 2nd Runner-up in 2016, and 1st Runner-up in 2017. He deserves more opportunities in show business and allied fields and I hope he gets them eventually.

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