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  1. @SQ,
    I didn’t say he had the right to abuse her , I said he had never abused her .
    I didn’t say it was a sin to have MH issues . I said it was easy for you to claim he was mentally unstable .
    If at all , Clint has the presence of mind not to do it during MU 2018 … or this would have affected her chances at the crown
    Did I say she connived with Clint re – this Paavo g ?
    No , I said Clint’s posts have helped regain public consciousness of her existence
    It’s the topless issue that I thought was possibly orchestrated by Sam for her show biz future sake
    Pls read again or get someone to analyze it for you

    • @Fabian

      I understand that the traditional way of understanding abuse is that it’s physical. These days, however, the definition of abusive behavior is understood to not just be an act of physical violence. It can also take the form of mental or emotional violence. Abusive behavior at its core is an attempt to exert power over another person, with the aim of controlling them with coercive methods. I understand that it’s quite a step to brand Clint’s behavior as abusive. And he may not have been abusive to her in the past. But in this context, Clint is attempting to exert power over Catriona by threatening to expose her to public humiliation. And for what?

      Well, the timing of his reaction is quite telling, given that Catriona has recently gone public about her new relationship. Don’t forget, there has also been footage on twitter of Clint making out with other women when Catriona was still based in New York. It’s evident that their relationship ended a long time ago. Why is he only now reacting like a spurned boyfriend, making threats & throwing damaging insults at both his ex & her new boyfriend?

      Anyway, I’m sure Catriona can stand up for herself. However, that still doesn’t excuse Clint’s toxic male behavior. And as for the argument that at least he didn’t “expose” her during the pageant or during her reign, that also doesn’t give him a pass for the way he’s smearing her right now.

      It’s rather interesting that you keep giving Clint the benefit of the doubt, while attributing all sorts of hidden & sinister motives to Catriona. This gives us an indication of where your sympathies lie.

      For the record, I never said Clint was mentally unstable. Those were your words. That is not a term one should throw around carelessly. It’s loaded with judgment & negative connotations, & stigmatizes those with mental health issues. I said he needed mental healthcare. I further added that that is something we can all use from time to time. See the difference there?

      *mic drop*

  2. May cyber bullying law naman, diba? So, she’s still protected! Kasama dun porn revenge!

    Anyway, identified na yung girl sa video ni Clint, hindi pala tranny, tunay na girl pala ang bilat!

    Anne Scott daw ang name, isang dancer! Mukha siyang bakla!

  3. She’s too tall to be an actress
    She can be a singer or a host or a politician

    • Fab-B, she’s of the same height as Gal Gadot!

      Puede naman siya mag-artista pero more aligned to action thriller or suspense!

      Yung mga role na police officer or spy or assassin! My type of film!

      • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Gora! ‘Yan din ang tipo’ng films ng landlord ko. Magkakasundo kayo. Do you enjoy strong beer (like Red Horse) and peanuts while watching such stuff?


        Catriona Gray as Aeon Flux Pinoy remake! And…. just when will Pia be a Bond girl, anyway?

      • Madam Flora,

        Bet ko yang Aeon Flux and Bond Girl! But no-no to alcohol! Virgin pa ko eh! Charot!

        Idagdag mo pa mga character ni Oren Ishii or Beatrix Kiddo or Elektra

        Last night lang pinanood ko pelicula ni Diane Kruger na “The Operative”, bagay din ka Cat mga ganung role!

      • Claire, I was talking abt local show biz
        However , I think she has a chance to make it in Hollywood because there’s no language barrier ( vs Janine T) . She has to really work hard though as Hollywood will not give it to her on a silver platter .
        Gadot is different because she is From Israel . That’s an immediate connection with the Hollywood biggies

      • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Gal Gadot and Catriona are (both) 5’9″-10″?

        Lynda Carter was 5’11”, with TINY (I reckon it cannot be more than 25″) waist.

        In contrast, I am less than 5’5″, waistline balloons to 31″ when gassy, and probably will not look appealing through an invisible jet. Besides, I’m just too old. 🙂

  4. Cat is getting great advice from Sam.
    One publicity after another to drum up her quest for a place in showbiz.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Are you implying this, too, is…. OMGawsh, such malicious publicity.


      I’m not going to say it kasi as we can all see, seryoso si Attorney Alonso.

      Speaking of “false” news, only gold is “fake”. But Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel knew well the wisdom of using both. The House’s tacky-ish gold-colored bags & shoes have seen history as the stuff of counterfeiters.

      In her own words, “it is not the (number of) carats that count, but the illusion (that matters)”.

      • Just curious, too, Mr. Tinio.

        Would Atty. Joji be from the Alonso’s of CDO City, hence…

        … (distant) relative of Pia?

      • Yup , this is all BS .
        How is this even an issue?
        She was almost doing it while competing in the pageants .. the swimsuit competitions, the Thai silk dress , her every other wardrobe .
        Besides , anyone can photoshop nowadays .

      • She may be comfortable on a stage in a swimsuit, but may not be comfortable with exposing breasts. It’s her body, her life. I don’t get why so many are eager to impute motives that are malicious or performative to EVERY single choice Catriona makes with her life.

        Also, while I hope her ex will get the mental healthcare he obviously needs, what he did / is doing to her is abusive & coercive. It is an attempt to exert power & control over Catriona, instead of respecting her as an woman who is empowered to make choices, even if that choice was to love someone else.

        I understand he may be in pain, but that doesn’t excuse his toxic & abusive behavior. The fact that so many are excusing his behavior is probably due to the fact that he’s tall & gwapo & mestizo. We will often overlook ugly behavior from the good looking that we would never tolerate from the homely.

      • So it’s ok for you to claim Clint is mentally unstable but it’s not (ok) for us to think it’s all a publicity stunt on Cat’s side ??
        I think that’s double standard
        And what’s abusive behavior ??? Did he beat her to a pulp ..or even touch her in a threatening way ?
        Clint is hot , no question. Abt that . But that’s not the reason some people are defending him.
        If Cat has the right to choose what she does , why does it not apply to Clint ? He has every right say anything .. even if it means to dish out his life with Catcib public

      • So basically you’re saying that Clint has a right to be abusive–and you’re defending that? Really?

        He certainly has a right to talk about his life and previous relationship with her, if he so chooses. But not in a way that is meant to degrade & humiliate & terrorize her–which is what he’s doing. I mean, he did post “Don’t let me be the reason for your Anxiety Attacks,” didn’t he? Isn’t that a threat?

        He may not have touched her physically, but what he did / is doing is a form of mental & emotional assault. He is attempting to coerce & control his ex by humiliating her–instead of respecting her choice & right to break up with him & be with someone else.

        As for Clint’s mental health, no-one in my generation would think that saying that someone needs mental healthcare is derogatory. We accept that mental health issues are part of everyone’s life. We all have moments when we feel mentally & emotionally vulnerable, depressed, weak, helpless, not-in-control, etc. It’s okay to talk about it & try to get help for it. That includes Clint.

        Anyway, your theory doesn’t make sense. Are you saying that Cartoon has plotted her own humiliation in the hands of Clint for publicity? That she is coordinating with him, directing him to act like a creep to take her down? Seriously?

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