20 comments on “We’re in this together by Catriona Gray and Sam Milby

  1. The description during Fox Interview was ‘ longtime boyfriend ‘ . She couldn’t be referring to Sam !
    So who was using who(m)?
    While MU 2015 has been spending her ECQ time thanking all the people who helped her through her journey , MU 2018 is busy clobbering those who were key to her success.

  2. Ano vey di Naman kasal si cat at Clint para maginarte mga Tao. People outgrew fr each other. They love learn kaya di ko talaga Alam bakit kinakampihan so saltik

  3. We should be thankful Clint’s revelation happened after her reign . Who knows, it could have negatively affected her chances in 1998.
    So thanks to Clint
    And Cat should thank Clint for this .. and for making the public aware Of her existence post -MU

    • @ Fabian Reyes 1998? ‘Di ba, 2018? You’re off by an entire decade, po. 🙂

      • @ Fabian Reyes Speaking of “relevance”, it did come just as the “Stripped” duet between Milby & herself came up here…

        Remember when I said Italian pop music is a gold mine?

        Go look for the English translation to the lyrics of Alessandro Mahmoud’s (Mahmood) “Rapide”. It reads like Clint’s eulogy to that whole thingy-affair with her, now just water under the bridge.

  4. I watched Cat’s guesting on Fox 24 during her media tour in Jan of 2019. I thought I had seen Clint’s pic . Obviously , she showed the pic of her boyfriend to the 2 hosts as they said he’s cute . I wonder whose pic Cat showed them . Was it Clint’s or Sam’s ?

    • Nyek! Cat don’t need to show photo of her bf then. Fox researchers can check the Internet.

      • Americans are not like that .
        At Least they won’t admit to snooping on someone’s private affairs .. especially publicly .
        Cat must have shown a pic

      • Fabian. They are not just Americans. Fox is a news channel. Part of their job is to research before they report.

  5. And so there is a video now circulating wherein Clint is kissing a Pinoy talking transgender. I dunno whose camp is responsible in releasing this. I am so sad that Clint is dragged into this.

    That’s all.

  6. I still don’t see the attraction b/ w the two. I think they are still too shy to show it .
    But they are individually gorgeous .
    Sam looks a lot better now that he is older. And I think he is a positive influence to Cat in terms of popularity . This video has had 140k views in 6h . I doubt Cat would be have been able to pull it off by herself
    The title of the song and a small part of the lyrics are a little icky ‘ but the melody is quite modern I’m pleased with the song and the video

  7. I love SAM & CAT together mas bagay sila…

    Clint is stupid… LOL….

    I can’t stand seeing more of his shenanigans on social-media…. And when he caught everyone’s attention, he would post a cryptic message to Oust Duterte?! REALLY CLINT?!!!… Your intelect is obviously not at par with your looks… Dumbass! 🙄

    • Duterte has less than 2y left in his term
      After that, he will be relegated to an insignificant existence for life . I hope he does not cause more damage than he already has

      • @ Fabian Reyes I think tomorrow, PRRD will give his SONA for the year-or-so.

        How is President Trump’s re-election prospects?

      • Trump ? Not good
        But you never know . Politics is so fluid
        I hope he wins again . I

  8. They are making beautiful music together and I have goosebumps. These 2 are so in love with each other. I love the song. The melody and lyrics are awesome. Music is one of Cat’s powerful platforms to convey powerful message and it is so effective.

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