4 comments on “Tips & Tea from Pageant Media with Nicole Cordoves (Part 1)

  1. Although not explicitly expressed, all panelists are of the opinion that the issue of advocacy boils down to the core values the aspirant possesses. Thus, when asking a candidate for her advocacy, it is the core values that should come to the fore. I agree that from the contestant’s answer, it is easy to detect if the advocacy is integral to one’s persona or “for contest purposes only”.

  2. I enjoyed watching it because it was something new. It was the beauty queen(used to be asked) asking questions to the media persons(used to ask). Everybody gave sensible opinions and ideas making the conversation truly awesome. Can’t wait for part 2.

  3. Voltaire Tayag and Francis Chee could be brothers. Hawig. 🙂

    I literally sought out tea in preparation for this. There being none, I settled for black coffee, with a TINY slice of blueberry cheesecake (leftover from a birthday last Monday).

    OK ‘yan, Mdme. Nicole! Apat lang – yourself and three (3) guests para MALAKI ang quadrants.

    TAMA si TL. Very important is a candidate’s receptiveness to the pageant organization’s thrusts.

    It’s just like a job interview. Your credentials and grades will only go so far. What WILL get you the job (crown/title) is being able to align your own ideals/competencies with that of the employer (because they can’t afford to take in someone who will end up as dead weight, if not liability).


    Jay said:

    Baby Nica said:
    “I’m not expecting such kind of write up in this blog. Lakas maka- gatong and sobrang tsismosa ng dating. Even inviting readers to join the gossip. Hays! ”

    Garga said:
    “I am dissapointed of you Norman to make patol on this issue. You’re OLD, please do something for your country.”

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