13 comments on “Rabiya Mateo and Jo-Ann Flores: Phenomenal Women from Iloilo City and Laguna

  1. Ba-duy si Iloilo .
    Maybe my impression get better in the next few months.

    But I think she will make the first cut .. at least
    Malakas ang loob . And she’ll prob do well on interview and Q&A

  2. My God!

    Nakita niyo ba video ni Clint in bed with another girl/tranny na as if katatapos lang nila magchuckchack!


    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Ganda, ba’t mo ditey sinabi? Du’n sa Cryptic Messages post, dapat.

      Kahiya naman kina Jo-Ann at Rabiya. 🙂

      “My God!”, na. “Gosh!”, pa. Must be REALLY H-E-A-V-Y, huh?

  3. Beautiful transformation! Next is being able to project their core values– their inner beauty– to show the phenomenal women in them that inspires and guides. I hope all MUP aspirants continue on with their scheduled Learning Journeys, online or in-person.

    • @ scorg Yeah, it’s easy to forget they still have two (2) FULL months – August & September. Many of us are already quite eager to know what’s brewing in their heads, especially after the MSA 2020 Top 15 were announced.

      In the meantime, the latest local news on SARS-Cov2 suggests Philippines will STILL be UNABLE to flatten it’s curve by next month…. 😦

      I really hope that chat Nicole Cordovez put together with Mr. Tinio, Voltaire Tayag, & Lavinia will resume soon enough, so WE THE FANS could be transformed ourselves, to better understand how this selection process for winners will go about or be conducted. I’m all ears! 🙂

  4. This “pasavogue” has come just in time!

    Rabiya was an early dark horse favorite. But in the time between the Runway Challenge and now, the followers of Kia, Sigrid, & Billie were able to convince pageant Admins to put out material, so somewhat overshadowing Iloilo City. What of Iloilo Province, Kim Crizaldo?

    I still want Rabiya to land in the Top 5. Mr. Tinio, did Tsina Jade Chiu make MPE 2020 Top 10, po?

    • I see that she hasn’t learned the Chinese maiden/birds of Paradise fingers yet…. And keeping the hand higher than the elbows prevents the veins to pop-out… It’s a learning process. 😁

    • In Jo-ann’s case.. her hands need to be higher than her shoulders…

      Rabiya seems to be on her way to becoming a seasoned beauty model….

  5. Rabiya Mateo is gorgeous! Lots of potential.

    But, I’m sorry, they should beat whoever styled Jo-Ann Dela Torre Flores in this shoot. They made her look like a drag queen — and matronly at that. The caked on make-up, the stringy hair, the manly hands! I’m sure she looks better than this!

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