8 comments on “October 25, 2020: Mark the Date

  1. FLOR anong nangyari kay Clint Bondad this madaling araw? Alam ko marami kang intelligence (agents) and reports dyan sa Metro Manila. Paki-share naman sa aming mga taga-probinsya. He, he, he… Salamat at magandang umaga.

    • @ paul Looks like Clint is enduring “d”.

      Family, relations, elders, close friends, or work colleagues hopefully have come to his aid.

      I’m losing my WIFI, now, again. Hope for the best. Keep lose talk to a minimum; it won’t help.

      • … so if I understood correctly, at least he is back home (in Germany) with Mom.

        Best place one could be at a difficult time. There is nothing more/left; he gave it all he had.

        Now all in the past. No more drama. Leave all that now behind.

  2. If football can be be held in Europe sans live audience, why can’t a beauty pageant be staged live a venue with limited or zero audience but still compliant with statutory social distancing requirements? In a country of pageantry firsts, this is not a remote possibility. I am positive that MUP is capable of pulling another surprise for the pageantry industry which other organizations can hopefully benchmark on.

  3. Postpone na ang pageant, just appoint a girl. O kaya just reduce the girl into 12 or 15, just like what South Africa did. Tutal, puro fillers naman ang mga candidates, para di na gumastos.

  4. I think kaya naman nila mag pageant traditionally with that date. suggest ko lang. 2 Months or 1 month before the pageant i quarantine na nila ang girls sa official hotel. ok lang 2 ladies in 1 room. test them during arrival and test them again during prelim. and test them before the Finals and test them again after the finals para mas ma sure ang kaligtasan nila and other staff. pati ang mga tao sa likod ng patimpalak na ito, ang mga tao sa stage production. cameraman etc etc. medyo magastos nga lang pero do u think carry ng budget nila? Para naman may get together din ang mga girls only in their hotel with social distancing of course. sila sila lang din papasok sa rooms nila. no trainer or muk up artist in their hotel. since they said during the competition. made up na dapat sila. so sila na mag muk up sa self nila in their hotel room kapag prelim at finals na. so the girls will prepare everything they need month before sila i quarantine sa hotel. Finish the pasarela and make up training before going to hotel.

    • @ jed Na-mention na ‘to…something similar, du’n sa “Way Forward” manifesto ng MUP.

      Pati staff at crew, isolated with the candidates sa venue. Parang “Survivor”, 30 days on the island.

      Mr. Tinio, PLEASE RESERVE 23 Oct (Fri) for The Camp’s “miting de avance” Pageantry Norms exclusive. A-laiza, B-ella, C-hristelle…. ABC. And, can you finally have Mars Franz Bayer, too? 🙂

  5. Of course. Di afford ang online. Laki ng gastos nila masulot ka lamang. Need to recoup the investment. 😊😊😊

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