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  1. OFF TOPIC: (copy and paste lang to pero alam ko kung sino yung nasa item)

    Fans are alerted when a relationship is happening when a celebrity starts to post photos with another. Immediately, a brave fan would ask the question if the celebrity is in a relationship. Depending on the state of the said celebrity, the fan can receive a clear response. Often, relationships are publicly declared via social media.

    By contrast, fans are thrown in a frenzy when couple photos are deleted and traces of the former lover are gone. The sudden disappearance means the relationship is over. Meanwhile, Male Lover (ML) and Former Lover (FL) have not done such thing. Their photos showing happy memories during their relationship can still be found in their respective social media accounts. Thus, ML and FL obviously did not follow the predictable reaction that would come after a breakup. Later, they simply announced their relationship was over.

    One time, a friend asked ML why he has not deleted any photos of FL. Although a long time has indeed passed, fans would still search for the couple’s photos and hit an affirmative button. At times, people would send messages of encouragement to ML for him and FL to reconcile and be each other’s forever given that they seem to be the perfect match. ML responded with a puzzling statement. Allegedly, he believes that the Person Linked (PL) to FL is merely a front. In other words, ML is not convinced that the two are really together. He assumes that the connection aims to drum up careers and maintain the interest of followers. Further, ML feels something is not right in that partnership of PL and FL.

    Only when FL publicly admits her relationship with PL and uploads their photos together would ML respond accordingly. Consequently, he will delete all their remaining photos in his social media account and give up on the possibility that he and FL will find their way to each other’s arms.

    ‘Renew, release, let go. Yesterday’s gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring it back. You can’t “should’ve” done something. You can only DO something. Renew yourself. Release that attachment. Today is a new day!’ ― Steve Maraboli

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Sige, Ganda! Sa ‘yo si fafa Luke Conde.

      Akin si fafa Allen Dizon.


      @ CatrionaFan Comment, please, on @ ClaiRe’s sharing. Drama, no?

      Today is… no longer new. In an hour or so, dusk will bring it to an undeniable close. It is TOMORROW that will be new! In the meantime, get as much done before it gets too dark to see.

      • Madam Flora,

        The persons in that blind item are in the pageantry circles!

  2. Mr. Blogger, please tell Wener Wessels that I am POWERFUL beyond belief, COURAGEOUS to a fault, and definitely MORE THAN ENOUGH.

    An improv of Savannah’s


    ‘Ay, naku! Lebogang Mahlangu – purposeful, resourceful, brave – will be my Caroline Veronilla for MSA 2020. Very deserving of her own car! Mr. Tinio, will MG SA (also) be a sponsor? Her soft-but-not-weak-perfectly-toned-like-the-rush-of-sea-you-hear-when-you-place-a-shell-next-to-your-ear VOICE will resonate with the Japanese, who use nature to describe everything. Yokohama-bound!

    Not nice ang body ni Karishma, pala. Square-ish. Nope, this is not body-shaming. Just pointing out. Bawal dito sa blog ang masyado’ng maselan. Right, Admin? SOLVE IT, ASAP. Whatever it takes to get the requisite hourglass. Not unless…. that photo of ZT in kebaya was edited… 😦

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