10 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020 for Ayumi Japan Eyelash

  1. As a disclaimer, I will not be judging these girls on their winnability for the beauty competition. If I am to make a creative endorsement cover to showcase the product (Ayumi Eyelashes) using any of these photos to make a collage, I will select a few in the bunch to serve that purpose. These are the photos that flaunt rather than take attention away from the product being advertised. In this way, any prospective buyer can say “I can somehow look like that if I use them.”

    That having said, the girls with right-angle open-eyed poses do it best because they maximize exposure of the eyelashes. For that category, I will shortlist the photos of the first and third girls in the leftmost column (one that shows a fully made up beauty and one that’s barely made up, respectively).
    The fourth (olive-skinned) girl with her eyes closed in the second column from the right also effectively shows any prospective buyer exactly how the eyelashes are set in the eyelids in their entirety.
    For the “beauty shots,” my eyes are drawn directly to the fourth girl on the leftmost column and the last girl on the second column from the left – i.e., wide-eyed with full frontal open faces. The last girl on the leftmost column could be usable for beauty shot except that I need to digitally remove the brush off her face. The diagonal placement of the brush literally cuts her pretty face plus the fact that it’s not the brush that’s being endorsed.

    As far as photos for bridging are concerned (dispensable but may add to the overall creative impact of any poster), I can shortlist the ones with the second girl on the leftmost column, the first girl on the second column from the left, and the fourth girl in the rightmost column.

    For advertorials that show how the products are packaged, I have two choices which are the second and fifth girls on the second column from the left (one full faced, one half covered).

    • @Luke, welcome back! It’s always a delight to read your professional opinion from the advertising creatives perspective.

      • Thanks for the affirmation @Scorg. I’ve been quite busy these days. I like Norman’s posts that are anchored on specific purposes – whether touristic or commercial.

      • It’s a privilege to take part in the discussion here @Norman. I want to add value to the discourse in the space that you provide.

    • @ Fabian Reyes If by “Iloilo”, you are referring to Rabiya (City) and not Kim Crizaldo (province), then the lady below her is Maria Fee Tajaran, the biker-road-warrior from Aurora’s rugged vistas.


      I agree with you on Sorsogon. But me also likey Biliran (Skelly), Lemon (Taguig), Riana (Pasig), & CAVITE’S HAKKENSON, PO!

      Mr. Tinio, did DOT1101-Ayumi Eyelash Japan supply Kylie Versoza’s now-LEGENDARY eyelash malfunction at MI 2016? So much that no less than the intervention of the LOVELY Edymar Martinez was necessary to contain it, po? Therefore, by extension (pun intended) are they a Miss Paris Group “sibling” company?

      Do they also do fantasy eyelashes – such as feathers – like what comes out at Paris couture week?

    • Same here. Best shot is Galeria from Sorsogon (pede na ilagay sa ad ng AJE yung pic niya) and in second place is Smith Cebu. Parang same same nlng yung stand out sa MUP. Daming fillers.

  2. Marami naman magaganda sa kanila. Kailangan lang nila ng tamang team. If MUP will not invest too much on stage production which is ok lang and understood. Kailangan yung girls na ang mag effort na bigyan ng buhay ang stage. yun naman ang pinaka importante kahit puchu ang stage ang performance and styling para mabuhayan ng dugo mga viewers at home. i am expecting a performers talaga sa unang year ng MUP.
    Matuloy kaya ang bbp this year? when kya? how about mwp sino may mga kilala na nag pasa online?

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