12 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2020 Roxanne Allison Baeyens

  1. She actually looks GREAT with colored hair cuz she is a true blooded mestiza.

  2. One of the things I like about her are her normal-looking teeth. So natural… and not like those atrocious horse-like veneers that many aspirants sport. She looks so fresh and unprocessed.

    • @ bonsaihater Is that good or bad, po?

      Please refer to @ Lily’s comment.

      Speaking of Valentina, I wonder now if Baeyens can bake… I imagine a tranquil Baguio City morning at their Country Club, gazing out on the greenery while savoring the legendary raisin loaf with a heady brew of premium Philippines (coffee) beans. 🙂

      • @flor our me winner nose job is quite obvious. since she won maybe she needs to get it fixed so she will not have Valentina smile.

      • @ bonsaihater SINO INAYOS ANG ILONG?

        ‘Eto’ng si Roxie??!

        Ganern? 😦

      • @flor di mo pansin.lahat Ng friendship ko halata na na fix Ilong nya. Trim ang sides . Go lang basta may budget though kulang ang trim

  3. May I suggest TIGILAN NA ANG HAIR COLOR, po? Lakas maka-MV (Miss Vietnam).

    Speaking of Vietnam, Mr. JG, ano na po ang status ni Ashley Subijano Montenegro for Charm?

    Allow her to grow out her natural ebony locks, which will look STRIKING in combination with shimmering porcelain skin (look at MUM 2019, Sofia Aragon). Baeyens, I am referrring to.

    Baeyens was BEAUTIFUL sans make-up in the Beauty of Face preliminary! A nubile Kylie V.

    Mr. Tinio, discuss with Janelle et al the feasibility of a REGIONAL/CONTINENTAL ME Pre-Pageant fans’ choice selection. The “Best Five” from each Cluster – Asia-Pacific, Europe, Americas, & Africa – will move on to the virtual November Final for the “Top 20 of the Earth”. Start ASAP, po. TY.

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