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  1. Miss universe is a job. From the moment the candidates step foot at the host city, they are being judged. Not necessarily by attitude per se, but if the staff notices constant tardiness to call times, complaints from candidates, sponsors, etc…then it doesn’t make the organization want to work with that individual. The reason why dethronement is so uncommon is that they’ve already eliminated the “hard to work with” candidates. That’s just my take away from the recent interviews and just gathered experience with a state pageant for Miss USA.

  2. Disturbing at nakakahilo yung paulit-ulit na pag-flash ng IG accounts nila sa screen 😵

  3. I don’t like that Nigel looks/sounds very standoffish
    I wonder what he’s achieved in life to think he can behave that way
    Moks And Bessie seem more grounded

    • @ Fabian Reyes Schoolmate lang naman natin si Nigel.


      ‘Ala! Knew it! Gonzales, like Bessana, is La Sallian. La Sallians are KEWL. Just look at Gumabao.

  4. Bat palagi nilang pinagtatawanan ang Miss Earth. I can see sarcasm on those faces and reactions

    • Alam mo kung paano asarin silang lima dahil pinagtatawanan (at kinukutya) nila ang Miss Earth – tawagin mo silang t__y__r sa Pilipinas. Ginawa ito ng isang netizen sa YT channel ni Bessie at nanggagalaiti talaga sila. Ang pinakaunang mag-react dyan ay yung medical professional. Surprisingly, ang may (pinaka) mataas na EQ sa kanilang lima ay yung HR professional. Si Bessie pag gusto nyong asarin – uulit-ulitin mo lang isulat ang isang citrus fruit – kalamansi, kalamansi, kalamansi… He, he, he…

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Citrofortunella microcarpa.


        Yes! Folks at HR HAVE TO/MUST BE. I have had GREAT friends, both real and virtual, from that field. They are always in my thoughts…

  5. “Black accentuates the essential, and recalls the monastic rigor of the Aubazine orphanage. Because for Gabrielle Chanel, it defines a woman’s radiance. Thanks to Chanel, black evolved from the costumes of servants and those in mourning to become the color of elegance.

    Black adds depth to other colors, shines from make-up cases of luxurious lacquer. Lines eyelids and enhances (eye)lashes.

    I imposed black. It reigns still, because BLACK TRUMPS ALL”.

    – Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

    In this line-up, I like Moks Gonzales. Sartorially, speaking. But black is the worst color for the tropics! Not only is it heat-retentive, it is also attractive to mosquitoes.


      • @ serge The star around which my planet revolves is hidden behind a MASSIVE black hole the size of a coronavirus, the gravity so strong it would tear apart a diamond if thrown in… to non-existence.

        As such, Hubble’s telescope cannot detect it. NO LIGHT CAN ESCAPE A BLACK HOLE. And without light, it is impossible to see anything. It is the ultimate blindness!

        So, you see, @ paul and @ scorg, I am definitely not the White Woman you claim stalks Ylanan Road, the place in the UP Diliman Campus notorious many years ago for crime. But last I was there, it has been lit and I was told much safer for students and teachers who use it to gain access to Commonwealth Avenue. 🙂

    • Yung totoo po. Saang portion ng MU kasama ang attitude? Meron po ba yun sa criteria? Sa Swimsuit, Long Gown, Q&A po ba sya pasok?. Yung Moks, war freak. Tama daw ang judges na hindi pinasok si Venezuela dahil sa ugali. May GMRC po ba sa MU? baka yun ang nasa close door. Yung merong marshmallow test.

      • @ Bonbon Si Koya Moks, Atenean or La Sallian?

        Marshmallow test? ‘Yan ba ‘yung ipinagawa ni Mars Franz Bayer kina Lemon at Nicole Guerrero?

        Attitude? NEVER during the Question Preliminaries if you want to win! At any other time, OK. 🙂

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