6 comments on “Pageantry Norms: The Unsung Heroes of the Backstage

  1. Extremely boring , Tito Norman
    It was a painful 1,5 hrs of my time
    All general questions , nothing specific. Who are their clients ? Who are their favorites ? Which clients are nice and who are naughty ? Which girl begs them for free services ? How much do they make ?

    • @ Fabian Reyes Confidential ‘yan. 🙂

      At, for you to say who your fave clients are might be unprofessional. Parang ‘yung isa’ng pageant vlogger na gamely admitted kung sino ‘yung mga gusto niya nu’ng tanungin siya du’n sa local pageant to which she/he was invited to serve on the Judging Panel. Nope, not Mr. Tinio.

      Ako, I bailed out after one hour. Chores. It was getting dark here in Manila (1700H). Sorry, po, ulit.

  2. My Heart really goes out to people who are affected financially by this pandemic. This trying time reminds US That everything is Ephemeral. Yesterday is either cherished or forgotten. Tomorrow should not be worried for it Has to worry itself. It is here and now that truly matters. Everyone at the present should compromise, adapt if able, be resilient, and be contented. Cliche it may seem, it is contentment, not happiness, that money cannot buy.

  3. Selamat pagih, Mr. Tinio. 🙂

    As the topic is about how they coped with SARS-Cov2, probably ay hindi natanong kay Ms. Nix in particular, so I’ll ask it here and now, hoping you could relay it to her in due course…. Tyia.

    APPARENTLY (as proven by comments here in the blog and the Beauty of Face Preliminary at MPE/ME), the “natural/bare/minimal-or-make-up-free” look is here to stay.

    Isn’t that incongruous with being a make-up artist? After all, you are hired to apply “kolorete”, to LIVEN UP the face. What comes to (my) mind was what (Francois) Nars did for Shiseido – GAUDY. Like characters at a centuries-old Asian theater tradition or stage play.

    My question – Ms. Nix, which part of a woman’s face should always be bare and which part should always be colorful (meaning, with pigment that is not her skin tone)? At bakit, po?

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