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  1. Flor saan nagmula ang galit (and bitterness) mo kay Catriona? Saang balong malalim? He, he, he.. Ito ba dahil pinagsawaan niya si Clint Bondad at iniwan na ito? Ito ba ay dahil napunta na siya kay Sam Milby? O ang mga kwento at tsimis sa mga taong HINDI niya nakasundo along her journey to the universe like Jonas Gaffud, Jojo Bragais, etc.? BAKIT FLOR!, BAKIT?

    • @ paul Speaking of Sam Milby….

      I am a Kapuso, for the most part. Much of my formative TV years were “sa siyete”. It was there that the defining shows of my inclinations were shown. I digress again.

      Last time I was “at dos”, it was “Diyosa”. Ann Curtis juggled Zanjoe Marudo, Luis Manzano, & …. Milby. Was never a fan of “Big Brother”. Preferred “Survivor”.

      “Eva Fonda” was another LOVE. Cristine Reyes competed against SULTRY Princess Ryan for the affections of now-looming-husband-of-Rushton, (Jason) Abalos. I LOVED the “sabunutan”! 🙂

      No, I do NOT like the Bondad brothers at all. I much prefer Pinoy beauty, like Allen Dizon.

      • Ha, ha, ha… Pero bakit hindi pa rin lumalabas ang aking post on psychographics and endorsements?

      • @Paul, I noticed that if my comment is long, it does not post. So I divide it into short paragraphs, with the succeeding paragraphs a reply to the initial one. So as not to lose your train of thought, it is better to write it first in a Word file. The copy-paste your paragraphs to log in your comments.

  2. Marubdob ang tunggalian pag Catriona VS Pia na ang usapan. Marami ang magpopost. Pero bakit hindi pa rin lumalabas ang aking comment? Ilang beses ko nang pinost pero HINDI lumalabas. HINDI naman ako nagmura. WALA naman akong inaway. BAKIT PARANG PINIPILI? Nagpapaliwanag lang naman ako tungkol sa aking BEST FILIPINA MISS UNIVERSE.

  3. @ CatrionaFan @ Fabian Reyes No amount of bitterness on my part will derail Catriona.

    But it is not illegal to be pragmatic. I’m sure Catriona knows that. Making compromises is as common as an airborne virus. And we all will catch it sooner or later. We do not live in aseptic conditions. 🙂

    Only a handful enjoy the honor of being labeled “Best Miss Universe Ever”. But Catriona was not the first. She won’t be the last. Our democracy guarantees our loyalties. It also safeguards one’s choices, and right to LOOK AHEAD. I’m not fixated on her because she alone simply cannot sustain our pageantry into the very long-term. Let’s be honest about that.

    I first chanced upon this blog late-2015. The first time I heard of Catriona, it was here, when she sang in a fund-raiser she put together; this was prior to her joining MWP 2016. I do not know if the Archives still go back that far… Ask wordpress.

    I do not believe in obliging our idols to remain on their pedestals indefinitely. Not realistic at all. I’m not defending Ms.Gray. I’m just saying that if it turned out less-than-perfect, I won’t lose sleep on it. Like I said before, I make it personal policy to go offline at night. And I sleep soundly. I don’t watch TV. I can live without it.

  4. Nag-usap ang dalawang bitter. Hahahahahahahahaha. Mamatay kayong dalawa sa inggit.

  5. Both Cat and Nicole are loquacious. Bb Pilipinas candidates Will learn a lot from these 2 beauty queens.

    • @ serge … and one thing they can learn is that it is possible to be eloquent without being loquacious. But that’s entirely their style, their choice. Cat & Nicole are. But, generally, Filipinos prefer mouthy. If you are “low-key”, you are perceived as “suplada (aloof)” or “mailap” (elusive). We are a nation that abhors/avoids silence/depth/introspection; it creeps us out.

  6. @Flor, on your observation that Cat seems to have less endorsements as Pia: I think it is because the former’s personal brand is not as succinctly expressed as the latter’s. Pia’s brand image distincly appeals to adults, hence many endorsements of products catering to that market. From the video clips during her reign, Cat comes off as bubbly and giggly that I thought her endorsement of an ice cream product for children was a perfect defining character of her wholesome brand personality. But succeeding endorsement for a telecom firm portrayed a different brand image—that of a serious independent-minded self-motivated ambition-driven Gen X/ Z’er. Yes she has millions of followers but the psychographics may be inconsequential to the target market of a product searching for an endorser. Cat’s personality strikes me as an A and B prototype; her followers are mostly the aspirational B, C and D.

    • Recent brouhahas like the Gay Pride march can potentially bring a new facet to her brand that still evolves. Cat’s handlers may yet be in a big brand fine-tuning task ahead.

  7. Felizarta looks great too
    I think she’s prettier without the pageant make up

  8. Lots of pretty girls –
    Meiji Sam B and Carina are just amazing

    • Based on her performance at Miss La Union , Carino’s issue is comm skills . But since MI is prepared speech , I believe she can do very well there

      We need to get women like CC whose beauty does not require a full page editoriall . Let’s do away with Pacific Islander beauties like Shamcey or MJ. Dapat pleasant not ‘Zeny Zavala ’beauty .

    • @ Fabian Reyes Speaking of amazing girls, (Carina) Carino (25) joins the ranks of the “jowables” – they who can IMMEDIATELY snag boyfriends on face value alone, if they have none yet. This ELITE cluster is comprised of Badando (3), Tampon (7), Marcelo (12), Felizarta (17), Carino (as mentioned), Dimaculangan (27), Ticaro (38), and Parrenas (dusky BEAUTY # 40 for blonde-bored WASP-y guys on vacay in Las Islas Filipinas). If BBP 2020-21 will again have an all-male (straight) Judging Panel, I will offer at least three (3) from this group that will easily make the first penetration (pun intended). 🙂

      Arnold (21) HAS A VERY HIGH FOREHEAD (groan!). SAME ISSUE AS SKELLY (other side of the backyard)…. Stylists, address this critical matter ASAP, please! That’s on top of her full hips/pear-shaped physique (Hannah). Will hair implants (to bring the hairline lower) work? If so, do it! Look around for a financier because we all know Hannah’s family is not very wealthy….

      Montaigne (11) looks as if Siargao has done wonders for her. Did she have coffee at Rachel’s little shop? And Mr. Tinio, po, any update on the tentative date for the Villafuerte-Peters nuptials, po?

      HOT MESS, (Hazel Joy) Ortiz (14)! Looks like Gwen Ruais, post MW stint. 😦

      I wonder what other countries think, that Catriona is not working for MUP…. but for the rival org…

    • Yes carina is amazing. nung miss millenials sa EB ko sya nakitaan ng potential. i hope sumali din yung winner nila that time maliit pero may ibubuga. Dame din pwede i train sa mga miss millenials. pati ung winner ng 2nd edition ng miss millenials.

  9. One thing you can’t dismiss is Cat’s excellent comm skills . And this is taking her Australian upbringing into consideration.
    I just don’t understand why she looks and sounds odd in the presence of other celebrities with the exception of Kuya Boy.

    • @ Fabian Reyes She looks and sounds odd when it’s not Boy Abunda? Then, this is complement to his hosting/interview prowess. He is always able to set her at ease. 🙂

      The ONLY time I saw her visibly uneasy (if “uneasy” passes for “odd” in show business) was when she had an audience with Pres. RRD not long after returning from victory in Bangkok 2018.

      But now that you mentioned it, why do I get the feeling she isn’t landing as many jobs as Pia? Or, have her inner circle advised her to play semi-incognito when it comes to work? The way JG is managing Pia’s visibility and public-social involvement borders on overtness…. while Cat seems very protected/sheltered, her pronouncements always stately-if-subversive, like a real-life monarch!

      • Cat’s personality is compartmentalized and it has an expiry date.
        She thrives in pageantry but in other settings, she seems to struggle interacting with co-workers. I don’t know if she’s just shy or simply not used to sharing limelight with others. Go watch her guestings on ASAP and Showtime to find out for yourself.

      • @ Fabian Reyes Oh, I get it. You have a point. It does go either way, doesn’t it?

        Ganu’n talaga. What can we do?… We are all human.

        I have a sense of what she’s going through… She needs to be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR on three (3) things, regardless of how the days unfold. First, stick to her self-set/chosen Game Plan, whatever it is. I agree her brushing up her Filipino/Tagalog will help. Second, she must have a mentor/advisor to help her make sense of things. And third if she hasn’t, she must begin financial investments, whatever is possible in her situation now. Money can be an effective tool for self-determination! 🙂

      • Flor,
        She has great beauty and excellent comm skills so she will be fine
        She just needs to have have some humility And know that the world does not revolve around her all the time . She has to stop burning bridges along the way and be less politically abrasive .. as she will need connections to get far in the industry.

      • @ Fabian Reyes I honestly do not think she, as alleged, burned bridges deliberately. If you are saying na ginamit niya lang sila Jojo, Jearson, Mak, etc… That she’s ruthless/manipulative? No.

        Recall ‘yung comment – and I don’t remember kung sino – na in-offer siya ng IMG to “stay with them” (after her MU reign ends)? But, of course, awkward…. considering JG-MUP-LCS-FrontRow. So, she declined. And now, maybe she’s being hounded for “defying the will of the Mafia”.

        Palagay ko lang ‘to’ng si Cat, may nag-offer na “mag-alaga” sa kanya (not a sexual or amorous proposal). BUT, in exchange, she should disown JB et al. And I would not be surprised if Caloy… I am fairly sure BPCI is aware….


        Monday morning intriga! Juices, baka ako ma-kasuhan ng libel. Mr. Tinio, MAHAL KA NAMIN, po.

    • So Caloy and Cat, where are they now ? Who offered what ? And re-Cat not accepting online interviews , what do you think of that ?

      • @ Fabian Reyes … kasi nga, iniingatan nila si Cat. An online interview can quickly get messy.

        Everything she does or not do, someone is probably advising her. So, she has complied with my #2.


      • What’s eating you ,Flor Tula ?
        U used to be her most unstoppable critic , now you’re her staunchEst Advocate and defender .

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