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  1. Ewan pero parang kung ako ang nasa sitwasyon ng mga kasali this year parang madedepress ako haha. Kasi the best thing about miss earth or any pageant is the opportunity to be with other delegates, visiting places, being on stage. Kung totally virtual parang back out nalang ako haha. Lalo sa part ni miss philippines never na sya nakadanas ng live, kasi both mpe and me are virtual. Ok n din to compared sa totallyno pageant (sa part ng carousel, kasi makakatipid sila) pero sa part ng girls parang sobrang sad 😭.

    • @ Lina Fang Now that you mentioned it, one way the sadness can be lessened, perhaps, is for MPEO to send out the medals for each Fashion Show Preliminary (via courier). The ladies earned it!

      I know that Isobel Teano won the NatCos, for which she got a Gold. But she herself was shut out in the Final 10.

      And I really hope the five Runners-up can be given functions by Carousel for the year ahead. 🙂

  2. Guys, the third and final installment of this chat will premiere on Janelle’s YouTube channel tonight at 1900H.

    Now that word is out that ME 2020 will be fully virtual, Roxie’s prospects can be properly gauged.

    Panoorin natin after Mr. Tinio’s chat on TPP page, 1600H, with Francis, Bea, Nix, & Tito Rodgil.

  3. The 10 LEAST GOOD LOOKING MPE winners: Carlene Aguilar, April Ross Perez, Laura Marie Dunlap, Cathy Untalan, Jeanne Harn, Psyche Resus, Athena Imperial, Angelee delos Reyes, Jannele Lazo Tee, and (1) Karen Ibasco.

    The 10 MOST FACIALLY STUNNING MPE winners: Tamera Szijarto, Genebelle Raagas, Karla Henry, Stephany Stefanowitz, Imelda Schweighart, Silvia Celeste Cortesi, Roxanne Baeyens, (3) Angelia Ong (2) Jamie Herrell, and (1) Sandra Seifert.

    • @ paul I would switch Tee and Ong. Well, how about that…. Very “china”. 🙂

      Belgian-‘Noy din pala si Baeyens, like Amelinckx. Latter is taller. Whom do you prefer, po?

      Admin, mayru’n ‘yata’ng broken-hearted…. I got vibes last night. Pakisabi, I know…. (…)…

  4. Why did some of the top ten MEP finalists behave like porn stars during the swimsuit portion ? Wasn’t that supposed to measure their health land fitness to perform the rigorous tasks of a MEP … not their ability to catch a rich DOM??

  5. I have no problem with Adam. His contribution to the discussion has been commendable so far
    Tita Lavinia as always thrives in this kind of setting . Maganda syang pakinggan .
    As for Tito Norman , he keeps getting better And better . Maybe he just needs someone to get him camera-ready … but this is not that important
    Janelle is a lot prettier without the pageant hair and make up . She may be the prettiest Miss Earth Philippines ever .

  6. YOU are RIGHT BREW. MANY of the pageant critics who started as BLOGGERS and then became VLOGGERS are FAR BETTER being READ than being WATCHED & LISTENED. Two good examples are Lavini and Adam Genato. I think their writings are good enough but when you see them on vlogs and interview videos, HUH!…

    I told Adam Genato na huwag niyang masyadong ilapit sa camera ang kanyang mukha KASI MASYADONG DISTRACTING. He also needs to HONE his oral communication (& interview) skills. Lavinia (most of the times) can be ANNOYING to watch. Mapepeste ka sa mga walang kwentang tsismis and information. Sometimes too good to be true. She can also be arrogant at times and feelingera kaya MARAMI rin siyang kalaban at bashers.

    But I’ll rather reserve my comments on Mr. Blogger out of respect to HIM and his pageant site.

    • @Pierre, I was actually being civil about it. You’re right on the money with Genato. Better read than watched or listened to. I can’t finish his YT videos coz he’s not a good interviewer. Doesn’t focus his attention to the beauty queen guests and seems like he is multi-tasking. A big no no in live or taped interviews. He has to feign interest even if he is bored to death with the guests. Sorry Adam

  7. I’m not really so much for video reviews. I prefer reading them coz I can read at my own pace. I can also go back to where I left off and there aren’t so many distractions like audio & video quality & internet speed. Sorry Norman. Peace

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