10 comments on “Miss South Africa 2020: What the Top 15 would do with the title

  1. My favorites are Ramdev and shutzler. Shutzler is so gorgeous. Ramdev is charming and seems to be good speaker.

  2. Diba last year sa MSA. walang sure winner right? pero bumulaga si zozi till MU. now wala din sure winner pero improve ang candidates nila now facially and i bet makukuda din ang mga ito. mukhang kaya mag perform universaly. so all i can say just keep your eyes who ever wins in especially to their representative in MU this year. Kung nakaya last year i bet kaya din ngayon. but i think Miss Universe will keep their eyes sa wala pang MU title or over due. so i think SA highest placement would be top 3 even how deserving she is. same to Philippines pero top 5 highest ang palagay ko for PH this year. Glad that stef aberasturi and ahtisa didnt join this year. i think MG is still a good choice as long as ma reach nya ung kailangan nya more than being a good speaker. next is okay. alaiza malinao. i believed kaya nya makatawid till top 5. Thanks to Miss Vietnam. ang katulad nya at ang katulad ni miss international 2019 ay pwedeng maging Miss Universe. sumablay lang ang good speakers talagang ibibigay ng muo ang crown sa kanila. look at our MI2019. she did it!

    • @ jed By “Miss Vietnam”, you are referring, siyempre, to H’Hen Nie…

      … and by “our MI2019”, you are referring to Atty. Magtanong…?… Tama, po, ba? For MUP 2021?

      MAM of Quezon Province for MUP 2022+? I got an Irene Esser vibe…. Is that good?

      • @Flor yes si H’Hen Nie. . but for MI2019. not bea. its the reigning queen si Thailand.

      • @ jed I honestly was SHOCKED as Bint Sireethorn was. Like her, my jaw also dropped!

        But I guess I was just silly…. After all, @ Fabian Reyes said “Thailand is a sleeper hit. She looks good in kimono” (similar).

        At MUP now, imo, among the front-runners (refer to @ Closer2Fame’s 10-Pick), it is Billie Hakenson that is most like MI 2019 – a placid-yet-not-fragile aura. Simple, yet elegant. 🙂

  3. Whoever will be chosen Miss Universe South Africa 2020, will she, Demi-Leigh and Zozibini be the next Diana-Yukta-Priyanka winning tandem (3 wins in 4 years)?

  4. 1) From a Voice Test perspective (meaning, who could be a future radio disc jockey), why am I not impressed, in general? You know who impressed me? Hakkenson of Cavite in her Downy ad!

    2) Guys, did you see Gab Basiano’s take? MYGAWSH! She looked a LOT like Savannah Schutzler.

    3) OK, po, Blogger Boss. Nayimuli for World. Mbiyo for Universe (she looks like Senegal top model Liya Kebede). Schutzler STILL for Supranational (kasi nga, her theater background will certainly work in her favor in Poland’s campy-cute beaucon)! The “awra” of Nayimuli is enhanced by the halo of hair framing her face,…. but why is it not working for (Olin-Shae) De la Cruz, Mariam El-Hamid, & Skelly Ivy Florida? I AM JUST ARBITRARILY COMBINING MSA & MUP HERE….

    4) Mmotla looks like (Queen) Nefertiti (GANDA!). GANDA ng ilong ni Schutzler (small-perky)! Mr. Tinio, convince WW to send the fragile-serene Lebogang Mahlangu to Yokohama next year, please lang, po…. Is that a (rare) perfectly-executed lip job on (Jordan) Van der Vyver? ‘Yang Matsepo Sithole, daw, abugada. Parang, wala lang…. Joubert & Ramdev, BAKLA’NG-BAKLA; please someone tell them that they are all over the place!

    5) I suddenly want Weam Ahmed…. to hopefully be a silent killer, sana…. Mdme. LARM*, talk to her, po.

    * – Lia Andrea Ramos-Moss

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