10 comments on “Pageantry Norms 3rd Episode and a Teaser for the 4th Episode

      • @ Norman Sorry I had to bail out early, po.

        Very informative chat! Thanks so much to you and TPP. 🙂

        I wonder what you guys are brewing…. Would it have something to do with the cosmos?

    • @ Fabian Reyes Nakadalawa’ng installment na, po, sa YouTube channel ni Janelle Tee. 🙂

    • Lol I have selective attention
      I thought Adam and Tita Lavinia were gonna come in at some point during Tito Norman’s interview with the MEP winners. I was only interested Tito Norman ‘s performance .

      • @ Fabian Reyes The chat was put together by SF. With Janelle as Moderator. Mr. Tinio was one of the guests. TL clocked in late. My thoughts, for whatever they are worth….

        1) Janelle said she would love/like to be a SF correspondent in the future. I guess that’s for the bosses there to decide on…
        2) It was very casual, nothing dead-serious. It was like a reunion between long-lost friends, with occasional bantering. KAYA PALA NI MR. TINIO MAKIPAGSABAYAN SA MGA BATA. 🙂
        3) Specific to Mr. Tinio were his invaluable insights on how video editors manage real-time image editing, as what happened at MPE 2020. He has, yet again, demonstrated his WEALTH of info!
        4) The EFFORT put in by the candidates’ Support Teams was mentioned. All three – TL, AG, & NT – agreed that the Mindanao contingent was a well-spoken group, despite Luzon getting everything. MAGANDA daw si Illysa (Fil-Comm-Australia) – swan-neck!

  1. So CUTE, Francis Chee is. Legs for days. 🙂

    Hhhmmm… I wonder now if I still feel for Nigel of Ashtie Nights…. (….)…. (?).

    Mr. Tinio, Ms. Bea Bianca’s atelier is in Manila? I will assume, kasi if you are entertaining foreign clientele, everything – sourcing materials, logistical support, telecommunications – is more straightforward in the Capital…

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