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  1. I don’t like a queen that turns her back on someone who helped her unconditionally when she had nothing . How many bridges did she burn along the way?
    I don’t like someone who pretended like she was this girl’s best friend .. but would not attend her wedding later on ? Did she even send her best wishes ?
    And if she was that principled , why did she even go on a plane chartered or owned by someone she hated ?


  2. Mr. Tinio, yaman rin lang at pi-nost niyo ‘yung opinion ni Cat concerning the Pride March x anti-ATB Rally at Mendiola, at tinambangan na nga ‘yung huwes (right, po?) na nagpalaya du’n sa mga inaresto’t ikinulong…

    Huwes was correct. Minor offenses do NOT warrant a lengthy detention. At sinabi ko rin (and I will own up to my comment dahil common knowledge rin naman, if unspoken) na AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ayaw magkulong ng pulis dahil siksikan na nga sa karamiha’ng jail sa bansa…


    Cat said she was sorry but at the same time that she would not forget… Medyo sarcastic lang.

    I really hope she HERSELF made these comments. Because as Cordovez said, beauty queens have a responsibility to their followers to be involved/relevant. Got it! Pero, huwag sana ma-misplace ang galit at init ng ulo ng mga hindi as informed as she is. The one who ordered/implemented the assassination does NOT represent policemen – and policewomen – in general. Obviously, entrenched interests were messed up…. PERO HINDI MGA PULIS ANG MASAMA, po. 🙂

    (This can be a possible topic for Q&A trainings. I do not know how the 1500H session went.)

    • Hambog at maangas .. would u still describe MU 2018 as such ? Pls do not be pressured by some fan


      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados A-HAHAHHAAAH…!!!

        Hindi mo pa tinuloy, fren….. Kulang sa….


    • Flor matanong lang – Maaari mo bang maibahagi sa amin ang mga magaganda at hindi malilimutang karanasan mo sa mga pulis? Why are you so fascinated with the policemen (or women)? Nagsimula ba ito sa UP Police Force? He, he, he… Marami ako kakilalang police. May matitino pero MARAMI ang HINDI. Mga LABAD KAAYO manang – from domestic concerns to organizational duties & official affairs.

      • @ paul If destiny dictates, we will meet in person and then I will share my (police) story. No, it has nothing to do with the UP Police.

        “Love is a subject I do not wish to approach. You see, so many people have said so many things about love. And love is probably more important in a woman’s life than in a man’s life… And I do know,… that a woman that has never been loved, and is not loved, is lost…”.

        Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

      • @Flor: You seem to suggest your soft spot for policemen may be due to some past or present romantic interludes with some dashing urban knights. We understand. However, much as there are many good and smart policemen, they belong to an institution which is a structural appendage of systemic oppression against the marginalised sectors. I think the Police Force is too militarized that they lost the empathy to the people they are sworn to serve.

  3. That lady na nagtry na magpa witty effect and chose Trump. LOL!
    Not surprised at Catriona sticking with BBP.
    Whenever I see videos of her with the old man with sunglasses during her reign, I can feel her disgust and desire to move away from him.

    • I did see a brief video clip of Cordoves (???) q&A and she got booed. I think she tried to explain more and charm her way to the audience but it didn’t work. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ The problem is that she answered without doing her research. She just picked Donald Trump over Hilary Lol. What does she know about US politics???

      • @ Ver She was undoubtedly egged on by MGUSA*, who came ahead (of her) and betrayed what probably was a leaning towards the Republican party.

        * – Miss Grand USA

        We PRECISELY hire people like Cordoves because she is impromptu, never pre-meditated. She is also a risk-taker. Best of all, unlike Rushton, Gallardo, or Sutton, she is not easily flustered by a rowdy/disapproving audience. THIS IS THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU WANT TO HIRE!

        (JSM was another who was not easily heckled to submission. But we all know that story…)

        Good PM (of 9 July 2020) there where you are. From context clues, I will assume that like @ Fabian Reyes, you are “state-side”.

      • @ Abcde “JSM” is the initials of Janina San Miguel. At least for our purposes here, I guess… 🙂

      • I think Nicole was correct in choosing Trump in her answer because then presidential candidate indeed need her speech which was a foreshadowing of what is happening today… problem is anything related to Trump regardless of her good intentions would always be polarizing to anyone specialy to the not too socio-politicaly inclined audience.

      • @ Closer2Fame “Inalat” na lang talaga si Donald Trump.

        SARSCov2 and that recent unfortunate incident of obvious police “over-zealousness” (ako na mismo umaamin) did him in. Pero siya rin kasi… Loose cannon kung kumuda. That being said, what do you expect from a Far-Right/protectionist mindset? You get what you vote for, indeed.

        But in the end, the Clinton-philic Ariska won. And my dear sweet Angkol got his publicity. All had a GRAND time! 🙂

  4. ang weird lang that Cat is our recent MU winner pero she’s not mentoring a MUP aspirant.

    HOWEVER… This is a very smart move from BPCI! well, knowing naman na di siya makukuha ni JG. LOL they are the perfect mentors talaga. they get along. they worked together and they can walk the talk.

    Excited what BBP has to offer this year. sana mas bongga kahit wala na ang MUP franchise. hehe

    • Hahahaha. Nasa evil side na kasi ang MU. Pera pera na lang. Hahahahaha. Di maka-virtual pageant unlike MPE kasi lugi sila. Need to recoup their “investment.”

      • @ CatrionaFan Faney, you’re saying that they need revenue from ticket sales (or, PPV worst case) for a LIVE pageant….? That they don’t have the luxury of a virtual pageant that MPEO had.

        Pray REALLY HARD that our SARS-Cov2 lock down can be relaxed soon enough so that inter-island travel can resume and the candidates – MUP or BBP – can finally come to Manila, po.

        Ganu’n din ang ME! International border restrictions must be lifted, otherwise no one will come to Carousel’s shindig. I just saw the second installment of Mr. Tinio’s video chat hosted by SF and if feedback from TL is any indication, nothing less than a LIVE ME 2020 pageant should happen. Don’t forget. Our country has relatively poor Internet in the Region. I recall an assessment by a British vlogger that Internet in Myanmar (!) is “comparable to Europe… with virtually free data… (Philippines) is not as good and it’s expensive” (similar). So, should MEMO* offer to host this year’s edition? (No need to answer this rhetorical question which I simply raised to drive home the fact that a Philippines-implemented international pageant NOW might NOT be met with enthusiasm by foreigners). Barring serious pandemic-related concerns, Myanmar would probably love to have the honor! After all, if you are also monitoring what goes on in the Minors, Yangon has racked up not a few hours of international pageant hosting experience. 🙂

        So, assuming things get WORSE and MUP is unable to last five (5) years, the time that one of us commentators here said is their timetable to nab our fifth MU crown, MUO will return to BPCI’s fold, red in the face? Is this the point you REALLY wanted to drive home?

        * – Miss Earth Myanmar Organization

    • This year’s Bb Pilipinas candidates are very lucky to have Gray and Cordoves as their mentors.

  5. I’m now a big Nicole fan , assertive but very humble . PERIOD.

  6. WOW! Tatay pala nag-sulsol. Such a cool dad Nicole has. 🙂

    The way she describes it – sacrifice, advocacy, & preparation – sounds intimidating to one with absolutely neither resources nor connections.

    Miss & Mister Chinatown-Philippines is probably the most SLICK-SAVVY non-international-franchise Nationals now. I hope it can resume soon enough.

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