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  1. Miss South Africa: “Face your power. Embrace your future.” Miss Universe Philippines: “A phenomenal woman.”

    What do these branding taglines have in common? They clarify and stimulate interest. A powerful tagline articulates a company’s differentiation point, expressing its personality or conveying some other important brand quality. MSA urges everyone to fulfill their potentials, recognize their self-worth and find their place in the world. MUP rallies everyone to be the best version of him/herself to rise up to the challenges of the times as a role model, a rallying point, and a harbinger of hope. Both present a brand promise and their respective brand’s positioning.

    • @ scorg But “with great power comes (great) responsibility”, said Spiderman (in the film).

      Not a few shy away from potential because they fear the responsibilities that come with a title, and not necessarily confined to pageantry. Or, they have much to risk if they “heed the call”.

      BUT, IF they have a ROBUST-TRAILBLAZING organization to back them up, THEN they become #unstoppable. Like you, po. Have a (very) good Friday. 🙂

      • @Flor, absolutely! Great responsibility can only be tackled by the reigning queen is she is backed up by an organization with visible and active commitment to support her advocacies. Who among the present pageantry organizations show proactive engagement with their queens 365 days a year? Most of them hibernate after the crowning, only to resurface for the following year’s crowning. They do not seem to recognize the golden opportunity in virtual or in-person events marketing that promotes their brand year-round and rake in income in the process. All it takes is a little marketing savvy and innovativeness.

  2. The logo somewhat looks a bit 80s.
    Kulang na lang neon lights 🙃
    I like the message though.

  3. I want a Miss Universe who is HUMBLE.

    She has seen enough to know better than to insist her space should encompass everybody else’s every single time.

    I want someone who knows when to pull back… and let others SHINE. 🙂

  4. Miss South Africa and Miss Universe Philippines convey the same brand essence: empowered holistic beauty.

    Miss South Africa is a brand ambassador for the country– a champion of women’s rights, a thought leader and a savvy career woman who inspires other young South Africans to fulfill their potentials, recognize their self-worth and find their place in the world.

    Miss Universe Philippines represents the best of the Philippines in the global stage, but service and leadership to the nation comes first before that glory, The title is, and should, never be about the presence of bright lights, cheers from millions of fans, and glamorous events, but more about the ability to be a role model, a harbinger of hope, and a rallying point of action by a phenomenal woman who rises up to the challenges of the times.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA. Gurl, wag mo na isingit yang MUP dito. One stands out, the other is a mere front. Palubog at malas na org.

    • “Empowered holistc beauty” daw hahahaha….gurl please observe again. I see big difference between the two. Si SA – Face your Power. Embrace your Future – may call to action, well defined. Si MUP – Phenomenal Woman daw. If you gonna ask me sino may impact, si SA kasi klaro ang purpose – Embracing one’s future, is acknowledging that you have the power! Ang ganda…Si MUP, hindi pa na dedefine, madaming gustong sabihin…so please, may harbinger harbinger ka pang nalalamnan girl…

  5. Thanks Tito Norm for posting, the branding of Miss SA is impressive. Well thought and very sophiscated. Love the total branding and tag line.

  6. Sa tingin ko HINDI ibibigay ang korona ng Miss Universe sa South Africa (no matter how great she is) this year or next year. Sigurado ako ayaw nila matulad sa ME na lagi na lang Miss Philippines (2014, 2015, 2017). Baka aabot lang si South Africa sa Top 10. Remember last year, I felt may effort silang ginawa para hindi makapasok si USA sa top 5 para hindi na siya ma-interview because she was the GREATEST THREAT to Zozobini pagdating sa Q&A. Same case also in 2012, Melinda Bam was prevented from making it to the top 5 because she was a BIG threat to Olivia Culpo. Yun na.

    • Really, Melinda Bam? There’s something wrong with her face, and that prominent nose. May angle na para syang witch.

      There was no doubt, in my opinion, that it was between Janine and Olivia (noticed that I named Janine first – alam na!) and spoiler si Australia. Preferred ko pa si Venezuela (joyful lang ang aura nya) before Melinda. Opinion lang…. and respect yours too!

  7. If I were Jonas Gaffud (& company), I would trim down the candidates into 15 finalists. Candidates will be subjected into rigorous interview process and a written examination on various societal issues & concerns (as well as grammar). Those who have weak communication skills and low knowledge level should be eliminated. Personality and attitude should also be taken into consideration.

    Miss Universe is looking for a spokesperson and brand ambassador who can communicate with ease its organizational advocacy, values & concerns in various traditional and social media platforms. Demi, Catriona & Zozobini are just three great examples. All are excellent speakers, nice, charming and with relatable personality.

    Julia Saubier should have been a great contender if only… She just needs polishing in terms of styling, packaging and catwalk. Since Julia did not join, I think Michelle Gumabao is the closest to the Universe. Bella Ysmael stills needs to take GLOXI (to earn more inches) and her personality, demeanor & dance skills are more appropriate for Miss World.

    • @ Pierro Rocco Do watch Werner Wessel’s video again and note that he said “no woman who has joined MSA has regretted… we give them a network…. (skills) for employment and entrepeneurship”… (or something like that).

      MORE PRESSING/IMMEDIATE IS TO MARKET THIS NEW BRAND – MUP. As @ Fabian Reyes said, “Jerry Springer first before Oprah Winfrey”. As a result, they franchised the sashes and rank noobs were admitted…. However, here now is the opportunity to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the #BEAUTIFULTRANSFORMATION” JG et al has committed to deliver. Of course, the best will win. But more importantly, the others will emerge from the experience EQUIPPED for their plans for the future, whether or not that future (still) involves pageantry.

      The activities lined up by MUP between now and 25 Oct are probably designed to do exactly as you envision, but in a more subtle way. Don’t forget they have the help of Mr. Tinio, a psychologist by training, who we can be certain will give valuable insights as to pinpointing HER — MUP 2020. Blogger San will be the Werner Wessels of the Philippines — INSPIRATIONAL, CALM, WISE.

      • Flor I did not watch the video and probably will not watch it. Ang daming videos nagsusulputan kung saan-saan at kung anu-ano na ang mga pinagsasabi nila. Sumasasakit lang ang ulo ko sa HABA at wala naman akong nakukuhang matinong usapan. (e.g. video interviews of Adam Genato, Lavinia, Korana Virus Group, AT MARAMI PANG IBA) He, he, he… Yun na.

    • Kailangang marami para maraming fees. Alam mo na. Laki ng nilabas para masulot lang. Kaloka.

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