19 comments on “The Latest Captures of Maria Isabela Galeria and Alaiza Malinao

  1. Si Inday naman lakas maka Editorial vibes….i love them both. May the best woman win na lang talaga. Let’s support them all

  2. Lakas maka alta ni Sorsogon, parang dark version ni Heart Evangelista!!!!

  3. Pia said that MUO , first and foremost is looking for an “artistahin” type na may communication skills, since entertainment media ang main focus ng IMG.
    I like them both.
    I hope they are competent public speakers and conversationalists.
    Good luck to them 🤞

  4. I am not sold on Rima but yes Mai during the MUSA 1984 ( but not during MUniverse 1984 )… !

  5. Yes…. Yes!!! 👌👌 Ganda nila pareho sh*t!! 😍😍

  6. Nothing compares to Bella’s ‘ballet’ photos
    But Alaiza’s stage presence is so good I will let her win this yr and give us a top 5 finish at MU . She may not be articulate but her humble demeanor will be endearing to the Miss U judges . At Malakas ang loob nya so I think she can handle interview and Q&A really well.

  7. Ang galing talaga mag model ni Aliza grabe… nailed them all!!!. The facial expressions… the peircing eyes…. pati chinese maiden fingers…. modeling H2T!!! BAAAAM!!! NAILED IT!!!! If that’s the only basis of Miss Universe, she already won with a landslide!!

  8. Why are they not including Gumabao ??? … Gumabao is definitely a close competition to these two… by the way, when is Miss USA 2020 ? Off topic , who do you think are the five most beautiful Miss USA of all time …?

    My list are:
    Shandi Finnesey (’04)
    Olivia Culpo (’12)
    Deborah Shelton (70)
    Judy Anderson (78)

    & no. 1 is Shawn Weatherly (80)

      • @ Norman Mr. Tinio, is Albert Kurniawan still under commission of Teviant?

        Barely-there make-up is DIVINE. Please, po, send him “COMPLEMENTI”.


        Ruffles and pleats galore! I like the bodice of the yellow dress of Alaiza. Congrats to The Camp!

        Herr Blogger, could you do a post on applying the FaceApp to these ladies, BALD? I’d like to see a mannequin aesthetic, for a change. Take the hair away, & the FACE comes into SHARP focus.

      • … though bodice sans bow would suffice. Skirt is busy-interesting enough already, as it is.

        Mr. Tinio, MG is ok…. But, whatever happened to the other A&Q bets, like Paola Ortega?

        Amelinckx is A&Q, too, right? And speaking of Pauline, there’s some activity on the Mutya page. What does Mr. Fred Yuson want to do? When does he want to start? And how/what will be your involvement? DETAILS, DETAILS!

    • Okay @jaretwrightlover, I’ll play. My Top 6 “Most Beautiful Miss USA” of all time are:
      #1: Ali Landry (1996)
      #2: Shandi Finnessey (2004)
      #3: Chrystle Sttewart (2008)
      #4: Christy Fichtner (1986)
      #5: Deborah Shelton (1970)
      #6: Jackie Loughery (1952)

      • Actually, I have to include Shawn Weatherly (if I consider her look at the Miss Universe pageant and not her matronly look when she competed at Miss USA) at #7. So that’s my Top 7.

    • My top 5 prettiest Miss USA are in random order:
      Shawn Weatherly
      Olivia Culpo
      Mai Shanley
      Shandi Finnesey
      Rima Fakih

      • I am not sold on Rima but yes Mai during the MUSA 1984 ( but not during MUniverse 1984 )… !

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