18 comments on “The Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2020 for Bragais Shoes Part 3

  1. I think Tormes will be a better coach than contender have been derailing her from winning a national and international pageants .
    Her issues with comm skills have been derailing her from winning a national or international pageant .
    Nowadays , you have to be articulate or lucky to win.

  2. Those chunky tacky platform shoes/slippers again?! 😖
    They make the feet look large and the legs look short.
    They look like hooves 👎
    It’s 2020, not the 2010s.
    That ugly footwear trend is overstaying its welcome.

  3. Gumanda ang iba dahil sa make up. Si number 36 halos walang make up pero napakaganda pa rin…

  4. The photo concept of the 4th batch of BB candidates is inspired by the SUMMER in East/Southeast Asia. Umbrella designs from Thailand, Korea & Japan. Hats and vines/twigs (wrapped in crepe papers) from the Philippines, Vietnam & Indonesia. Plastic orchids & leaves and mats from Thailand, Indonesia & the Philippines. Rattan chair from Cebu. Plastic swans from ASEAN. Shoes from Jojo Bragais. Dresses from Cumbia baul collections. And Filipina beauties. Ho, ho… Mabuhay!

    • @ paul Ho, ho, ho….. Christmas in June.


      Weren’t the NatCos shot pre-SARS-Cov2 pandemic? Any update as to when BPCI will unload?

      • Erratum.


        (My brain is still on lock down. The passage of the ATB terrorized it.)

  5. There is beauty everywhere. The set, the colors, the dresses, the shoes, most especially the ladies. The people behind the photoshoots really did an excellent job.

  6. Yung matatangkad naka super clogs .Yung bonsai pinag flats. Sana pinagpalit ng concepts
    Winner will emerge fr 11-30 as usual

      • @flor pansin mo last yr Aya,Sam b ,leren,patch,gaz,resham ,Emma,samlo . All fr 11-30

  7. Ugh. I am getting tired of the “long straight hair and parted in the middle” look. Nothing refreshing as everyone looks pretty much the same — the cookie cutter look.

  8. #’s 37 to 40 – Gila, Leslie Ann, Bellatrix, & Honey Be – for me, for this Cluster. 🙂

  9. Arnel Palmera should be lauded as most girls look facially stunning
    Setting is very colorful which is in stark contrast to SA ‘s last photoshoot

  10. JB’s shoes look good except for #40 . But if u r lean and pretty like the girls above , I think you will be fine .
    I wonder if JB owns Gibi shoes which were my favorite formal/casual shoes in college

  11. These set confirms, Bragais is not an all around good shoe designer. Those Espadrils are a no for me Bruh.

    Stick to pageant shoes (avoid platforms while you are at it)


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