10 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2020: The Virtual Coronation

  1. Guys, ‘eto na!

    The pebble MPE dropped into the Ocean of New Normalcy has generated RIPPLES.

    Puteri Pariwisata Indonesia and Miss Indonesia Earth have put out ON-LINE CASTING.


    …. MUT 2020 will have its Press Conference in three (3) weeks.

    Our ASEAN neighbor to the south has paid tribute to the new MPE, who happens to be 1st Runner-up to their Olivia Gunawan, the reigning Miss Tourism & Culture Universe (2019), for those who might not know.

    Incidentally, the reigning MTCU king is none other than our very own Yves Campos. Yep! He and Roxie competed in Myanmar last year simultaneously, an ASEAN Supranational, if you will.


  2. My concern regarding Patricia Santos is why she has failed to do well in her previous attempts . Even she did not make the first cut at MEP 2014

  3. I would go with Patricia Santos for now . She sounds more fluid than most candidates . And I think she has improved a lot facially
    Mann Is too young . While facially great with make up on , she has a lot to improve on when it comes to poise and grace and styling . Same with Baeyens
    Ondap and Tormes are facially outstanding but will have trouble when it comes to delivery .
    What about Bernardo ?Pic is really beautiful . But the way she carries herself when she talks needs improvement
    I have reviewed Hidalgo’s videos . Idk why she has the no. 1 spot . Maybe Tito Norman saw something in her .

  4. Tito Norman, any idea how the actual crowning will happen? Or will they have to wait until the winner has been announced before they can wear their crown?

    • My understanding is that – barring any last-minute surprises from the organizers – it will be more of a proclamation of the winners. All the essential parts of a Finals telecast – Introduction of Candidates, Citing the best in each of the 3 Main Prejudging events, Announcement of Top 10, Swimwear, Evening Gown, Announcement of Top 5 with Q&A and Farewell Walks of the reigning Queens – will be pre-recorded. As for the crowning, that will be a tricky one since all the ladies are in their respective cities or provinces or municipalities. I reckon that the Top winners will actually be crowned belatedly. Let us see what the organizers have planned for the announcement tomorrow.

      • @ Norman Dapat pala, naka-patch din ‘yung mga faneys para simultaneous na rin ang “reaction videos”.


        Sir Tinio, record yourself watching it. Para makita namin reaction niyo.

      • Thank you po. It will be interesting how the proceedings will pan out. Is it hosted by anyone in particular or just narrated?

        Hopefully things go back to “normal” soon.

      • I hope the graphics people of MPE have made edits of photos of the delegates wearing the crown and the MPE sash so that the photo of the winner with the crown can be immediately flashed after her reaction to winning. 🙂

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