28 comments on “The Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2020 for Bragais Shoes Part 2

  1. JB, why don’t you help revive the tradition of “bakya” with sculpted heels (depicting rural/farm scenes but this time with urban/city themes)? Locate the artisans before they pass on…



    • @ Cool Brew Ampogi niyo, po. 🙂

      Looks like you are weathering the SARS-Cov2 very well there, where you are. Kumusta na?

      Ano’ng pinagkaabalahan mo? Nag-gardening ka rin? What did you harvest?

      • Just having my extended STAYCATION at one of the resorts in Panglao. Check out my FB hehe. Take care @Flor Tula

  2. The designs of the shoes is fantastic!

    But the overly padded “suelas de zapatos” is insane!

    One inch of that “suelas” is enough otherwise magmumukha na siyang bakya!

    And kung bonsai ka talaga, embrace that fact! Mas appealing sa mga lalaki ang mga maliit!

  3. Ugly shoes!!! Less is more….and this is definitely a classy look for these ladies 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Ganda ng Mukha ni Honey Cartasano.. on point har and make-up… Ganda din ng gown

    I love Gabriel Basiano here waist-up… sana mas mataas ang slit and match ang color ng shoes instead of nude dito…. Mukha nanaman syang mananampal at ihahambalos ka sa putikan..

  5. Great job. jB!
    Your creations give confidence to these young girls …And this is more important than what those arrogant two-faced wannabes are saying

    • @ Venus Rah These might just be editorial pieces for marketing efforts, like so….

      Surely, JB has more “commercial” designs.


  6. Ang ganda ni Gabby mala Bella Padilla at honey mala glaiza de Castro . Mag practice sa q and a na di memorize .

    • @ bonsaihater Actually,….


      (Huwag, po, mapipikon ang kinauukulan. It’s for your own good. Alam naman na problem….)

      • @flor wag sila mapikon I would love them to get international crowns . Or great placing w bbp .Oki zip na ko Alam na pala.

  7. Seeing Tito Norm’s other post featuring Bragais Shoes as this year’s BbP sponsor, I thought tacky platform heels have met the end of their era. I was wrong. They are here to stay.

    That’s all.

  8. The ladies are all beautiful, but goodness gracious – enough of those platform shoes! Stop punishing your feet! You are already lovely and you don’t have to stand on top of ridiculous poles just to be noticed! These kinds of shoes brings out a sense of insecurity among women, in my opinion!

    • @ Ozzo Everything but the shoes.



      The entire (ancestral) house, daw, ‘ika ni @ paul, in fact.

      @ paul I wonder if it’s possible to (still) find something in the Malate district or New Manila area.

  9. Bringing out the best of every Binibini and the Bragais shoes she is wearing. This photoshoot is taking up the partnership of JB and Bb Pil to a higher level.

    • Bragais should give “ best in Bragais footwear” award to one Binibini during the coronation.

      • This award would be given to the Binibini who has the best walk while wearing Bragais shoes.

      • @ serge Parang Parodiva, ‘dili ba?


        “Miss Bragais” citation/sponsor prize!

      • @Flor. I find Parodivas cute especially that they are wearing Uniform Bragais shoes. He he he. Good thing you mentioned them. I immediately searched them in the internet. He he he.

      • @Flor. Good thing you mentioned the parodivas.. I immediately googled them. I find them cute especially that they are wearing uniform Bragais shoes. He he he.

  10. Mula sa non-air-con shoe stores and tiangge stalls, nalipat na sa yayamaning bahay (ancestral house ba ito sa Cubao? he, he, he) ang photo concept ng 3rd set of BB candidates. BUTI at malalaki na ang mga picture, kahit papaano ma-appreciate mo na ang shoes ni Jojo Bragais. But ONE thing I do NOT like – those white plastic roses.

  11. Those shoes are Ugly. Binibini does not allow the candidates to wear this kind of shoes in their events


  12. I LIKE Czarina Guiao’s doe eyes! 🙂

    Why am I getting a Goth Viktor & Rolf x Alaia x Gaulitier vibe from Cartasano? 😦

    I LIKE that they made Carina take her shoes off. Makes her stand out from the rest. 🙂

    Again, LOVELY (Mercado of Isabela) apparition! The pink fringe-y mini-skirt and HUGE feathery fan are so femme! SHE WILL BE IN THE FIRST (semifinal) CUT, AT THE VERY LEAST! 🙂

    HIDEOUS dress on Basiano! 😦

  13. Yung totoo? Sapatos ba ang ini-endorse nila o yung nguso nilang mala tweety bird. 😜😜😜

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