16 comments on “The Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2020 for Bragais Shoes (Part 1)

  1. International – Vickie Rushton
    Supranational – Maureen Montagne
    Grand International – Samantha Bernardo
    Intercontinental – Hannah Arnold
    Globe – Karen Mendoza / Patrizia Garcia / Jash Dimaculangan

  2. The next Cluster – with Hannah and Gabby – is a slight improvement to Cluster #2, if rather Honey-Cartasano-ish-Paolo-Ballesteros-ish-Puteri-ish contrived Old World Glamor.

    In other words, Cluster #1 – in its simplicity and casual ease – is still the best.

    Mr. Tinio, PLEASE TEACH THEM how to PROPERLY model shoes, po. 🙂

    • Flor, my understanding is that the think tanks during the shoot – Vhee Co, Bessie Besana, Jed Velasco and Jojo Bragais himself – have already taught the ladies how to properly model the shoes. I would prefer a spotlight on the footwear, but that would take away so much attention from the ladies.

  3. The photo CONCEPT of the upper set of pictures (1-10 & pinkish) is taken from the shoe stores (WITHOUT AIR-CON) in small cities & municipalities. While the concept of the lower set of pictures (11-19 & blueish) is INSPIRED by the tiangge STALLs in Baclaran, Divisoria & the like.

    Highlight ba dito ang SHOES ni Jojo Bragais o ang TINDAHAN ng mga sapatos? ECHOS! FLOR, where do you prefer to buy your shoes – in shoe stores (within a building but without AIR-CON) or in the shoe stalls of the famous tiangges in Metro Manila? JOKE! ALAM ko FLOR sa Rustan ka lang bumibili ng shoes mo. He, he, he…

    • @ paul Minsan lang ako bumili ng clothing article sa Rustan’s. ‘Yun pa’ng original store sa Cubao. I was in High School. I got a nice black blouse with pinstripes, in Thai silk. It was a sort of self-gift for a job well done. It was whatever I saved from my weekly allowance.


      Growing up, I got my shoes at Marikina Shoe Expo, mostly. But that was only after my father had done what repairs he could to my togs worn by plenty of walking…. If it was Christmas time, we would cap the evening by watching the animated diorama at the-then COD Department Store.

      • @ Norman Now that you mentioned it, Sir, it’s weird because my mother used to work in that area.

        But I recall having halo-halo at the Milky Way there…

        We took a mini-bus to and from Echague (Quiapo). Du’n na rin kami namamalengke bago umuwi.

  4. It’s very hard to see the girls
    But most of them if not all look very pretty and classy
    Congrats , JB and BP candidates

  5. So many things happening in the photos. Personally, I don’t like it. Kulang ng class….Mas excited ako sa mga photos ng MUP

    • @ GARga The MUP Headshots were OK.

      I am on the fence with regards to the Filbert Kung “gold-background” glam shots. They are just as iffy as the second Binibini cluster (#11-20) – garish and busy (as you said, too much going on) so that the intended focus (the shoes) were all but lost.

      Any news if MUP will (also) put out a Swim shoot, eventually? 🙂

  6. This is high fashion.
    Youth dynamism and artistry at work.
    Bragais and Bb Pilipinas are in full gear.
    Mutualism in high order.

  7. In the first batch, that big white paper (?) box-bag RUINED what would have been a great shot for Pat Babista. 😦

    (My faves for Batch 1 are, again, Patrixia Gatcia, Meiji Cruz, and Shannon Tampon.)

    In the second batch, only Karen Laurrie Mendoza works! WEIRD poses of Maureen Montaigne, Justine (Felizarta), and Cinderella Obenita pop their balloons (sigh).

    Kimberley Tiques(2x) looks STRIKING. Unfortunately, the BRAGAIS shoes are obscured…. Why?


  8. Slaying for this shoot are Mau and Sam B. The dark lighting of the second batch makes them stand out.

    • too blured to noticed the shoes. it is the background or the types of light? maybe both. i just hope may extra zoom na image ang shoes sa bawat pics nila. yung shoes kasi ang focus nyan. sana they used background and lights na kahit papano mas mapansin pa din ang sapatos kahit whole body shot na malayo. So for me. Batch 1 wins. sana hinde na nagiba ng background sa batch 2 and other batchs. medyo ??? ako sa pose ng iba lalo na sa batch 2 pati sa sets nila.

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