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  1. The people I mentioned are very memorable(Not WHITE) that is why most of them were able to atain their international celebrity status… Looking like them gives guarantee that Karishma is very marketable and could earn the MUorg big bucks anywhere she goes…

    Which is why I prefer Aliza’s beauty…

  2. Whoever wins ME or any pageant should be the most deserving regardless of color.
    Amazing concept for MSA .. I think the outfit and the background are great equalizers . They make every one look great
    My choices are Chantelle Karishma Savanna and Natasha . I think these girls will be hard to beat internationally

    • @ Fabian Reyes Then it’s SET.

      MSA World > Savannah Schutzler
      MSA Universe > Chantelle Pretorius
      MSA Supranational > Natasha Joubert/Karishma Ramdev
      (MSA Earth as mere wishful thinking, whoever does not get MSA-S)

      We share preference for the “white settlers”. Credits to @ paul for endorsing the biracial one. 🙂

      • Savanah and Natasha looks ordinary…

        You guys only like them cause they’re white…


      • @ Closer2Fame Review your earlier comment, about who Karishma resembles… or combination of. 🙂

        If she reminds you of all these ladies, she could NOT be very unique/distinct, could she (be)?

        I want someone memorable. A face that is UNLIKE ANY BEFORE OR TO COME….

        If I were to choose only one of the three “white settlers”, I will agree with you, and so pick Pretorius.

        But yes, that (also) means Karishma has a universal look/beauty. Therefore, bankable. You’ll probably get what you want, considering how cash-strapped MUO is atm.

  3. Flor, on having the first black ME winner, here’s my take. IF I WERE the franchise holder of Miss Earth South Africa, ito ang gagawin ko – PAKIUSAPAN KO si TAMARYN GREEN to REPRESENT South Africa in this year’s ME. Malaki ang chance na magkaroon na tayo ng first black ME at hindi lang replacemet sa original winner just like what happened in 2002. Miss Tanzania should have been the the first black ME, sayang.

    For me to DRASTICALLY improve the QUALITY of ME candidates, I think Miss Earth (organizers) should request its various national franchise holders to ask/convince former candidates to other international beauty competitions (such as MU & MW) to participate in their respective national (ME) finals. Yun na. Good morning.

    • Winfred Omwakwe of Kenya became the first blackbMiss Earth. She assumed as Miss Earth 2002 when miss Bosnia was dethroned,

      • @ serge Like what @ paul said, ME still needs to produce at an OUTRIGHT African win.

        Essentially/technically, both Kenya and Tanzania were Runners-up.

        Kung ganu’n, then both MI – Rebetswe Sechoaro and Evelyn Namatovu, recently – and MS (Yana Haenisch and was it Uganda in 2016?) have given Finals placements to Africans, too. I do not think my dear sweet Angkol has been as open-minded so far. 🙂

  4. oh wow super dyosa ang kandidata nila!!!! back to back to back to back na naman!!

  5. This is a bunch of gorgeous girls. But for me, Filipina beauties are the most beautiful in the world

  6. SA Pageants – Quality over quantity.
    PH Pageants – Smorgasbord. As many women as we can. Let’s even get “Pinays” abroad in the guise of a Ms. Filipino Community of something something.

    • @ Raf Kapag sinabi ba’ng “Fil-Comm (whatever)”, wala’ng residency requirement ang pageant?

      So, that’s MPE, MWP, & Mutya. And, BBP & MUP, mayroon?

      Si Olin Shae de la Cruz ba, may lahi’ng Pinay?

      • BBP and MUP are stricter with residency requirements.

        And I have already checked, Olin-Shae has no Pinay lineage.

      • Overseas Filipino Communities is already existed at Mutya ng Pilipinas in the 1990s. MPE started accept candidates from the Overseas Filipino Communities in 2006 but only at the 2018 pageant that a contestant from Overseas Filipino Communities (Celeste Cortesi) won the pageant. Other countries has also accepting girls from overseas at their respective national pageant.

        Different Pageants, Different Requirements, Different Standards.

  7. Based on looks I’m rooting for Karishma Ramdev…
    She looks like Vanessa Hudgens, Mila Kunis, Rosario Dawson, Ximena Navarete and Priyanka Chopra combined ..

  8. Werner Wessels selected the 15, Mr. Tinio? Only him? No Screening Panel? He’s THAT cool?


    I really don’t like Karisma Ramdev because she registers like a Tamaryn Green clone. Not another one, please; let’s get somebody unlike any who has come before. For sheer diversity. Am not too comfortable with the seeming semi-bias for lawyers and medical professionals. MAIBA NAMAN.

    Or, send her to ME and watch Carousel waste her like they did (to) Dr. Tejaswini Manogna….

    AM FEELING CHARLIZE THERON…. Am rooting for Pretorius and Schutzler for World and Supranational, respectively. The latter, I think, has theater background and should be able to entertain-delight the Polish audience and judges come…. January 2021? Right, Blogger Boss?

    • There is a panel that includes Werner in the selection. But he has a very strong say.

      By the way, I knew it that you would warm up to both Chantelle and Savannah immediately.

      • @ Norman I clicked on a link to De Wet Ferreira, a wordpress.com blogger who commented in your post on South Africa’s near-3-peat in MU – 2017 crown, silver medal 2018, & 2019 crown.

        In his bio, it says he is currently in China as a teacher.

        Why don’t you ask him if he would be interested in being involved in MUP in some capacity?

        Speaking of China, is Julia Saubier still…?

        (I wonder now how the top rankings at MUP2020 would hold if she were part….)

    • Flor ito ang suspetsa ko kung bakit hindi pinapapasok si Dr. Tejaswini Manogna ng mga organizer. In 2017, Asian ang winner and the MOST HATED & BASHED in the 19 years of the pageant. In 2018, Asian pa rin ang winner who is NOT ALSO impressive. Last year I felt that they directed the nature’s energy to Latin America (& Caribbean) because they did not want another controversy. Na ano ba naman itong Miss Earth parang Miss Asia lang. So Flor kailangan ding umikot sa ibang continents. Ako happy naman kay Miss Puerto because she was really deserving then – very pretty, well spoken and charming naman.

      Ang tanong ko lang: Anu-ano ang kanyang mga ginawa/nagawa so far as an Environmental Warrior and Queen of the Earth?

      • @ paul I just wanted even a First-Cut placement man lang sana for Teeja.


        Anyway, I don’t think MSA organization holds the Filipinas franchise for ME.

        I do not question Nellys’ win. I agree with commentators here that the 2019 Elemental Court was facially among ME’s best!

        But here’s the thing…. You agree that ME-Tanzania should have won, not Karla Henry, right? Well, what if, just for the sake of argument, MSA DOES take the 2020 MESA franchise and sends Karisma over (or at least, appears on-line)? Will ME overtake MI, MGI, & MS in (finally) crowning an African? Because if you read @ Closer2fame’s comment, MEO would be silly to let her go….

  9. Hi MUP Org. This is how you do it. Hindi tulad ng mga oppressive at trying hard policies and tactics. Pwe!

    • @ CatrionaFan You are still referring to JG’s alleged “panunulot” of the MUP franchise from BPCI? Didn’t he say it was offered to him by MUO, in an interview by Adam Genato/Sash Factor?

      Then earlier by a year or so (2017?), LCS made a counter-offer for it, but BPCI outbid them by as much as a factor of 5? At ‘yun na nga, si Gazini na ang huli’ng “BBP-Universe”?

      Why doesn’t MUO ITSELF clarify this matter once and for all??! 😦

      Now, as for the current quality of candidates at MUP, alangan naman’g i-require mo sa franchisees (AP’s) na abugado or doktor lang ang puwede nila’ng i-field? Or, if MUP simply matched AP’s with walk-in applicant-candidates, is it easy to find such women in our country simply via casting call (aka, BBP Screening)? Or, are you ALSO saying that the AP’s themselves are in on it, too? Playing field not level? Are specific MUP bets getting better treatment? if so, sinu-sino sila, po?

      I would have actually wanted to ask more, but…. pfffttt…. just ask your lodi to watch the IG chat tonight between Geena Rocero and MUN(epal), so she can digest the LGBT+ thing better. 🙂

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