3 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2020 for Bragais Shoes

  1. In the #11-19 video, narito daw ang dalawa’ng bet ni Mdme. SMA, NA NOOB BB, said one of us.

    I will guess it’s Karen Laurrie and Maureen.


    In the #1-10 video, I liked Meiji Cruz (looked like Ann Porsild), Patricia Garcia (in purple), and Shannon Tampon.

    Juskoh, @ Fabian Reyes. ANG YUMMY ni JB! But notice he has included more conventional (shoe) styles in his offerings; I wonder if that’s a good sign…. But yes, let’s hope he is doing very well business-wise. I do not think he will cross paths with Catriona, anymore. BPCI will make sure.

  2. Matinee idol ang peg ni JB
    I wonder if it’s not a one-sided deal with Binibini
    I hope he is making some money out of this
    And how is he gonna work with Cat?
    Panlilio is really pretty … may laban

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