9 comments on “QUEENtuhan with Miss World 2013 Megan Young

  1. I like the way Megan chooses her words
    Some people are just born with the gift of gab like Megan and Cat
    It helps if u were born and raised in an English speaking country.. but this is not a guarantee as proven by the likes of Maureen and Hannah

  2. Rolene is now a doctor . Megan is a gamer .
    One wants to change the world . The other one just wants to have fun
    What in the world ..

  3. one of the best things that happen when joining pageant is the friendship that is formed among contestants. By doing an online show, the friendship forged by Pia, Bianca, and Carla during Bb Pilipinas 2014 has taken them to a whole new level.
    It is good to see national and international beauty titlists having conversation.

  4. MEGAN YOUNG belongs to another (but YOUNG) lineage of beauty queens. I would call this group The GAMERS. Megan Young and Carla LIzardo can be considered as founding members of this lineage. They love online gaming, video games and the like. These people spend LOTs, LOTs of time facing their PCs, laptops, phones and other gadgets.

    I saw a picture (try to find that vlog) of her husband trying to feed her because she could no longer leave the gaming process. I think she has been spending lots of her time during the past three 3 1/2 months (lockdown/quarantine) playing various computer games. And I find this a bit disturbing. Being hooked to various computer activities such as gaming may lead to something more serious such as incurring video game addiction,screen dependency disorder and/or other psycho-emotional issues & concerns.

    I just hope she is doing good, able to control herself and/or overcome this ‘passion’ in due time.

  5. Nothing against with Bianca. Pero sana wag muna syang isama kung problematic yung connection nya. Distracting kasi. Since alam naman nya na magkakaroon sila ng ganitong show online, sana nag invest naman sya sa magandang Internet line. Sa lahat naman ng bagay, dapat pinaghahandaan.

    • Sana din pala mag-ayos din pala sya. Parang laging bagong gising. Good morning Bianca!

      • tsaka ung mga tanung nya… mga pinaglumaan ng tanong eh… malamng un din mga tinatanung nya sa mga Binibini applicants s screening.

        ok cguro cya as reporter pero as an interviewer… BIG NO!

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