6 comments on “Pageantry Norms: The Second Episode

  1. Is it the post-coronation press conference online version? So, normannorman.com looks like part of the overall pioneering initiative of a major pageant to stage an purely no-live-audience contest. Congratulations!

    • Thanks scorg! I really want to look at it that way, unless GMA Network interviews them immediately after the telecast.

      • But even if GMA Network interviews them immediately after the telecast, it may just be a short video clip to include in their newscast. And this may not be readily available to overseas viewers.

  2. 1000H ng Linggo sa atin ang pageant, which means papatak ng 2200H ng Sabado sa ET (Americas) at afternoon sa Western Europe. That’s not so nice for foreign followers…. 😦

    But, by the time Mr. Tinio’s turn comes – 1600H – any violent reactions to the results would have arisen and spread, giving him time to implement damage control to his interview with the ladies.

    The Miss Eco-Tourism subtitle is similar to MWP’s Miss Philippines-Tourism, I guess….

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