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  1. Among the 3, Shane comes out speaking from her heart talaga. I didn’t noticed her during Binibini or her previous pageant engagement, pero puso at effort talaga. Good luck girl. Manalo Matalo you made your Atimonan proud. Good luck sayo, ramdam na ramdam namin ang sincerity mo. All the love!

  2. Questions were so vague it was so hard to assess the girls
    But I still have no doubt in my mind Bella is the most rightful winner of MUP 2020. – beauty grace poise and comm skills

    • Only thing missing in Bela is the towering height…
      But then again, if Olivia Culpo and Demi Nell-Peters could win it then why can’t she?….

      Another thing… what story is she planning to tell the world? She obviously doesn’t have the same struggles as Aliza and Michelle…. Would the world want to hear about how extremely lucky she is and her family’s centuries of good karma? People wants to see valleys and peaks…. not just a mild gradual effortless rise to the top…🙄

      • @ Closer2Fame Speaking of DLNP,….

        But first, DISCLAIMER – Am NOT hating her. 🙂

        May pagka-sheltered din ‘to, kung ‘di ako nagkakamali. Ta’s, nu’ng MSA 2017 pageant, may criticism sa kanya na she was getting “better treatment” from the organization. I read either sa Misso or SF. Ta’s, ‘yung nag-gloves siya when interacting with (black) kids stricken with HIV…

        Then, the abduction, which (eventually) became her back story/advocacy (empowering women by teaching them self-defense) at MU 2017.


        Pakisabi rin nga pala kay Mario Garcia, ‘yung isa’ng kandidata sa MSA 2020 works for Unilever.

        Ano’ng pantapat ng Unilever sa Downy ng Procter & Gamble?

        Kung mabilis sila sa marketing, MUPO needs to pick up on this and PUSH/PRESS HARDER.

      • @Flor…

        I have hunches pero no comments on her… past is past…I dont want South Africans hating on us.. This blog does have viewers from there.. anyway..

        I’ll just focus on Bela…
        Ganda ng name…

        Ysabela- “My god is perfection”
        Blanche- “A girl so pure & white”
        Roxas- “red, light, of the sun”
        Yshmael- “God will hear”

    • @fabian my little birdy stated that mup crown bet mg and Bella. That’s why may mga ladies na wait na Lang next yr.

      • Sobrang sayang ganda ni Aliza…
        Sya yung kahit kanino mo itabi e lulutang talaga ganda…

        Between MG and Bela… very tough call…
        Both has facial beauty…
        Bela can walk
        MG got the height…
        Bela got the ideal body proportion…
        MG slightly excels over Bela when it comes to comskills..
        Bela got the better background

        Seems like Bela has the better chance of winning…
        Bela should play on her multi-ethnic background as part of her story… The long history of our nation does run in her veins.

      • @closer I feel Bella is more mi material. Can she join bbp being a Roxas herself? But Magie joined bbp and eventually won mu

      • Bonsai , that’s good to hear … though I would put Alaiza over MG.

        C2f, I like Alaiza too. I think she has the best form and presentation among all the candidates . She seems very humble too . I think she can make top 5 at MU.

        Comm skills wise , I would go for Bella . She’s very queenly when she talks but not arrogant . Her choice of words is amazing . She doesn’t make you cringe at all.
        And her ballet photos are just excellent . I think she’s our best chance to win another MU crown

      • @Bonsai

        Yeah, if only MU was still w/ BBP then she does indeed have the best chances of winning the MUP crown just like Margie did… Regardless what the top title is at BBP.. it’s impossible for Bella to go home crownless….

        But w/ MUph… I still don’t know… there are several factors/threats to consider…


        Exactly… based on physicality, form and pasarella Aliza is the clear winner… based on athletics, wit & comskills Michelle is the clear winner… But based on being the total package… Bela indeed could win with a landslide.

  3. Epic Fail ang Internet ni Shane, Convergence pa more! Good luck nalang sa Finals. Baka pari crowning Lag!

    Sir Norman, I hope you ask questions like the questions asked by Carla, Pia and Bianca. Specific at very Personalized. Hindi puro general at kung anek anek na kinalaman sa covid.


  4. Tito Norman, some questions were vague . Otherwise , you were a lot more engaging . I think You are getting there !

  5. That was a wonderful inaugural episode of pageantry norms.
    The 3 ladies deserve national crowns.
    While watching, I felt the emotional connection between the host and Shane Tormes.
    After watching the show, Shane Tormes has become my sentimental favorite to win MPE 2020. I feel how passionate she is To win the crown.

      • @ Norman Did I read correctly, po? On your “Pageantry Norms” banner, “Sundays 4 PM”? Will this be EVERY Sunday? Or, every other Sunday? WOW! This is a TOUGH/GRUELING schedule for any content producer, especially if you are doing everything on your own. But of course, by now you are well-connected and have the advantage of a VAST network of contacts and sources.


        Ano po’ng subject/topic on 5 July?

        May I suggest you do “The ABC’s of The Camp” second installment on 23 Oct (MUP 2020 is 25th?, right?)?

        Since you will be tackling precisely THAT – pageantry norms – please invite speakers for future editions to discuss pageant protocols/procedures/practices, the pro’s & con’s, good & bad, plus rooms for improvement and innovation (the virtual/on-line pageant is one and we are witnessing it).

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