14 comments on “Swap Challenge: Miss Philippines Earth 2019 Janelle Tee and I

  1. Tito Norman. Does that mean you’re gonna be Miss Earth Philippines for a day?

  2. Bella is MUP 2020
    Hannah is MIP 2020.
    Shane is MEP 2020 or one of the elemental queens .

  3. I enjoyed watching it. Those were judicious comments from 2 intelligent persons. Thumbs up.

  4. Hi Norman, You are very in demand nowadays. You are earning while doing what you love most. I am happy for you.

      • @ Norman When should we expect your collaboration with Franz Bayer, aka “bag snatcher”?


        Also, what now of the Pia – Mimiyuuh OLay project?

      • @ Norman OMYGAWSH, I just missed it by a minute or so.


        Naabutan ko, you were waving “goodbye” and Janelle was flying-kissing.

      • @ Norman Sir, could you also share here the webinar on Intersectional Femininity, po?

        So, as I understood, there’s a hierarchy-pecking order in the current/present feminist movement, with white (WASP-y) heterosexual women on top….

        Where would someone like Sharifa Akeel fall in all that?

        She is being alleged to be the mistress of Toto Mangudadatu. Did he order her to retire from pageantry?

        The model/theory stresses that women differ in their IDENTITIES and that THEREFORE the limitations and challenges – “shackles” – they endure are just as diverse. It is supposed to open up people’s minds, to be (gender-)sensitive in a MUCH WIDER way. If so, then where do we draw the line for Moslem women, for example? Is the Christian majority in the country imposing its “morality” on them? Polygamy, for one, is accepted practice for as long as the (Moslem) man is able to prove his FULL capability in having more than one partner. And what Christians might perceive as oppressive isn’t – the veil that covers the face is a reflection of God (Allah). God in the Qu’Ran is depicted with His face covered, that the Prophet (Muhammad) received the ultimate privilege – that of seeing God’s unveiled face.

    • That’s what CREDEBILITY, INTEGRITY and PROFESSIONALISM can do to person. He earns public respect.

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