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  1. It would be nice to see Shane win … since our goal is not really to win the ME crown . She’s pretty enough . Her speaking skills is probably enough to get her through the first cut

  2. @Pierre: As you said, there are so many things to discuss on Intersectional Feminism. As Patch put it in context, the term actually originated from the legal perspective. As I understood the discussion, it simply refers to the crossroads where we encounter the multi-dimensionality of a woman. The quest for gender equality would then have to consider her biological and social being, as well as the economic, political and cultural milieu. But isn’t this true for all genders, including the third sex?

    • But for this topic to be relevant today– as in NOW—I wish the discussion focused more on the impact this pandemic has brought to the life of a mutidimensional woman who may be a family caregiver, housekeeper and breadwinner at the same time, or a working-student-bed-spacer who has suddenly lost her income, or a university graduate working as a domestic helper, and so on. Otherwise, the whole webinar is tone-deaf. It could have optimized Patch’s superior intellect in other ways.

  3. The concept of Intersectional Feminism needs to be applied in real setting. I think one very good (very current) case is that of Sharifa Akeel. Flor started to analyze her using this ideological perspective. Sharifa is biracial ( half Filipino [&Maguindanao?] and half middle eastern) and the matter on race & ethnicity. She is a Muslim and issues/concerns on religious practices & societal norms). She was reported to be living in with a powerful and rich politician in BARM. Is this has something to do with class struggle? So many intersectional points to discuss and I leave these things to Flor Tula, Scorg and Fabian Reyes who belong to ONE university system. Let the clashes begin…

    Another very current & relevant case is that of a beauty queen who Most Photogenic Award several times decades ago. How many hundreds of millions of pesos did she get from him? Flor KUNG ikaw siya, gagawin mo o susundin mo rin ba ang ginawa niya? He, he, he…

    Good morning to all.

    • This is one of the biggest misconceptions of the society that it is ok for a Muslim man to have multiple wives because Koran allows it. In fact, polygamy is not a generality. The primary occasion for the provision of polygamy in Islam is in war-time situations. During times of war, the number of men in the society is reduced due to war casualties. Consequently, there is an increase in the number of widows and orphans. For such situations, Islam gives the provision of polygamy so that widows and orphans could continue to have the possibility of a family life after the passing of the husband/father. If men use the idea that Islam allows polygamy so that they could pursue lust, that is another story.

  4. This topic reminds me of the answer of Joyce Ann Burton during the 1985 Bb Pilipinas Pageant’s question and answer portion. She was asked if it is male or female who is the stronger sex. She answered that there is no comparison because male is stronger with their masculinity while female is stronger with her femininity(which for me is really true).Needless to say, she went on to win the Bb Pilipinas Universe crown.

  5. Even if the topic is a far removed from the pressing issues of the day, Patch was able to make it relatable to all genders. Patch’s beauty, intellect and core values shone in that short media exposure.

    • Amen to that Scorg.

      That’s why I love Pat, just like I love Cat. Rhyme unintended haha.

  6. Being one of the speakers dealing with a very serious traffic such as this, Patch was able to live up what was expected of her. She indeed delivered.

  7. I saw but a snippet, but enough to convince that the young lawyer still has MUCH ground to cover.

    By her own admission.

    She is very lucky to be given opportunities like this.

    We must commend her for her BRILLIANT summary – regardless of people’s different identities, it is justice and fundamental human rights that bind us.

    The past days have been busy but surely insightful for our dear Blogger. Now he brings all this to conclusion with his last on-line engagement for the month, the chat with Bella, Hannah, & Shane tomorrow. Hopefully, my WIFI will not buckle. 🙂

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