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  1. Until this very moment, only 3 people have commented on this topic. And they belong to ONE University System (two from Katipunan & one from Padre Faura/Taft Avenue). Is the topic too ALIENATING (cannot relate/understand) for (50%) other pageant fans? Or the topic is JUST irrelevant to many that giving one’s attention is a waste of time.

    It reminds me of my college days, Gabriela Youth and the 1994 Miss Universe pageant. Members of the Gab Youth did RTR (room-to-room) campaign against the holding of the aforesaid pageant in Manila. Many were not paying attention to the speaker/s. Few would attack literally the speakers and ended being (severely) bashed. Campaign posters of this group were also attacked by so many pens that you could hardly read the message written.

    I came to better understand this so called feminism (& the various types) when i took up graduate schooling in a nearby university in Katipunan. I had the privilege of learning from few of the best feminists (& gay scholars) in the country.

    Tackling Intersectional Feminism is more or less discussing the types/variants of feminism being espoused by different groups. Ecofeminism discusses the relationship between women & the ecology/nature and is bagay for Miss Earth. Marxist Feminism deals with women & class struggles. Social Feminism talks about women and social rights, issues & concerns. Third World Feminism specifically deals with women & the Third World setting. And so on ad so forth.

    I just hope Kevin Mandaguit and Patch Magtanong would be able to give justice discussing the topic and that ordinary people can fully understand its very essence. Yun na.

    • @Pierre Rocco: I think so too– the topic is unrelatable to the commenters, not so much because of the content but more because of its immediate relevance in this extended quarantine period. Who needs a discourse on “Unity in Diversity” and “Intersectional Feminism” when one’s basic concerns centre on pandemic-induced health, financial and psychological issues?

    • The webinar topic can be relatable and relevant if perhaps Atty Patch can bring the discussion to how and why this pandemic impacts women most– physiologically, psychologically, economically, emotionally, spiritually. The topic can then link up with the BBP marketing message of “Together We Heal”.

  2. I find this topic extremely boring .
    It also alienates at least 50% of the pageant fan base.
    We attend conferences after conferences at work.
    The least that We want to come home to is another serious conference .
    C’mon Let’s talk abt something interesting And personal , Bea .What are your future plans? Do you want to join another pageant ? When are u getting married ?

    So obviously , I ain’t watching
    I’m sure majority of Fans won’t either

    • @ Fabian Reyes “Intersectional Feminism” means, for example, that women in cultures where breast exposure is a non-issue… should not be divisive…. but then as you said, there just went 50% of the pageant fan base.

      I think this is consistent with MI’s #CheerAllWomen.

      I’d like to watch, to know just how far this philosophy goes. Problem is, my WIFI here is awful on weekends, and especially from 1600H onward. I get back a good strong signal only by 0600H the following day.

      Pageant plans will probably depend largely on A&Q’s advise/instructions. Foremost, they need to clear the way for Atty. Patitay so she does NOT encounter stiff opposition from her own camp mates. Which also means….

      Hannah should cross-over to MUP NOT earlier than 2022. And if she wins MUP, she will have to bone up on Nepali…. 🙂

      • @Flor: Now that you mentioned the topic’s alignment with #MI’s #CheerAllWomen, I wonder if “Unity in Diversity” simply part of the title? Or, is it a slogan of an entity? Whatever it is, I hope the webinar is able to spin the idea into the “Together We Heal” message. In this trying times, a resonating message is not “Unity in Diversity” but “Unity in Adversity”. Similarly, to “Cheer All Women” may not resonate as well as “Console All Women”. Otherwise, the battlecry is tone-deaf, worse, stone-deaf!

      • Flor , I may watch the first few min just in case
        This is the inaugural
        Their goal should be to attract people first
        Once they gain a .sizable audience , they may introduce Topics closest to their heart .
        But even this trick may not work
        I remember Sarah G . After years of successful concerts covering local and international hits , she decided one day to do an all – original repertoire . Oh boy , didn’t it spell the death of her concert career .? Then stateside , she tried to do a Michael Jackson impersonation … she was booed so bad she left the stage in the middle of the song . I think it happened in Vegas .

  3. Laudable new signs of life from BBP indeed! While the topic “Intersectional Feminism” is an important women’s issue, I hope this inaugural webinar will try to spin the content to the “Together We Heal” marketing battlecry of BBP. Consistency of messaging is important to turn a marketing slogan into a branding hashtag. While this webinar is a step improvement over the passive browsing of candidates’ still pictures, I hope BBP will launch innovative initiatives to engage the fans actively. Brand-building requires that a service product like pageants always pulsate with life, and the fans are carried along in the journey.

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