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  1. Subtracting the number of thumbs down from the number of thumbs up is the favorability score. The highest favorability score will get the crown. So far, Pierro Rocco leads the race with a favorability score of 29. he he he

  2. Before, I just enjoy browsing this blog for its diverse entries in whatever linguistic flair possible. Never it crossed my mind that counting likes and dislikes can be engrossing and engaging as well.

    Looking from different perspective, it is such a gutsy move for Catriona to “stir the hornet’s nest” knowing full too well how passionate and brutally frank and nasty Filipinos can be. Whether I agree with her sociopolitical leanings or not, it is such a commendable move to defy the stereotypes and expectations of a beauty queen.

    Amidst this brouhaha, another past MU queen that comes to mind is Stefania Fernandez.

    • @XYZ: I read the comments for pure entertainment from the cacophony of colorful language of warring camps coming from all sorts of psychographic backgrounds. At times, I could almost picture scissors, hairbrushes, nippers, blowers, rollers, and make-up kits literally hurled across the cyberspace on a bitter petty fan fights. This is the first time I saw a pandemonium of substantive comments, and an avalanche of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down, triggered by a social media pronouncement by a beauty queen. When the dust has settled, the landscape saw this blog’s readership to be interestingly politically aware, though intriguingly divided. Yes, the colorful diversity of language is all over the place, but the passion and convictions are evidently there.

      • This blog entry made me realize that the battlelines are drawn not only in terms of actual comments but in terms of the number of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down.

  3. NORMAN 100 na! See, Catriona still reigns as the Queen of the Queens and the MOST relevant of them all. Patuloy na pinag-uusapan, patuloy ang sagutan. He, he, he…

    • I ust admit I admire Cat more now than during her MU reign. I am seeing more facets to her inner beauty now, which add positive strokes to her personal brand that is definitely evolving.

  4. Before this day ends, I am pretty sure the number of comments/reactions will hit 100 mark or more. Catriona reigns among the Queens. PATULOY akong NAGPAPASALAMAT sa LAHAT nang ng-thumbs up sa aking posts. My first three posts continue to rake more approvals from netizens. The first one has now 26, the second one reached 30 (the HIGHEST among all posts), and the third one is now at 23 (kahit may inaway ako). Again, maraming-maraming salamat po.

    However, I am SAD for my TWO university system mates whose posts garnered so many thumbs down. SCORG my FRIEND, PLEASE PROVIDE us with comprehensive analyses on why the posts of these two received many negative commentaries/reactions and thumbs down from our fellow pageant fans. THANK you very much.

    • @ Pierro Rocco Game! Go for 100+. 🙂

      “Pierro” in Spanish means “wild”, right? Kaya, “Tamaraw” ang ipinantapat ng Toyota sa Ford Fiera.

      Untamed, unpredictable, & bold (in spirit, not in body). Bet na bet! LOLZ.

      Sino ‘yung dalawa’ng school mates mo’ng marami’ng Rate down? Kilala ko?

      Sabihin mo’t maipaligpit ni Blogger Boss sa mga henchmen niya sa wordpress.com. A-HAHAHHH!…..Kasi feeling ko, medyo nagtatampo sila sa pag-vlog niya. May competition tuloy sila.

    • @Pierro, no more need for analysis here. The number of Thumbs Down speaks for itself. There are more followers of this blog who don’t subscribe to their views. This is interesting because their views defy the general preconception of UP system students and grads as anti-establishment. As @nakakalurker wrote in disbelief: “Yuck!”. But those are their views. It turned out that there are more people who are passionate about the opposing, maybe “more progressive” views.

      • @Pierro, the other interesting thing here is that the two most frequent habitues of this blog appear to be pro-establishment(?) and the silent majority belong to the other side of the aisle. Does this reflect the generational divide? socio-economic status? educational attainment?

  5. Any update on whether the protesters have been released or not ? Cat has the moral obligation to get these guys out ! Words ain’t enough

    • @ Fabian Reyes Wala naman ‘yata’ng nakulong. Pero, may record na sila…

      Kung first-time, usually they just get a few hours of detention and are made to attend a lecture (?).

      The equivalent, probably, of community service in the USA….

      Kung mahanapan sila ng iba’ng bagay – for example, expired drivers’ license for that man who ferried them to Mendiola and who himself clearly resisted arrest – then that’s when it REALLY gets serious.

      Police do NOT want to detain folks as much as possible because jails are crowded already.

      • Lol thanks for the update
        I don’t know anything abt the Philippine penal system .
        So they let them out without just like that ? No penalty at all?

      • @ Fabian Reyes The detention, albeit brief, counts for penalty.

        I just saw a video that confirmed resisting arrest is an offense under the Penal Code. So is disrespecting (?) persons of authority (police).

        If there was bail to be paid, their friends got together to raise the money, maybe…. ***…..

        But police records nowadays are connected on-line with the Investigation Bureau (National to us, Federal to you). If these folks are required to present a Government clearance from any unlawful act, this event will come up….


  6. Has everyone been released?? If not , please contact Cat to bail all of them out !!

  7. This is the 88th post. Sa pagkakataong ito NAIS KONG MAGPASALAMAT sa LAHAT nang nag-THUMBS UP sa aking TATLONG POST. My 3 posts garnered very high approval. So far, the first post got 22, the second one (lineage) got 26 (highest so far), the last one (kung saan may inaway ako) still got 19. Sa lahat nang nag-thumbs up – MATATALINO kayo! ECHOS! Bitaw, daghang kaayong salamat sa inyong tanan. Maayong hapon gikan sa Mindanao. Yun na.

    • @Paul, congrats! But it’s looking like someone is going to beat you in absolute count of the number of Thumbs Downs. LOL. This blog entry lived up to its title– it really stirred up the hornet’s nest! The avalanche of comments and Thumbs Up and Thumbs Downs is unbelievable. This is the 89th comment–and counting– despite the two other new entries of Sir Norman. This issue definitely exposed the political polarities of this blog’s followers.

      • Thank you so much Scorg. Pero palaban nang palaban ang ating kaibigang si Madame Flor Tula. He, he, he… Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat mula sa Mindanao.

  8. Social distancing means 6 ft part and not more than 10 attendees at a meeting , is this right ? If so , the protesters violated the rule .
    And if they ignored the request from the police to disperse ..weren’t they at fault?
    I understand what they are fighting for . But in the current atmosphere , they should find a more innovative way to express themselves . Wouldn’t social media be more effective since it can reach more people in the country and around the world ?


    First of all, just look at all protests in the entire world where there were occurences of violence. What is the common denominator? Police/Military forces have been present in most (if not all) of them. And when you look at successfully peaceful protests, policemen were never near the vicinity. In this day and age, you’d have to be really stupid not to realize that it’s literally the f*cking police (whose job is to protect us, the citizens, from danger) are actually the ones causing and inflicting danger to us.

    Second, Cat was right. The protesters were following proper health measures to ensure health and safety of everyone involved. Why the F were they taken by force? Why was it necessary for the police to forcefully take control of driving private vehicles if the protesters? Carnapping yun, ui. Nagbubulagbulagan lang kayo kasi kesyo pulis naman yung gumawa nun so hindi na carnapping? Regardless kung ano mang trabaho mo, posisyon mo sa gobyerno at sa society, pag kumuha ka ng bagay na hindi naman sayo, pagnanakay ang tawag dun. Ang pagnanakaw ay labag sa batas and (sabi nga ng mga DDS) no one should be exempt from the law. These policemen are thieves and they should be held accountable.

    I know many will respond “but each city has its own set of ordinances in response to covid spread prevention and the protesters broke them”. Pero di nyo ba naisip na all of this could have been avoided if January pa lang, umpisa pa lang, ginawan na ng paraan para hindi makapasok ang virus sa banda. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN THE CURE, as what we’ve always been saying time and again, pero bat hindi yun ang nangyari? You blame Cat for choosing to protect the rights of those protesters, but you turn a blind eye to the fact na yung tuta ng China na nakaupo sa pinakamataas na seat ng PH government ang mismong may kasalanan kung bakit nagkaroon ng virus dito sa bansa. Hindi sya nag impose ng travel ban sa mga flights from China papasok dito sa bansa and look where it got us, more than 30000 positive cases at mga pamilyang nawalan ng mga mahal sa buhay dahil salintik na virus na yan. Dagdag nyo pa yung mga alipores nya na nagpatupad ng Balik Probinsya Program nila, na naging dahilan para makapasok yung virus sa mga probinsyang successful sa pagpigil ng virus before that particular program. Before you persecute Cat for defending the people, make sure na successful muna kayong i-hold accountable yung mga taong tunay na may kasalanan sa pandemic na to.

    And just so you know, Catriona is just staying true to one of the things that she has been fighting for ever since, LGBTQIA+ rights. May covid man o wala, isa to sa pinakamalalaking causes na pinaglalaban ng Cat even before pa sya manalo sa Miss Universe. Galit na galit tayo sa mga beauty queen na once nanalo na eh kinakalimutan na lang bigla yung mga ‘advocacies’ na pinaglalaban nila. Pero nung may beauty queen in the form of Catriona who stayed true to, and kept on defending and fightong for a cause that she has been fighting for all along, you still muster the courage and shit out of your abominable souls to find fault in what she’s doing? Ano na? San sya lulugar???

    Lastly, it’s so disappointing to find out na yung mga commenters dito na sobrang nirerespeto ko dahil sensible and informative magcomment, eh mga DDS pala. Buti pa si CatrionaFan hindi DDS. We may not be each other’s biggest fans but at least we both see what’s truly f*cking wrong in this country.

    PS. I’m disappointed in you, Tito Norman, the most. You are where you are in the pageant community because most of the time you have always kept your neutrality and respect to many issues and that has been your greatest trait. This post however, I can see that you’re purposely steering it to a particular direction. Normally I wouldn’t point that out since, again this is your blog and you can be biased all you want. But this time you clearly missed Catriona’s point. And I think you’re purposely avoiding her point so you can, again, steer this issue to a particular direction. Even your responses to the comments down here suggest this.

    • @ unorthodox It is common-unsaid wisdom in Philippines anti-Establishment/resistance movements that if you want to get maximum attention and make the most trouble, you do it at Mendiola. I think you know why. And it so happened that it was Pride month and an unpopular piece of counter-terrorism legislation is up for approval.

      Bakit medyo affected, po? May mga terror suspects ba’ng butch/beki/trans sa AFP/PNP Watch Lists? Pakitanong po ‘yung mga nag-rally, please.


      The tactics/methods of veteran rally organizers worldwide is consistent – AGITATE/PROVOKE THE POLICE LINE UNTIL ONE COP LOSES HIS/HER COOL, and makes the first move…. BANG!

      “Kawawa naman kami! Inaapi kami ng pulisya! Sila nagsimula… Tinapakan ang karapatan namin”!

      I’ve been around long enough to recognize the ear-bleeding drone of that now-scratchy vinyl record.

      As we all saw, catching the SARS-Cov2 virus was farthest from their minds, they who clashed. Pandemic or otherwise, it would have played out no differently. They lived, & will fight another day. If perhaps a tad misplaced, my points are not without basis because I’ve seen this all before.

      Catriona does well to align intimately to the LGBT+ cause. After all, no group has cared for her more than they. And they, too, will guarantee her well-being from now on.

      • You dont need to be a dog to know that dog hunting and butchering is wrong. Same thing as you don’t need to be black just to know that black people did not deserve to be treated like slaves in centuries past, and still does not deserve to be treated any less than a white person. Being a rape victim is not requirement for you to be able to fight for justice for those who have suffered and survived it. This should have been enough reason for you to understand that ‘having LGBTQIA+ members in AFP/PNP watch list’ is not a requirement for the members of the community to fight for everyone else’s rights. Catriona did not need to be ‘not straight’ in order for her to understand that violence against the LGBT and ally protesters are wrong in every which way you look at it. If, as you claimed, that you are really indeed from UP, then you know and should have learned during your time in the university that you don’t necessarily have to be a member of the underprivileged sectors of society in order for you to understand their struggles and fight for their rights. If you still don’t get this then I’m really ashamed to call you my schoolmate.

        “i’ve seen this all before” is a typical boomer mindset. Just because you have witnessed it in the past (and maybe you did not take action to change what was currently happening) doesn’t mean that it can’t be changed in the present. It does not make those who strive to change the status quo any less powerful and as lowly as you presume them to be. You may not see how powerful they are and how much they have already accomplished because you’re so engulfed in that bubble of “Ive seen it all so I know better” illusion, but many others can see the changes.

        Lastly, you said it yourself, both opposing parties have catching the SARS-Cov2 virus farthest from their minds. This is all the more reason for common citizens to step up and do the fighting because those elected to do so aren’t doing anything to solve the matter.

    • Prevention is better than cure …exactly. That’s why we should appreciAte the police for trying their best to enforce the law. The protesters should understand it.

      • @Fabian, yeah sure go ahead. Take the words out of my comment while purposely missing my point and the context as to why I said those, and then redirect those exact same words into a completely different argument. Waaaah, even the continuous Ad hominems I have heard and read before cannot compete and come close with how intellectually thought of your response was! Best way to avoid miscommunications and conflict. Good job ka jan!

  10. Sana wag gamitin ng mga hindi gusto si Catriona ang mga personal nyang opinion para sirain sya. Nakakatakot na pati mga trolls nag abala bumisita sa pageant blogs. Kailan ba ang huling post na umabot ng 70 comments. Ngayon lang ulit.

    • @ Bonbon Don’t worry about her. If Mr. Tinio’s own hesitation (read the post again) is any indication, she might have done this on purpose. Baka trip niya lang.


      This is now all water under the bridge. No one, including her, was charged because prolonging the physicality and proximity (between antagonists) only increases the chance of virus transmission.

      Let us now look forward to how she and Cordovez will train the BBP 2020 candidates on-line.

      It will be interesting to see who will attend (regularly vs. sporadically) among the 40 Binibini’s.

      • @ Fabian Reyes I have no information on the role, if any, of Caloy and JB.

        Nor if Nicole and Catriona will receive compensation for their efforts.

        If you recall. both ladies were the subject of a post here. Mr. Tinio said that “BBP was going to reveal a surprise” (something to that effect…), and the photo of them (together) was shown. And we readers mostly suspected/commented that the two would serve as hosts at BBP 2020/1.


  12. Catriona is being manipulated by the Philippine oligarchy, the Liberal Party and the yellow-media.. particularly the head honchoes of ABS-CBN…
    If I were her… She needs to learn the full history of our country so that she would know which side she’s really on.

    • SO FAR YOUR COMMENT/REACTION IS THE WORST (among posted here)! Ano bang mga aklat ng kasaysayan ang binasa mo? Ikaw dapat ang mag-review sa mga nalalaman mo. MUKHANG ANG DAMING FAKE NEWS NAKAPASOK DYAN SA UTAK MO at PINANIWALAAN MO nang TODO-TODO.

    • I think Catriona is fierce enough to speak her mind and not afraid to a Facist Goverment. Closer2Fame it is not siding which color you should be in, but siding what will work at this time. If I were you, I should apply what critical thinking is…

  13. Flor, what if I tell you that some of them are already doing civic-oriented works on a regular basis and staging the Pride protest is just one activity in line with the global observance?

    • @ aj Salutations to all who help without requiring either occasion or commendation!


      What happened at Mendiola was NOT a Pride March (and you said “protest”). If it were, we should expect a much higher turn-out/attendance. Who can resist a merry-gay stroll with close frens?

      I define Pride March as a show of good spirit and optimism. It is meant to inspire/encourage. I don’t think we saw that here…. On the contrary, it was provocative.

      The ONLY reason I’m awake now is I’m keeping my landlord’s Shih-Tzu’s company. They get uneasy when Mom & Dad aren’t home (yet)…. Thanks for helping me fight off the sleep, @ aj. I mean it.

      Bakit nu’ng Earth Day, wala’ng nag-marcha? Nag-online na lang, gayo’ng napakarami’ng puwede’ng i-protesta kung kapakanan ng kapaligiran ang nakasalalay? At, gender-independent na cause, pa?

      Does the LGBT+ movement consider aligning with environmental lobbyists, for example? I digress.

      Catriona, you live to see the light of another day. If you are truly the gadfly-irritant progressive-militant that @ Pierro Rocco makes you out to be, then we can expect to see you again on the front lines of social mobilization. YOU ARE, INDEED, MU. YOU’VE CLAIMED YOUR SPACE.

  14. i dont understand when people say that queens like cat need to be careful….?!??? WTF does that mean? an opinion is an opinion and thats her thoughts, you may disagree with her but thats not a reason to go crazy over it and wish her bad luck. sorry dami mga bading na sobrang triggered para lang may mga sayad hahahaha….hoy mga baklang retarded this world was not meant for weaklings and cowards, atleast cat had something to say unpopular it may seem to some weird fanatical creatures ….marami nyan sa mga pilipino kung makatanggol ng mga politiko at polis parang mga may mga deperensya sa pag iisip LOL

    AND FINALLY IF CAT LOSES HER FANS….yehey….mga pataygutom na third world mag isip….GOOD RIDDANCE!!

    • Be careful ?? I think it’s out of concern for her … knowing how unreasonable the president is and how much his influence is on the people . Not only will it affect her career , it may also endanger her safety while Duterte is president.

      And I think it’s not about her opinion on certain political issues . It’s about covid 19. Under any other circumstances , I think most people will support her or any other Filipino who tries to make his voice heard in a peaceful manner .

      • Exactly that’s why I appreciate her. Kayong mga bakla kayo, yung mga sisterete natin, ano na. Sabihin na natin mali sila, but let us show some compassion or concerns.

    • If you listened to Patch ‘s video above …. she said ‘Maximum tolerance Lang ‘ . It’s powerful without raising someone’s dander up..

      • Fab, communication involves not only the sender/speaker but also the receiver. The message from the sender is affected by the state of mind of the receiver. If the receiver has bias against the sender, good luck sa message.

      • @ aj Kung gayo’n, lahat tayo dito, guilty. Dahil lahat tayo, may bias.


        All this is wearing me out. It’s worse than a pageant Q&A huddle. I’m low on brain juice already…

      • Exactly my point Flor. Thank you. Fab was biased against Cat and his perception was influenced by that bias.

      • Fabian ever since is a Cat hater. MW 2016 pa lang. KADIRI. Eto namang blogger, kukupad kupad kapag positive news about Cat. Kailangan pang paringgan para umaksyon (been in this blog Tito Norms since 2015 kaya wag ka na mag-deny). Pero mabilis pa sa ala-kwatro pagka-post nito. HAHAHAHA. Not even aware of this until na-feature dito. Pakisabi sa MUP Org. na kindness is the best. Wag atribida. Chwe!

    • thankyou for all the thumbs up sorry for the language im usually modest about expressing myself hahaha. we cannot stress enough the importance of women empowerment and taking up space as the new MU would say. and holding back our opinions cause of political correctness is a big NO and a slide to the role of women as just mere housewives or show girls for men. im kindah disappointed with normman but i still respect him as a blogger. cheers and stay beautiful everyone!

  15. The only interview I saw Cat in was with MU 2019 .
    Is this accurate ?
    If so. Why ?
    Maybe CST needs to accept more online interviews so she can address all the issues confronting her

  16. Social distancing Here is 6 ft apart . Is it different in the Philippines? When I watched the video of the protest , the guys were not 6 ft part from each other . While I understand what they are fighting for , it’s safety first .
    Cat , pls bail those guys out!!!!

  17. Has Catriona bailed everyone out already??
    If not , pls let her know.

  18. Araw ni Flor Tula ngayon. PALABAN na PALABAN! So far, Scorg is NOT commenting on the topic. WHY?

    Flor beauty queens belong to different lineages. Catriona (I believe) belongs to the lineage of Maita Gomez & Nelia Sancho. Progressive, Militant & Leftist. Kung buhay na si Cat noong Martial Law, most likely namundok na rin siya katulad ng nabanggit na dalawa.

    Another group is that of Dang Cecilio & Company. They became Born Again Christians years after their reigns. Other members include Miriam Quiambao, Venus Rah & Lara Quigaman. This group has the tendency to be moralist and righteous.

    Next is the group of NAPARIWARA after their reigns. These include the porn stars, mistresses, drug addicts, etc. I DO NOT LIKE to mention names, mahirap na.

    Then we have the group of the SILENT ONES. They remain silent on various issues either because my kahinaan sa pag-iisip or mahina ang communication skills and they cannot articulate their thoughts well. They are the type na ayaw makisangkot sa gulo, so always silent. Can you give examples Flor?

    Marami din ang yumaman at napabilang na sa Alta Sociedad. Many also went abroad and became part of the Filipino diaspora. At marami pang ibang uri ng lineage.

    Catriona chose to be critical and vocal about societal issues just like Maita, Nelia and few others. So let her be.

    • @Pierro Rocco, the Petrified Rock: I’d rather not comment because my physical distance from the Philippines has made me sort of detached from some hot issues there. I admire Cat’s convictions, however, on some social issues like lowering the minimum age of criminal responsibility and Anti-Terror bill. If this means being in the mould of gutsy queens like Maita Gomez and Nelia Sancho, to me this is simply living out the MU spirit of a confidently beautiful life.

      • In other words, I am seeing in her the spirit of a true queen now than during the 365 days of her reign– compassionate and courageous. Truly remarkable!

  19. To everyone saying negative comments about Cat, well, at least she’s firm in what she believes in. And to everyone saying that the protesters violated the current quarantine measures, well, tell that to Chief Sinas and Sen. Koko Pimentel.

    • So are u saying that just bcoz Sinas and Koko made a mistake we have to pardon the these lgbtq protesters? eh di wala na lang pala tayong batas.

      • Padede boy. Apprehend ALL of them, Sinas and co. and the pride bekis too. Then no more double standard. But come to think of it, if you consider moral, adminstrative and legal responsibility, I’m telling you Sinas and his cops deserve to be meted heavier punishment.

  20. 👍 protesters were wearing masks and practicing social distancing.
    👎 some of the protesters were shouting at, confronting, and provoking the police.
    👎 protesters didn’t have a permit to rally.

    👍 police was enforcing the law against public gatherings because of the pandemic.
    👎 police used excessive force in handling the rallyists, even taking the vehicles of the rallyists to transport them to the police precint 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Parehong may faults ang both parties.

    • @ Raf Ano po’ng vehicles nu’ng rallyists? Motor?

      Mabuti nga dinala. Kung iniwan lang du’n sa rally site, baka may magnakaw pa….

      Besides, those vehicles could be evidence…. Baka unregistered…. Baka mga nakaw din.

      … baka nagamit in a still-unresolved crime case/litigation pending sa korte…. it will be opportunity for some records-checking….

      LAHAT PO NG GINAGAWA NG KAPULISAN, PROCEDURAL AT MAY SINUSUNOD SILA’NG PROTOCOL. AGAIN, POLICE WORK IS NOT AND NEVER IS PRETTY. No drama. Kung ayaw niyo po’ng ma-hassle ng pulis, sumunod sa batas at patakaran. AT PINAKA-IMPORTANTE, NEVER EVER RESIST ARREST!!! In fact, if I am not mistaken, you can be charged for it.

  21. Double standard!Si Gen Sinas ano, sinampal lang lahat kahit namumukadkad ang violations….deadma lng. Kapalpakan ng IATF—halos lahat ex-military general in a health crisis?! Hello! Pati webinars speakers ex military, ano mpupulot ng nga doktor sa mga yan na walang alam sa medisina???? Iba press release sa mga totoong nangyayari sa mga bayan mg Pilipinas! Susme. China kinain at inangkin na tayo..deadma lang..Gumising na kayo mga fantards! Bulagbulagan! Walang pupuntahan ang Pilipinas



    AT TALAGA’NG OF ALL PLACES, SA MENDIOLA PA??! Ano sila, feeling Don Chino Roces??!

    This is happening because Leftist organizations are running low on legitimacy. So they align with social movements (such as the LGBT+ community), like a parasite to a willing host.

    Guys, I don’t even know if Pride “stuff” is still necessary. We cannot deny Philippines society is now quite tolerant of diversity in sexual orientation. The few instances – such as that when a father scalded his gay son (with boiled water) as the latter slept* – of discriminatory behavior are more and more isolated and are well within scope of existing legislation on BASIC human rights. I do NOT condone what was done to the young man. It was horrific! The stuff of tabloid sensationalism, I wonder if the father was perhaps a drug addict…. Young man was taken to the DSWD.

    To the LGBT+ movement in the Philippines, do NOT allow politics to mar your noble agenda.

    To be embraced, to be included, you must foster/demonstrate love.

    * – I got this from an anecdotal account at a blog for gay men many years ago. I do not know if the blog exists to this day. But it was very informative, and made for a great lunch-break read.

    • @flor, pwede naman may theme or advocacies ang mga kabaklaan for their Pride March davah? Do you think it’s better for them to just sashay there and declare their gay pride? Isn’t it too one-dimensional if not utterly shallow?

      • @ aj Babalik ako du’n sa analogy ko – like a parasite to a willing host.

        So, OK LANG sa LGBT+ movement na gamitin sila ng mga grupo’ng very clear ay may vested interests?

        Bear this in mind — it is not possible to display overt homosexuality in Socialist/Supremacist states. BAKLA ANG UNA’NG-UNA NILA’NG LINULUPIG.

      • Of course not. They have to know what they’re fighting for and I think those bekis do. So you think those bekis are just being used by leftist organizations and that they don’t understand what they’re fighting for?

        And before we forget, please also answer my previous questions since I answered yours above. Let me repeat below for your easier reference:

        Pwede naman may theme or advocacies ang mga kabaklaan for their Pride March davah? Do you think it’s better for them to just sashay there and declare their gay pride? Isn’t it too one-dimensional if not utterly shallow?

      • @ aj Instead of a parade or public demonstration, why not conduct month-long socio-civic community/outreach activity? One that will leave tangibles to beneficiaries? Make that annual!

        Isn’t it also a thrust that sexual orientation should NOT matter when it comes to giving? This will attract corporate sponsors easy!


      • Flor, what if I tell you that some of them are already doing civic-oriented works on a regular basis and staging the Pride protest is just one activity in line with the global observance?

    • Ah ok. So ang LGBTQ ay hindi apektado ng ATB at ng iba pang social issues. Ang babaw po.

      • @ Nakakalurker

        My point is that the LGBT+ movement needs to exercise discretion in choosing which cause-oriented groups to be associated with.

        ‘Yun lang, po. 🙂

  23. The MAIN ISSUE HERE is WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN the RALIYISTA & the POLICEMEN. CATRIONA is (MERELY) expressing her stand, views & concerns over the matter. AND SHE IS ENTITLED TO THAT AS MUCH AS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO YOUR (own) OPINIONS. PLEASE DON’T MAKE TIRA our QUEEN, the 4th Filipina Miss Universe. KUNG wala pa kayong LUNCH, MANIUDTO sa mo kay basig GUTOM ra na. Now, if you are living in New York, it is time to sleep. Yun na. He, he, he…

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados A person of her stature CANNOT be blurting her opinion so candidly. MANY folks look up to her for direction. She no longer has the luxury of levity!

      GANYAN TALAGA ‘PAG MALAKI’NG CELEBRITY KA. Lahat ng galaw mo at ultimo hibla at titik ng underwear mo (fabric and brand, respectively), binubusisi. The mere fact her statement got PLENTY of reaction confirms her REACH & INFLUENCE. Prospective sponsors look at and for stuff like this…. someone capable of capturing plenty of attention immediately. It’s Marketing 101!

      Unfortunately, it brings with it the risk of cheapening her image. Yes @ aj, her desire to be involved is commendable. But the way she WORDED her statement – asking if it was the “new normal” – makes her appear as someone impressionable-not-really-thoughtful. In other words, she sounded like an excitable and misinformed school girl. Somebody PLEASE volunteer to be her socio-political adviser, po.

      @ Smooth Bae Weaponized?

      Are you aware, minsan ‘yang nga rallyista ang may dala’ng (beep!)? What if the police get maimed from massive injuries? They are simply implementing laws and following orders. Ta’s ‘yang mga ‘yan, posasan lang, “human rights ko!”, daw….. Again, whose side are you on anyway? 😦

  24. While the propriety and urgency of having the protest is doubtful, the way the police treated the people is highly reprehensible. Slam the protesters if you must but do not turn a blind eye to the wrong ways of the police.

    • They subjected the police under a very stressful situation. U cannot blame them for what happened next . The protesters should have just backed off when they were calmly asked to do so

    • @ CatrionaFan Police are not paid to be smiley-nice, po.

      If the iron fist is not used when necessary, you invite complacency and abuse.

      Don’t be naive! These “demonstrators” are seasoned provocateurs. Police even know some of them from Records…. Our cops know best how to deal with them. Like what Mr. Tinio said, COOPERATE. You wouldn’t enjoy it either if we all slip into anarchy.

      Your idol might need to dissociate herself from so-called friends who prey on her seeming gullibility.

      She should move back in with her parents asap. Some good old family-style grounding should help her regain some traction and perspective. Anyway, it seems her post-pageant is on a breather. 🙂

      • (continuation)

        Because I am quite sure if she REALLY had PLENTY on her table to keep her busy during this lock down, she would hardly notice things she has been dabbling in, such as the Anti-Terror Bill…

        A WISE MONARCH (queen or king) MAINTAINS NEUTRALITY, is detached and stoic, and UPHOLDS FAIRNESS. In this manner, she/he commands respect (not ridicule, as what has happened in this case…) everywhere and every time. Catriona Gray is a work in progress.

      • @flor, I’m sorry but I have more respect for Cat than for our police or even our president. I’m not saying she’s always right, but that she’s just raising flags and that’s not wrong at all.

  25. I would like to also say something of the POLICE. Guys, come on, they have a job to do. 🙂

    They did not say why they ended the rally because it was probably SOP to keep their mouth shut on operations like that. ASK THEIR SUPERIORS INSTEAD. After all, police organizations have protocol for official investigation on thorny instances such as this, IF it will even be necessary.

    They were in riot gear precisely because that’s exactly how these kinds of rallies end – riotous. They know enough to be pro-active and expect the worst. That’s professionalism.

    Police brutality is an entirely different thing. But do we stop to think of our law enforcers, and the literal and figurative day-to-day punishment they endure as they carry out their sworn duties? Have we conveniently forgotten the events at Mamasapano? Whose side are we on, anyway?

    I would like to hear/see/read what Catriona has to say to cops who uphold and safeguard the very freedoms she enjoys. She registers naive and emotional. Could use more maturity. I mean well.

    • @flor, I’m sure Cat has good words for good cops and good people in general. Anyway, why would she question something that’s not questionable in the same manner that one doesn’t need to fix what’s not broken?

    • Tutal mukhang marami kang alam. Paki sagot, bakit ang manianita during ECQ ay hindi pinigilan. Pero etong rally na toh meron.

  26. That rally was really a clear violation to the existing ordinance in relation to pandemic. While everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion, Cat should have been more careful with her opinion she posted on her FB page because she is a person of influence. She could have balanced it out with what she felt and what is lawful. Nevertheless, I admire cat for being brave enough to express her opinion openly no matter how unpopular it may seem.

  27. We still have to follow the authorities
    If they only agreed to end their rally and go home., They would not have Ben arrested.
    I hope Cat bails everyone out

    • @ Fabian Reyes Which reminds me of another attribution to Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. She “liberated herself before (liberating) others”. But I digress….

      I agree (with you). And just to provide/add some perspective…. if it helps to add lucidity-of-sorts.

      A similar lightning rally was conducted months ago by a Leftist organization at the vicinity of the USA Embassy along Roxas Boulevard (???) and already when the Manila City lock down was fully in effect. I do not recall anybody rushing to their defense. All they got was flak – ” ‘Pag kayo nagka-Covid, HUWAG kayo magpapa-‘ospital”!

      It probably would have been different had this Pride March been done in Taiwan, which has been comparatively effective in keeping the virus in check (but even then and precisely for this reason it would have gone on-line after all it’s just for this year and they can resume next year maybe) AND has politicized it, aligning itself with the popular (in Taiwan) resistance to mainland China….

      I had said before I would no longer bring this matter up here. But in the context of the comments against Catriona, and in particular that Marxists/Socialists/Communists are infiltrating cause-oriented groups ostensibly to call attention to the pervasive ills of a market-economy West-dictated staus quo, then I guess hindi naman ako nawawala sa lugar…. But Catriona is apparently learning things the hard way. My question is – WHERE NOW ARE HER SUPPOSEDLY-LOYAL SUPPORTERS TO ADVISE/GUIDE HER ON THE NEWS OF THE DAY? Now I get the impression she has been, IN FACT, left (alone) to her (own) devices. OK lang ‘yan kung matatag ka’ng tao and Catriona we all know lives on her own. But really, this is a COSTLY-STRESSFUL way to learn.

      • @flor, not to worry. Cat will be fine. I’d rather have a queen that questions based on moral ground than one that plays safe. We need more men and women like Cat if we are to have a healthy and vigilant democracy.

  28. She is just expressing her opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that. You are making it sound like she made a mistake and that now it will be hard to defend her. In our world today, people need to be vigilant and should voice out their concerns about issues that they care about – without the fear of repercussions.

    • It would have been entirely different in the old normal. I won’t have any problem with her support of the rally which would not be dispersed at all. But in the new normal, the circumstances are definitely against public gatherings because of the quarantine. Masks and distancing are not enough to guarantee the safety of everyone when it could have been easily conducted online.

      • While the propriety and urgency of having the protest is doubtful, the way the police treated the people is highly reprehensible. Slam the protesters if you must but do not turn a blind eye to the wrong ways of the police.

      • @Tito Norms, I hope you stay objective though rest assured I respect your prerogative not to be since this is your blog.

        Let me just say that regardless whether it’s the old normal or the new normal, people have the right to question be it for themselves or for the greater good. In the school, we were taught that doubt or question is the beginning of knowledge. Socrates himself said wisdom begins in wonder. In courts, questions support evidence towards just verdict. Even in beauty pageants, especially the most prestigious ones like MU, questions play a significant role in selecting the queen, in choosing which lady can best carry out or help with the advocacies, thrusts and causes of the pageant and the organizations they work with.

      • Sir Norman with all due respect tell that to Officer Sinas and Sen. Koko Pimentel. ✌

      • Haha. Tito Norms, weird lang na this negative post ambilis mo nagawan. I am actually not aware nga na may ganitong clamor. If you know what I mean. Say hi to palubog na MUP Org. to me. 🙂

    • That’s all good, but we still need to be vigilant against authorities weaponizing this pandemic – making it an excuse to just to arrest anyone who expresses his or her opinion in a rally – even if masks are being worn and the event itself is a peaceful expression of views.

  29. It’s alright. Cat is entitled to her own opinion. She was just questioning and if you analyze her post what she was against was the manner with which the situation was handled by the authorities. And in a democratic country like ours, there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

    Btw Tito Norms, are you a DDS? Why or why not? 😂

    • Oh not at all. I support whoever the President is. But I voted for someone else during the 2016 elections.

      • That is not how one shows support. Not blindly, of course. But if a country has an elected leader, it is the responsibility of the citizens to cooperate.

      • Noted Tito Norms. I agree that citizens need to support the president. However, I hope that you remember that ultimately our loyalty as citizens should be to the state or country, especially in the event that you get torn between your president and your country.

      • Upon reading the comments, nakakadiri pala itong sina Flor_Tula at Fabian Reyes na parehong taga UP? Yuck. At kadiri din ang ibang comments ng blogger. Pero salamat na rin sa ibang blog entries mo, Tito Norman. Sisilip na lang ako uli pag MU season na.

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